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PF SG Meets MISA Zambia about Prime TV Feud

General NewsPF SG Meets MISA Zambia about Prime TV Feud
Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has met MISA Zambia at the Party Secretariat this morning to discuss concerns around the Ruling Party’s relationship with Prime TV.

This follows Hon Mwila’s protest against Prime TV’s biased reporting against the ruling Party which led to him asking media personnel from the television station to be excused from his Press Briefing on Saturday, 26th January 2019.

According to a statement released to the media by Sunday Chanda, PF’s Media Director, the meeting was honest and fruitful. The Statement further said that MISA Zambia will continue engaging both the ruling Party and Prime TV in order to find common ground.

Mr Chanda further said that, in accordance with the PF Manifesto, the party will continue to build upon its record as a champion of a vibrant media, as evidenced by the operationalisation the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) in 2013 (which had remained inoperable since 2002) and the unprecedented issuance of broadcasting licenses to establish radio and television station across Zambia to more than 52 radio and 33 television licenses including Prime TV.

The statement concluded by saying that PF continues to respect the media and the role it plays in our democracy as the fourth estate.


  1. We all know that Prime TV champions UPND agenda but Mwila’s actions were totally unnecessary. So according to Mwila’s logic, what should the UPND do to ZNBC staff who are always present and busy filming at Hakainde’s press conferences but those news items and clips are never aired?

    • When ECL was asked by the one of the EU delegation during the 2016 election campaigns why ZNBC and the other state media were not covering the opposition he rightfully answered that he had no editorial control of the government media and they can chose what to cover and broadcast independently and if the delegation leader had any questions he should direct them to ZNBC editors. So what has changed now ?? The head of the PF is an issue he allows his members to utter incorrigible things without consequence; this same Mwila was openly encouraging corruption in Kabwe with regards trading places and plots… and it was fully endorsed by the head by virtue of his SILENCE … same will happen here

    • I do not support PF but the coverage of Sesheke violence on prime tv was totally shocking. Prime TV made viewers believe the violence in sesheke was caused by PF. It was not until Garry Nkombo himself categorically confessed that PF had nothing to do with the violence. He cleared stated the violence was between the police and the unrully sesheke residents.

  2. Prime Tv is privately owned so will follow its own agenda just like the mast paper is pro opposition while daily nation is pro PF as these are all privately owned. But what of dead-n-b-c, times of zambia & daily mail which are paid for by tax payers and are therefore supposed to be neutral but are always biased towards the ruling government?

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