About 180 more teachers are needed in Monze Town in Southern Province to adequately address the shortage of teaching staff in the area. District and ensure effective delivery of quality education to learners.

ZANIS reports that Monze District Education Board Secretary Mr. Webster Mwiinga who revealed this in an interview noted that the Town needs a total of 2,145 teachers adding that currently there are 1,945 teachers in the area.

While 20 teachers have been deployed to the District during the recent teacher recruitment exercise by government, more teachers were needed to contain the staff shortages especially in the rural parts of the District.

Mr. Mwiinga explained that because of teaching staff at some schools, the pass rates for both grade sevens and nine in most schools currently between 40 to 43 percent, a development he described as discouraging.

In addition, the situation at some schools has been compounded by transfer of teachers who are deployed to new schools where staff establishment are yet to be created.

“As a District we still need an additional of not less than 180 teachers to make it 2,145 for the staff shortage to be adequately addressed and ensure effective delivery of quality education to learners.

“ We received 20 staff during the recent teacher recruitment exercise by government but am afraid to say this is drop in the ocean because we still need more teaching staff to improve our pass rates at both grades nine and seven which are ranging between 40 and 43 per cent,” said Mr. Mwiinga.

The DEBS hailed most schools in the District for obtaining exceptionally good grade twelve (12) schools results and paid tribute to teachers for their commitment, dedication and tireless efforts for the achievement.

Canisius, Chikuni Girls, Lwengu and Chisekesi Secondary schools, respectively, are some the schools that scored 100 and 75 per cent pass rates respectively.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwiinga says some old government schools in the District are in a deplorable state and urgently need rehabilitation to prevent the school infrastructure from collapsing.

He said schools such Bana Kaila in Chief Choongo require urgent attentions adding that although communities were doing some patch up works, it was important to do major rehabilitation works to not only prevent the school buildings from crumbling but also protect the lives of pupils and teachers.

“ Our other major source of worry is the deplorable state of some old government schools that require immediate rehabilitation works before the infrastructure crumbles and thus put lives of both teachers and pupils in jeopardy,” said Mr. Mwiinga.

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  1. That graduate hanged himself, left note to Luo and Mabumba. Hang in there baasa, help us coming in 2021.
    -Madagascar need 500 teachers
    – Monde need 180


  2. The Madagascar teacher supply was just a scam to cover lungus excessive travels……was ZW says, Madagascar uses french , how many Zambian teachers speak French ??

    Now we are waiting photos of 4 fire trucks valued at $1 million each from the 25 man Mrs lungu delegation in a lauxuary chartered jet …..we know from Google that 2nd hand fire trucks in the USA go for an average of $300k…..we wounder what kind of $1 million each 2nd hand trucks are comming to Zambia…


  3. Yet government is promising to send 500 teachers to Mauritius or Madagascar…clear lack of priorities




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