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Sending maids, waitresses and drivers to the Gulf region is part of PF job creation strategy-Mwanakatwe


Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe
Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe

Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe has explained that sending over 1,000 youths to the Gulf region to work as maids, drivers, waiters and waitresses is part of the PF government’s job creation strategy.

Speaking on Sunday during a PF interactive Forum at Chrismar Hotel, Mrs. Mwanakatwe who is also Chairperson for Commerce in the Central Committee of the Patriotic Front said the PF promised jobs for Zambian youths and is now delivering.

“When we say PF is creating employment this is what we mean,” Mrs Mwanakatwe said.

She announced that Government has secured 1,000 jobs per year in the gulf region, for waiters, waitresses, drivers and maids.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe said the PF government has collaborated with the Gulf region to send 1,000 Zambians per year to Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates to work as waiters, waitresses, drivers and maids.

She stated that the PF promised the Zambian people jobs as outlined in its manifesto and that an opportunity had arisen for many ordinary Zambians to travel abroad for work in an honest and safe manner.

The Finance Minister stated that men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 and who are able to speak and write in English with a genuine grade 12 certificate, a valid passport and a driver’s licence in the case of drivers, are encouraged to apply.

She further stated that the salary plus commission they would be getting as drivers and maids ranges between K10,000 and K15,000.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe urged all well-meaning citizens who are in need of a job and meet the set criteria to apply so that they can go and make an honest living which will enable them help their families back home in Zambia.

She further stated that many people had gone abroad to do similar kind of jobs and had gone missing but that going in a coordinated manner under the government program offered security as government departments such as the Immigration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would all be involved and that everyone leaving would be monitored in their country of posting which provides safety for them.

Last year the BBC reported that many African and Asian countries have banned the recruitment of domestic workers for countries in the Middle East who subscribe to the “kafala” system.

Under the system, foreign maids are legally bound to their employer and have limited rights.

Employers can take advantage of their position and many women are overworked, underpaid and physically abused.

Testimonies from women who escaped and private recordings show a world of powerlessness and abuse, hidden behind closed doors.


  1. Thats we call official human trafficking.

    They are getting illiterates so that they come as ISIS brainshed terrorist.

    Lets unit and say NO NO No


    • How did we become cursed with such dull leaders mwebantu? With all the stories of abuse of maids in the middle east our government is proudly taking part in this human trafficking and even headlining it as their policy in job creation? When we will stop selling our own to slavery? I’m so disgusted with the PF leadership.Create real jobs ala!

    • Really sad….where is that chap to type ..let’s can sending Slave workers for Arab masters be part of job creation.
      No Shame!!

    • what!! this is joke of the year!!, PLEASE Focus on local job creation, not these modern slavery jobs. ba Mwanakatwe ask Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda what problems they have experienced by sending maids to the middle east or simply google a documentary on BBC. The nature of Arabs is that they are always abusive, especially to non Muslims. I end here very disappointed. Extremely Disappointed.

    • This is rubbish. Have these people looked at how black people are treated in the middle East when they work as servants.
      You want to send our brothers and sisters into slavery to the Arabs?

    • Don’t these people have any done shame? I really can’t believe you can start boasting about sending our people into modern day slavery. Watch the documentary on BBC about Kenyan maids in Saudi Arabia. The Arabs are experts at slavery. Even before the Europeans where trading in African slaves, the Arabs were here enslaving our ancestors.
      Please this is not acceptable. Let our people stay home where they have some self respect and are not treated like animals

      “Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe has explained that sending over 1,000 youths to the Gulf region to work as maids, drivers, waiters and waitresses is part of the PF government’s job creation strategy.”
      Black race twasebana. Uyu Minister has hit the all time low in my ranks. You are in essence enslaving our people. Do you, Minister, have a clue of how maids suffer in that part of the arab world? Do you appreciate why you are sending our people as drivers in that dangerous territory? So that they would be flown back home as cargoes? Indignant people there don’t wanna drive? Tell me you are not serious. This is…

    • …. extremely preposterous! I am infuriated at this. Damn it. Job creation my cracked foot. Matter of facts my cracked feet.
      There is cheap labor in west and north africa fully loaded with people trynna cross the Mediterranean and end up dead. Let those people who are near answer to the Ishmaelits call.

    • The way this PF government think is very worrying.

      They are behaving like those African chiefs during the time of slavery that sold their own people in exchange for chocolates and bibles.

      Working in the Gulf as a low skilled worked is never a picnic. The Arabs there are very cruel, and some workers have died in mysterious circumstances.

      The PF government should be ashamed of itself.

    • Am trying to imagine the slave ship carrying 1000 slaves from Zambia, docking in Abu Dhabi. The slaves are paraded and fumigated for suspected yellow fever or ibola. If you’re a male they’ll weigh your balls like mandingo style. If you’re a female they’ll ask you to spread your legs and use a pencil torch to scrutinise the inside. God what have we done to deserve this!!

    • On arrival on meeting their new masters these Zambian maids and drivers will have their passports confiscated…am sure this minister does not know where the term eunuch originated from…these were popular with Arab slave traders mainly African castrated males who were maids for Arabs wives…these chaps are so insecure even today they have separate shopping malls for women.

    • Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) — Ethiopian women are leaving their villages to work as maids in Saudi Arabia, lured by foreign wages which far outweigh their potential earnings at home.
      When they arrive, some discover they have few rights and face risks which include sexual abuse. Bloomberg’s Eric Coleman reports. (Source: Bloomberg)

    • This is the first time I have seen such unity in condemning the government and rightfully so. I watched a documentary on BBC on maids sent to Saudi Arabia from Kenya, the Philippines and Malaysia and I cried like a baby. I have never hated Arabs like that I my life and am glad Donald Trump is treating their kind the way he is. Those people are worse than animals.

    • When we tell you that Lungu and his PF minions are clueless, you think we’re lying. But here is an example of their cluelessness. This is absolutely astounding. Do you see what these clueless fooools are doing? They’re sending young people into slavery. The Arab countries are literary known for their terrible human rights abuse of foreign domestic workers, especially Africans. Wow. Black workers are treated like slaves and abused by their employers in these Arab countries. How can you claim to be creating jobs by sending young people into slave like conditions? This is the worst administration in the history of Zambia. The Philippines president even banned his people from going to work in these Arab countries, because of their abuse of foreign workers who are treated like slaves. All…

    • … you have to do is go to YouTUbe to see many videos of incredible abuse of foreign domestic workers in these Arab countries. This is a shame. What incompetent fooooools. Lungu and his clueless bunch need to be sued for human trafficking. Seriously.

    • When I post comments on LT about how utterly lazy Edgar and his ministers are people think I personally hate the is the evidence of his folly…I mean these fooooools were singing about Goat meat million dollar market of the middle east few years back and how Zambia can tap in to this market, to date there is not a single IDC subsidiary …this alone can create thousands of jobs but these fooooools like this drunkard lady think sending citizens to do casual jobs in a country with appalling human rights record is job creation.

    • No sane government can boast about this! Awe napapa mwebantu!
      When we say PF is creating employment this is what we mean,” Mrs Mwanakatwe said?

    • This is pretty sad. Our leaders, do they know what they are doing, and getting into? This is modern day slavery and some quack of a minister can say that is what it means when they say the pf is creating jobs; REALLY???? Do you know how Arab muslims treat such categories of workers in their countries? Don’t you get it in the news? Please, spare our people. Arabs are slave traders; they have not changed in the least bit. They are callous and inhuman. Can you see how they even treat their own women? AND WHAT MORE WITH BLACKS? This scheme should be stopped; and stopped fast!!!

  2. My foot! Create jobs in your own country mwebantu.Do you know how maids and waitresses are mistreated in the Gulf region? Arabs are bad news when to comes to treatment of low-class workers from Africa. I have no problem with Africans/Zambians finding professional jobs like doctors,engineers,nurses etc in the Gulf region.Landenifye ati namufilwa bane.

    • Please shut down PF government. This is getting too much.
      They fail to supply goats for money they received, why pay back in slaves?

    • A kenyan woman was r a p e d and impregnated by her Saudi
      Arabian employer then jailed for committing adultery. YOUTUBE VIDEO

    • Peter C Njobvu – Your doctor musungu worked very hard to abolish it so he could dupe you with the bible so he could plunder with impunity whilst you have your eyes closed….such stupidity…this is why knowledge of self is paramount. Learn about the 3 Cs of Imperalism…or better still just read this The Philosophy of Colonialism: Civilization, Christianity, and Commerce.
      Wake up from your docility!!

    • Peter C Njobvu, David Livingstone is one of the people who founded colonial Africa for the British, why do you like worshipping whites?
      As for PF they are jumping on the Wenela bandwagon a bit late. We ve stopped trading in cheap labour

  3. The drivers will come back as suicide bombers.

    These chaps simply want to Zambia into a moslem state

    1000 General workers will produce 6000 radicalized children.

    • Are you joking right now? Will they even come back? Christian nations hypothetically mean we have Christian citizens, well, by and large. In that part of world, you get dealt with when you’re seen praying to your God aside Allah. Those chaps are oppressionists and radicles by nature. I can’t even support sending maids to Israel, not even the mighty USA. How the hell does someone become an expatriate in being a maid and driver. This statement is a shocker.

    • 22 Kenyan women have safely returned home from Saudi Arabia where they were living in deplorable conditions after fleeing from abusive employers. The ministry of foreign affairs said a total of 130 women will be airlifted by the end of the week and warned that a ban on recruitment of Kenyans to the Middle East is still in force.

    • A Sri Lankan woman working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia says she has been severely abused for complaining about being overworked.

      Ariyawathi’s Saudi employers reportedly hammered 24 nails into her hands, legs and forehead, which had to be removed later with surgery.

  4. Under my dead body, I will not go and work in an Arab country in the Gulf Region. I have heard too many bad stories from people that have gone to work in these countries. Blacks are treated as second class citizens. Travel documents such as passports are taken away upon arrival. Go there at your own risk.

    • In grade 6 l learnt thse are just chaps involved in slave trade. They taught history to understand thse arabs. They are very cruel


    • The evil white man abolished slavery about 180 years ago but slavery was still in existence in Arabia as early as 1960..these morons in the so called christian nation state that they are creating jobs…what a bunch of failures

    • EYES, they’re not treated as “second class citizens.” They’re treated as SLAVES. It’s funny that with so many supposedly educated people. including MPs, in Zambia, no one advised these clueless fooools that it was a bad idea to send young people to these Arab countries. The reason these Arab countries turned to Zambia for slave workers was because other countries have banned their citizens from going there…because of human rights abuse of domestic workers. Some domestic workers are even killed by their employers in these Arab countries. And so they turned to corrupt clueless Lungu and his minions for help with providing slaves. This is criminal. Someone needs to be held accountable for sending our young people into slavery. What a shame.

  5. The statements coming out of our leaders leaves much to be desired! What well meaning parent’s would send their children to eat from the neighbors and claim to be feeding the children well. Jobs must be created locally and not sending our people to places with well documented human abuse!

    • ka Margie tu much fwaka! Nga ka dobola cilande lande. Giving your own citizens into worst human rights abusers, and you call it job creation? They killed their own jamal Kashogi. These Arabs still perceive us as wild animals or commodities, same way they did during slave trade.

  6. I have worked in several Gulf states. Maids and Drivers are treated like animals. Please do not subject the people of Zambia to this type of exploitation. There are no working hours. It is 24/7. During Ramadan, they work even longer hours. They are expected to fast and be hungry as the employers are but they still have to do the work whereas the employers have shorter working hours. This is not job creation! Further more, the Gulf states have no respect for countries and citizens who send their workers here to be maids, drivers etc.

  7. Sorry madam you are very educated to afford to embarass yoself just to please Mr lungus ears. These jobs in another country cannot be called job creation in your country. Iyeeh mwebantu so shameless.

    • It depends on what you mean by educated. Having a degree is not necessarily being educated. You may have obtained it by mere rote learning. Meaning you have a paper qualification without having learned anything. So be careful whom you call learned

  8. The maids are expected to do more than clean. They will be subjected to physical and emotional abuse.
    Please google incidents of torture and sexual assault involving maids in the Gulf Region. I am so embarassed reading this foolish statement.

  9. I used to think Margarate Mwanakatwe was educated I believe I was wrong. Again I see misplacement of manpower by giving her a ministry she cannot manage. What a hell can a minister of finance think sending maids and drivers ofcourse to boost other countries economy because tax will not come to Mwanakatwe coffer, she thinks of all the economics she studied those are jobs deserving Zambians.Did Mwanakatwe get her degrees from these useless universities for her to talk like Davies Mwila and Freedom Sikazwe who have never stepped in class? Shame madam Finance Minister!

  10. Where is Nawakwi. Sakwiba Sikota. Mutati and all the vets in the face of this pending SLAVE TRADE

    Because we have no opposition in Zambia PF will do anything.


    • Nawakwi, Sakwiba, Mutati and Wynter distinguished themselves by speaking the language of betrayers with no shame to bruise fellow opposition. Anyway insala ileta umusebanya and it is suprising to see educated people reasoning like those not accorded chance to enter classroom. Dissapointed by their monouvours as PF newly recruited agents.

  11. Really laughable to say the least. This is what the PF meant by creating employment? This woman is ever drunk or what? You want to send your own people to go and be treated like dogs and you call that employment? Was this in the PF manifesto? Sata would not subscribe to this nonsense, just accept that you failed and pass on the mantle to others to carry own. Insoni ebuntu.

  12. I am so annoyed to read this. Even if it is done at the government level, the workers will be directly under the employer. No one will interfer with the employer who will havwe direct control. Once the workers arrive, the current offer of the high salary will change. There is nothing that they will be able to do about this because the employer holds on to the passport. Another thing is that some of these employers do not pay the salaries. Maids have no freedom to move about. They are accomodated in single rooms in the house so that they can be available 24/7. The Phillipines and other Asian countries have learnt the hard way and are not keen to see their people suffer as they do. So now it is time to turn to Africa and its cheap labour. Be warned.

  13. this is shocking! coming from a senior government official.. is this what Zambians are good for? why not challenge the gulf regions of the engineers and all kinds of technocrats that our country has.. but you decide to shame us as maids and drivers.. madam you are VERY FOOLISH!!!

  14. This employment creation strategy and statement coming from a Minister of Finance is so wrong at so many levels that I don’t even know where to begin:
    – Exporting our youth to provide labour in a different country instead of at home means a missed opportunity for asset creation and production back home.
    – We will not benefit from the potential income tax of their wages
    – We are exposing them to significant risk of human rights and sexual abuse. The position that the numbers and government will help provide security is not true as our government has failed to provide the same of the 100/1000s of students sent to study in China and Russian on government scholarship programmes.
    – The difference in culture (islamic vs christian vs African) will lead to significant social disfunction for…

  15. …contd
    – The difference in culture (islamic vs christian vs African) will lead to significant social disfunction for the Zambian which probably lead to many of them running into problems with local authorities in the muslim states (alcohol consumption, circularism etc).
    – Lack of national pride and patriotism in exporting unskilled labour at an organised level. This is different from sending teachers to Madagascar for instance.
    Shame on PF. What a failed government!!

  16. Do these guys know how black people are treated in the middle east, really shallow thinking from PF and its dull leadership, what do you expect from kaponya`s in a govt which they cant even run, Maybe send Kudo`s and Njanje for these job or only send PF cadres so that we don`t have violence when we have by elections

  17. this is disgusting! …
    We are too young a population to export humans to develop another country. What is K10,000 in a foregn country? who will develop Zambia if hundreds of people are migrated to another country?
    where have we gone wrong in our reasoning?

    • These are WASTED LUNGU YEARS, we will NEVER recover ….can you ever imagine a Paul Kagame or John Magufuli proudly announcing that they are sending their citizens to go and work as slaves all the way in Middle East….only a person who has no understanding of the vicious Arab mindset (regarding Africans) would celebrate to this…even the Somalis who were used as chola boys to capture fellow Africans will not do that.

  18. Shameful. They will just be sex slaves and forced moslem. Shameless leaders who can create local jobs due to lack of creativity and long fingers

  19. Oh you stu..d woman create jobs in Zambia and don’t send them were they get exploited…. I do love Zambia but this lot of so-called leaders make me wonder…

  20. Goodness me. It has come to this? There is absolutely nothing good about the do called jobs in the gulf states; our young ladies will end up being grossly abused in all conceivable dimensions. Margaret was Commerce minister and tell me which single enterprise did she facilitate other than owing money to CEEC? Mwebantu, when are we going to wake up ? Margaret is an MMD member and so is Vincent Mwale, Dora Siliya, Lusambo, Malanji etc. What do u expect from such people? Instead of thinking of how to create factories here in Zambia, making electricity available affordably,working on our up country road infrastructure, compelling our partners in the construction industry to buy building materials from our youths etc, we are talking of “auctioning” our people to the middle East??

  21. I have associated with Arabs in Germany and Dubai, indeed these chaps are racists. A normal government can never be proud to send their citizens to Arabic countries. Dear God, how did we end up having such mediocre leadership?

  22. PF please stop your stupid nonsense. You have now gone into Human trafficking and slave trade to bail out your damaged economy?

    Ask Kenyas, Nigerians and other African countries will tell you what Gulf hell smells to Africans.

    Iwee chimwanakatwe naukolwa? Imfinshi ifiabupuba? Rubbish. Why can’t you send your husband to go and work there as s herdsman? Tuma ilofwa wakwata mu bedroom mumobe first and then you can send other people’s daughters and sons.

  23. While I am in support of migration for greener pastures especially where there are not enough jobs in the country where you live, the people going to the middle east will be treated like slaves. Those rich people do not treat immigrants well especially blacks and indians, only whites are treated well.

  24. Every embarrassing minister, to say the least.
    If this is the PF’s position, I am disappointed with you too. If this is POTROZ ECL stance too, I am extremely tossed.
    What a joke.

    • I call what’s wrong, wrong and what’s right, right. I don’t laud fantasies like you b.l.o.o.d.y tribal lunatic. The only top 3 parties I have never voted for was MMD. I voted for Kambela’s UPND, but never UPNDEAD and I am not partisan. I represent a swing vote based on content from candidates. I blast low grade sick puppies like dude. I.m.b.e.c.i.l.e.

    • Let me categorically and unashamedly reassure you, that I can’t vote for your saint double h even on gunpoint. The Minister’s statement is by far better, bad as it is, than one rising to a party presidency on tribal slogans.
      With no option available, it’s ECL again. See my vote can support all things but tribalism. Yes I support this Government but definitely not Mwanakatwe’s sugarcoating of modern day slavery. She just sounds as bad as your double h. Yak!
      Don’t you folks get it? Tribalism is one form of corruption. He, your saint, got hit by two corruption dents, tribalism and selling our mines.

    • Evils of slavery got most of our brothers and sisters end up in both the Atlantic and indian ocean. Most others in cane plantations.
      Evils of tribalism got most of our brothers and sisters end up dead in Rwanda in a most horrific satanic ethnic cleansing the world has never witnessed before.
      Evils of corruption puts resources that are meant for the people in the pockets of a few selected evil, gluttonous, greedy and selfish individual goons.
      Kulibe Zabwino aisha.
      As you condemn the Minister’s statement, never fail to fact check those evils you’re protecting.

    • Spaka,
      Other foods are equally, in fact, more toxic. They are actually neurotoxins. They can sever my nervous system.
      Ooooh I am afraid.
      Heard of the term,
      “Jumping from a frying pan into fire”?
      I dread, in fact, tribalists – be they bembas, lenjes, nsengas, Ilas or Tongas.

    • And this is his colleague Maggie the one BR JUNIOR has on speed dial as he foooolishly proclaims whilst hiding his komboni – ness in with braggadocio.

      Yes …its 2019, we will have to eat your words with humble pie soon…really laughable!!!

    • You know I would rather be called tribal than being labeled a Lungu supporter mwe. The dullness of that man must be mu guiness book. Just as my dull friend here Thorn thinks Margaret came up with this plan without the knowledge of her dull corrupt boss qualifies him to share a spot in the book. Right now even street vendors and bus conductors show more sense that this thorn character coz they use logic and their brains to see that dull corrupt Lungu has no plan. He is just there. A toothy !d!ot with no plan, living in abject fear of when BBC corner him for an interview but he is assured of never ending support from shallow dunderheads like our colleague here, thorn in the bwasu. 🙂

    • Good luck dude. That’s why we define you like that. Nothing you have said is new.

      Regardless, iwe Mwanakatwe, gather your own relatives for that mission as a pilot project.

  25. The writing is on the wall. Zambians have rejected this so called “employment opportunity” in unison. We can do better as Zambia than making such appalling suggestions with that fake “American” accent. Why didn’t Margaret go to work there after being fired from Barclays and UBA banks respectively.
    Ati tyala chiputa!

  26. A normal minister for sure can announce such jobs of human trafficking?our government keep quiet if you don’t know how to create jobs.maggret as a woman you see this video and you call this is what we said government is going to create jobs? Who can be happy seeing such mistreating to his or her on love child? I stop supporting Pfools.

  27. Ba PF mwe fipuba mwe, mwe finangwa ba Kolwe! Is this more jobs and money in the pocket you promised people? Do you know the kind of treatment our fellow blacks receive in that part of the world? Muleumfwako ne nsoni mwe mbwa mwe! Who told you find Z ambians jobs in that cruel part of the world? Ukayeko we mwine ci mwanakatwe we ciliule ca muntu wee!

  28. That’s actually gulf region’s jobs creation so PF you don’t get credit for this.Furthermore its all slave like jobs in these gulf economies.

  29. Aiding and abetting modern day slavery by a PF minister in Zambia. Zambian Youths beware of hypocrisy, deception and incompetence of Edigar Lungu and his PF government failure to provide youth employment and mortgage youths into slavery. Zambian youths rise against this slavery, Zambian parents reject this dehumanising shame of our nation.

  30. The irony of all this cr.ap is while pf export our people who they have failed to provide jobs for, they are letting in 10s of thousands of Chinese and Indians to come and rape our mother Zambia while they stand watch ….

  31. The irony of all this cr.ap is while pf export our people who they have failed to provide jobs for, they are letting in 10s of thousands of Chinese and Indians to come and our mother Zambia and send monies out while they the pf stand watch ….

    • Spaka…The only solution to clueless Lungu and his clueless minions is to vote them out in 2021. That’s the only way to end this nightmare. We need to start mobilizing. It’s either these people had no idea that Arab countries still view black people as potential slaves, or they’re just clueless. Honestly, we can’t afford to have such clueless people leading the country. And the strange thing is no one among them advised them against doing this? Are these people even aware of what’s going on in the world today? And if they can do a thing like this, what would stop them from selling the whole country to foreigners ?—and they’re doing that. We need to find a well informed and well educated Zambian to become President in Zambia in 2021. Because if clueless Lungu wins again, this…

  32. This is absurd and admitting failure ….a country as rich as ours, with such a small population should never be contemplating this…….but as I said above , they let our people go and bring in unemployed from China and India ……marvellous logic lungu and your ministers….

  33. Like someone said above, let them send their relatives. What a dumb strategy – sending your own people into slavery?!? I wonder what next they will lower themselves with.

  34. Please your Excellency stop this.It is total slavery our honorable Minister is from the capitalist world please.

  35. Stop madam! Which strategy.Those will be killed by arabs and abused .Some will sex slaves.Do u know arabs imwe mayo.Don’t sell Zambians please.Just create a good enviromnent for the poor Zambians.Arabs mistreat africans so badly.30% of 1000 will be dead with 2years. Don’t be ignorant madam .Chart with arabs n you’ll know how abusive these chaps are.stop stop stop please

    • mwaba nalyo na imwe, check your facts no one dies, where did you get this ridiculous information from, careful with what you write, except you have the proof!

    • Iwe Sivintu id1ot iwe. What are talking about? Some foreign domestic workers have been killed by their Arab employers in these Arab countries. Again you ignoramus foooool. You must be one of these PF modern slave traders trying to sell our young people into slavery.

  36. As things stand opposition will forever be weak because hh has taken away 3 provinces making it hard to remove pf from power

  37. Stop madam! Which strategy.Those will be killed by Arabs and abused .Some will be sex slaves.Do u know arabs imwe mayo.Don’t sell Zambians please.Just create a good environment for the poor Zambians.Arabs mistreat Africans so badly.30% of 1000 will be dead within 2 years. Don’t be ignorant madam .Investigate more and you’ll know how abusive these chaps are.stop stop stop please please

  38. Ba lungu please stop this woman from harming our country.She is making PF unpopular.I think uyu mayo amano takwete. Remove her from that position.I thought she is exposed and know the happenings of this seems she has never watched how Arabs rape African men n women.She should watch the documentary on BBC.I have lived with Arabs before and they started abusing our friends but we beat the up coz we could allow the nonsense.It was a fight bettwen Africans and arabs. Arabs are the most human abusers on this earth.hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll noooooooooooooooooooo this minister doesnt read.maybe she is confused.please Zambians don’t go there.We can’t be selling zambias in the name of jobs.That will cost PF in 2021.Ba Lungu don’t let your pipo to be mistreated.U should…

  39. Please please ba mwanakatwe. Ha! Really! Imagine what 1,000 Zambians can do if well empowered in our farms. Instead you want to send them away to foreign cultures, from a Christian country. Where is your education pride madam. This is where people should learn to let us govern. Maganizo yanu a enda a sila mwandi? Bring back professionals in those jobs. Indeed these are now like hallucinations off a drunken stupor. This is not normal.

  40. Zambians working for Arabs in Zambia are treated like slaves, what more if they are taken to Arab countries?
    I warned my people never to accept working for those monsters from Arab countries.

  41. Maggie and company send your children. How dare you should think other people’s children into slavery, ubupuba. Clone your children and send them. What person thinks to send future generations into slavery, when other countries are grooming and training their kids/youths to become world leaders in the sciences etc? Get this fool and the line out of office. Bana mayo and Bashi tata, everyone of them need to know what this government wants to do to their kids. They need to see these images. Every single Zambian is special and not just the children of politicians. Zambians need to march in masses on the streets and demand an end to this foolishness. Now we will see who really has Zambia’s interest at heart, let the opposition take a lead, I hope the likes of HH, Kambwili, Mumba, chipimo,…

  42. If only our Zambian govt knew how African casual workers are treated in Dubai. Your employer keeps your passport, you cannot go on leave or holiday without your employer’s approval. Many young girls from West Africa working as maids have been abused and one, a Ghanaian girl; her body was sent back to Ghana with 100 degree burns and her boss in the UAE could not be prosecuted. As a non-citizen, you are not allowed to accuse an Emirat of lying. And sexual abuse? Let’s not even go there. In short. This is ‘shop-floor’ politics! A cheap shot, no political mileage.

  43. Good job Mwanakatwe!
    Make sure only PF and UPND cadres are given this golden opportunity!
    Make sure they surrender their passports and Phones once they get to their Arab Masters!
    We are tired of them both!
    Kudelelana is bad! Go meet your equals!

    • Plus on top of that there is no alcohol there and if you look at your master’s wife with hungry horny eyes you will be shamboked like a dog …this would be hell on earth for an ordinary cadre…send Daily mail and Times reporters there who keep writing about how great Lazy is even when they have not been paid for 6 months.

  44. Let this sink in.. This is the thinking and reasoning of the person entrusted to safeguard the countries financial interests.

  45. Okay, let’s trrrrrrrry ….to be positive here. Thinking out of the box on high unemployment and coming out with a creative solution that is a little dubious BUT the assurances and government to government backed protection needs sounds promising.

    So, the Zambian embassy in those regions is the employment agency on behalf of the government of Zambia. Agreement/arrangement has been made between the governments in those regions with the Zambian Embassies to grant safety. The salaries are well above the average for that type of job in Zambia, that works out at £1000_£1500, a month innit?


    • Lets focus on guarantees of safety, anti-slavery measures. This is a stop gap measure somewhat desperate, but it’s……. a ‘little Dutch boy with his finger in the dam to stop it bursting,’ solution.

      It’s better than National Service with no pay. Come on guys.

    • Can you for once let history teach you. Do you think the Zambians will be treated better than Phillipinos, Indians and other yellow or brown people? Do not be so desperate as to sell your relatives to the devil. Where is the Minister in charge of national guidance when you need her?

    • @Patriot abroad, you are joking, right? I think being poor and having some freedom is way better than having to spew blood, suffer inhumane treatment, be sexually abused…… to earn even ten times the amount you have mentioned. Most of those that would go do not even have a clue what their basic right is.
      Let them send their relatives….

    • Experience can teach you some valid points with your “thinking outa box” mamble jumble here my Bonamie. Let some of your bubulus jump that bandwagon if Government turns a blind ear. Only then will we pay attention to what’s happening outside the box.

    • If slavery past is a problem, why are they Blacks in USA, UK?? Same abuse is occuring in Europe but Boat People are risking their lives. It’s the racist African mind that accepts white abuse but Arab abusers are worse??????

    • Patriot Abroad, you’re a complete ignoramus. Go research the arrangement the Philippines made with these Arab countries concerning the supply of domestic workers, and how Duterte was forced to ban the practice of sending domestic workers to these barbaric, backward countries that treat domestic workers like slaves, especially Africans. Just because it’s being done on a government level doesn’t mean anything. If anything, the Arab countries don’t even respect African governments. Wake the heck up you fooool!

    • @lie detector. I was merely trying to find a positive in the idea. Civilised society and it’s people debate things not hurl abuse, are you not being a bit Arabic yourself. No one can explain to me why African Boat people risk their lives going to Europe in dingy boats only to be flung into prison cells. It’s strange split thinking.

  46. Foolishness Iyo! The ministers should first send their sons and daughters ala! Have you no shame trying to send other people children to be treated like slaves!

  47. Fact check madam.
    According to your history of slavery, at what level can you place Arabs in the Slave Trade Ordeal and Supply Chain? If you answer that one correctly, i.e. total pa total, guess what? They haven’t changed a bit. Slave trade of yesteryear they came for you. In this one, you following them. I am embarrassed. My big question though is “Is this Government position?” Did the entire cabinet sit and agree on this? Whose idea was this? We need an inquest on the source of this unfortunate trajectory. Did the Arabs come? When you announced experiating Teachers to Madagascar, we lauded the move because you are sending professinals but this one ni Zero pa zero which ever way you wanna see it. Iwe Nonde ulelandapo shani?

    • @Patriot Abroad, why don’t you go or send some relative you want to sacrifice? Then shimikila us of the experience if either of you ever comes back…..

    • @Jay Jay and Ndwii, I only had a few hours in Dubai, (Which tons of people love for shopping). I have seen Yemen on TV, and aware of Saudi evil in the country, so I’d probably not want to go to Yemen.

      Hey some of those women wear Gucci, Gucci under their religious attire, imagine … much contraband I’d get away with!!! Okay seriously, you’re not listening well. I said the idea was dubious and have tried to win you guys round to the possibility it might work. I object to the abuses but Guys why do Boat people go to Western countries tried, only to be put in jail and in Australia they are treated very badly. But you can’t compute this chain of argument. @Jay Jay riddle that!

    • Patriot Abroad – Its clear you were in transit at the airport shopping duty free…my question to you is why do you think Syrians and Iranians bypass the Arab Kingdoms to risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean to Europe. In Saudi Arabia there is not a single church (not that I care) the Popei was even embarrassed when he visited they had to fly in tourists to welcome him …goo to places like Blackburn in you will be shocked to the whole postcode full of Pakistanis with a mosque and madrasa.

    • @Jay Jay, I agree it’s a cr..aap idea. @Ndwii was right I was joking a bit! I think I can concede majority opinion wins!

      Sorry Hon Mwanakatwe, it’s too dangerous and not our culture/religion.

  48. Ummmm this move sound good but mind , Islam world is a different world by the time they come back there terrorists minded , let’s build a beta Zambian African are suffering thstside tortured ,some are even missing especially from West africa

  49. Yet your own ministry of labour office has failed to help the poor majority maids in Zambia , do you think they can survive in a foreign Land ? You failing to inspect locally , do you think you can inspect out side ?

  50. No this is very wrong and not well thought about, very bad idea. However it is up to those wishing to jump at the offer that should think twice

    Takwaba nangu ninsala

  51. Can president Lungu tell his ministers to shut up. When President Sata said his ministers are dull, I now get what he meant. The worst part of it, is that the opposition is worse than PF in intelligence. This is a representation of Zambia as a nation. It is time pentecostals and Christians in Zambia stopped saying upstanding people should not be in politics. We need normal Zambians running the country, this is alarming and nonsense coming from a full cabinet minister. Drivers for Hotels with credentials yes, professionals yes. Casual labor is not job creation abroad. I am too angry to type anymore.

    • @Sims go. With your attitude and desperation you may come back with one hand chopped off. Or worse the whole head decapitated.

    • @Sims you need to watch Youtube videos on maids in the Middle East. Some are lied to claiming it is hotel jobs. When they get there, there passports are taken and it’s slavery. If you want to go, go ahead! We want to protect innocent young women who are better off in Zambia. These ministers and diplomats have been paid money by agencies in those countries. They don’t care at all for the average Zambian. Agencies in the Middle East are always looking to recruit African’s especially those who are not educated and do not know there rights. Point the finger at the diplomats working in those nations who are promoting modern day slavery.

  52. This is a sad testimony to the desperation levels in our government. Clearly the coffers are empty and anything goes now. Job creation? Isn’t it easier to borrow for investment in local manufacturing of end products from local raw materials? Haven’t you done the due diligence on the Middle East? Rapes, abuses, slavery and murder go unpunished, where the victims are from places like Africa, Asia and the like. Have you not heard about Kashoggi? Is this the case of power getting to the head? This is why we need to radically change our constitution. We’re in great peril as country!

  53. More evidence, if any was needed that the PF is Clueless, Gutless and Shameless. I hope those people you are sending into slavery know what they are up to!

  54. Weiters, waitresses, and maids.
    1. They will be islamized.
    2. They will be exploited sexually
    3. Ask how Kenya has regleted for sending maids to the Arab countries
    4. Why don’t they request for doctors, nurses, engineers or teachers.

    • Even just tour Kamwala in Lusaka where our brothers and sisters from Pakistani and India own businesses for 60 years …you will not find a single black person behind the till and young women there are treated like sex objects.

  55. This is both hollow and shallow.
    These jobs are not located in Zambia, and are a creation of the Gulf.

    PF or Zambia has not created these jobs. Stop treating us like silly people.

  56. Why do African Boat people go to Western countries , only to be put in jail and in Australia they are treated very badly, inhumanly. And yet people support the terrible desperation leading these young, mostly, young males. How bad is this idea, if Africans are going in inflatable boats to seek a basic life.

    Is it better to be abused by Westerners than Arabs?

    • @Patriot Abroad. I thought you had given up on your line of argument. Are you a maid in one of these countries or what? Would you rather the bad treatment African migrants are receiving in Europe or Australia is now extended to the middle east? What really are you on about, spill it out man/woman?

  57. iwe ka Margaret Mwanakatwe you are a very foolish stupid *****, Send your Mother,sisters and your brothers plus Lungu children then see what will happen to them.

  58. I’m disgusted that the minister is tellin Zambians to aim low. Really Mwanakatwe maids ,waitresses and drivers instead of engineers, doctors and physicists ?

  59. Ask the east n west Africans,they’ll tell you you’ve just sold your daughters n sisters to slavery. The Arabs will grab your passport upon arrival n the nightmare begins. I feel sorry for my sisters who will work for 18 hrs a day for peanuts n fondled in the process. So PF has failed to create jobs, I thought they would at least refurbish Kafue Textiles n open similar factories n industries but was wrong. Factories can operate on a 24 hour clock employing a lot of people but no plan PF can’t see this as they like malls better..
    Lungu Must Go

  60. Sorry Zambians! Look at the video about the Arabs, experienced by Kenyans! Look at my Facebook Page: DAVE MWILA. Look for arrival I posted, as Kenyans have experienced!Your government is signing you a death warrant! Find work those Middle East people! You will regret you did. You have been WARNED!

  61. Sorry Zambians! Look at the video about the Arabs, experienced by Kenyans! Look at my Facebook Page: DAVE MWILA. Look for the information I posted, as Kenyans have experienced!Your government is signing you a death warrant! Don’t work those Middle East people (Arabs they are ruthless against blacks! They think we are animals).
    You will regret you did. You have been WARNED!

  62. these chaps will be f.u.c.k.e,d like no man’s business. Go if you want to experience hell on earth. One year will be like 100 years of suffering

  63. Where has our minister been, cases of these Arabs abusing black Africans have been all over the internet for some time now. Even those seeking to go through these countries on their way to Europe have been enslaved there. After seeing & reading about it, I celebrate every time they bomb themselves up. The minister should apologize to the nation & ban all those applying for such jobs.

  64. You have no phacking ideal how they will be treated. There are a lot of people who have no employment in all those countries you have mentioned. They will be treated like slaves. Experiment and send your phacking nieces and nephews.

  65. I live and work out here and rest assured that what mwanakatwe is saying is a load of bull.

    If she believes that this is job creation then she should send her brothers and sisters then let’s see what she will say when they will be treated as modern day slaves.

    PF job creation my ass, sounds more like killing our people softly

  66. That’s quite tragic and crap. This government is failing its own people on several accounts.

    First, despite reports of gross human rights abuses in the Middle East, the PF government still wants to send its citizens there. Sad to know that the PF government which promised us in August 2016 that it would create jobs for the youths, promote entrepreneurship for wealth creation, and “ensure development is taken to all parts of the country” and not to the foreign countries ( ) wants to send its citizens abroad in what can be described as human trafficking. Seemingly, some “big shots” have invested there, and they would rather get cheap labor from their fellow country mates so…

  67. Very shameful, small population in zambia but failing to provide jobs.
    We even boast that we creating employment.Arabs are worse then boers, Chinese .if you make mistake they slaughter you like kashoggi.

  68. Zambian politicians, especially those in the ruling party, can sell there relatives for a few more dollars. Now that they have dispensed to the Chinese or highest briber all the movable and immovable natural resources, what is remaining is selling people – shame on you. Otherwise, no normal and sane human being would have the Maggie Mwanakatwe kind of thinking. By the way, how was Barclays doing when she was the head? Is she just in the wrong job currently?

  69. I would like to join my colleagues who have expressed outright rejection by Mwanakatwe to start sending our brothers and sisters to the Arab States, In short, Akatwe, (small head) is not working. These Arabs are evil and merciless, don’t just look at them like humble characters when they visit Zambia. They have no respect for human-rights nor Africans. Our women are the ones who will bear the blunt of this ruthlessness. They will be raped, beaten and rebuked on a daily basis. Not even Arab women will sympathize with our women when they are being ill treated. Why come to Zambia now when Ethiopians, Kenyans, Nigerians, Asians etc are running away from them. I was one of the individuals who were receiving thousands of Ethiopian women back to their country. The stories from these young girls…

  70. ….youths to the Gulf region to work as maids, drivers, waiters and waitresses is part of the PF government’s job creation strategy…
    Did MPs voted ‘Yes’ or it PFs secret agreement Kuwait etc?
    The Philippines have have just imposed a total ban on its citizens on taking up jobs in Kuwaiti… 2000 are looking forward to returning to their home country…

    So you think Zambian will be immune to abuse’

    Please stick to exporting goats. Teach those 1,000 ladies and gentlemen how to rear goats.

  71. Black maids are raped, starved, beaten, overworked, underpaid and killed. Their passports are taken away upon arrival. In most arab countries, employees are property of the employer so you can report the boss to police for abuse. tekwesha!!!

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