Monday, April 15, 2024

UK to resume funding to Zambia’s health sector


The British High Commissioner to Zambia, Mr. Fergus Cochrane – Dyet has announced the decision by the United Kingdom to resume funding to Zambia’s health sector.

High Commissioner Cochrane-Dyet stated that the decision has come in the wake of the financial reforms that the Zambian government has put in place.

“This resumption of systems follows the suspension of funds which we communicated to the Ministry last year,” he said.

The High Commissioner said this at the Intercontinental Hotel, during the Ministry of Health Annual Consultative Meeting in Lusaka yesterday.

High Commissioner Cochrane-Dyet stated that the traditional risks that arose from giving funding directly to government had been a source of concern to the British Government and possibly other Cooperating Partners as well.

And Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya stated that the Annual Consultative Meeting with strategic partners was an opportunity for the Ministry of Health and its strategic partners to jointly review the performance of the sector, interrogate challenges facing the sector and jointly agree on strategies to strengthen health systems and ultimately improve service delivery across the continuum of care.

Dr Chilufya stated that the government placed high premium on ensuring that the citizens are healthy and productive as this would spur government to attain economic and social development as espoused in the country’s 7th National Development Plan.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Henrik Cederin, the Swedish Ambassador to Zambia and lead Cooperating Partner for Health, High Commissioners and Ambassadors, Permanent Secretaries, Senior Government Officials, Country Representatives from the United Nations Agencies and Representatives of international and local NGOs.


  1. Where’s everybody??? Oooooh….unless if it was freezing aid. Gay Jay, Maloza, Spaka, Enka??? Nishiki polomya???…..kwekwekwekwekwekwe….

  2. Zambian Citizen, my question also, where’s every body? Anyhow, maybe we should just accept that positive news is “boring” while negative news is juicy and every Jim & Jack would have been here falling over each other to make comments

  3. What is interesting is that when they are giving you money its out co-operationg partners, but when they are condemning you for corruption and theft then it is imperialists. You lot are just disgusting hypocrites.

  4. Which financial reforms has this government put in place your excellency Mr Cochrane? Have there been any financial and forensic audits done? What were the findings? Have the culprits been brought to book? The funds of the British tax payers will continue to end up in the private pockets of corrupt civil servants in the ministry of health. Even simple medicines like malaria tablets, panadol and cough mixture are not found in our sorry hospitals.

  5. This is a surprise connecting politics to your ‘gift.’ Leave our health service alone please. It seems they want control of it and look at NHS, in UK, fund cuts…..Can’t afford to treat citizens. Where are the funds from? Private investors trying to grab the service by playing hard? Zambia please stop accepting these types of loans we have the MINES. Give us some dignity please.

    Yesterday I was watching a BBC TV report on corruption thefts by staff in NHS. Surprised at the amount of fraud. Some staff helped themselves to expensive medical equipment of millions in exchange for luxury holidays (British disease number 1)!!!! This is just stove calling the kettle black (sure got the saying wrong!). Corruption is everywhere.

    • Look who is talking, go back and stop telling lies. When was this report, and if true are you telling us that the so called culprits have not been prosecuted? The BBC would not put up such a report without following up the outcome? Yes, you even steal donated money given by the British tax payer, that is how bad your thieving brothers have become, shameless thieves destroying Zambia. Go and see the suffering in Zambia of many people, the thieves you are supporting don’t even have confidence in their own health service and you are here talking about dignity, dignity went away with Mwanawasa.

  6. Look after your nhs .charity begins at home.go and see waiting time at A and E.
    Go and see your GP service before helping others.

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