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Kambwili remains NDC Consultant-Akafumba


NDC Vice President Mr Joseph Akafumba (c) addressing a media briefing
NDC Vice President Mr Joseph Akafumba (c) addressing a media briefing

Opposition National Democratic Congress Vice President Joseph Akafumba has charged that Chishimba Kambwili remains the party’s Consultant.

Addressing a media briefing on Thursday after General Secretary Mwenya Musenge announced that Dr Kambwili has been fired as the party’s Consultant, Mr Akafumba said Mr Musenge’s actions are null and void.

“ I with the deputy secretary general of NDC held a press briefing to clarify issues circulating on social media, in this regard most centred on our party consultant Dr Chishimba Kambwili, I assured the nation that Dr Chishimba Kambwili is still NDC consultant and what ever claims the Secretary General Mwenya Musenge made on UNZA Radio remains null and void” Mr Akafumba said.

“With this regard, I will be chairing an MCC meeting this morning at the party secretariat in Lusaka at 11:00 Hours. All member of central committee to be seated by 10:30 Hours.

Meanwhile, NDC youth leader, Charles Kabwita rejected his appointment as new Secretary General yesterday after Mr Kambwili, in a bid to regain control of the party, appointed the youth leader as new Secretary General claiming that he had fired NDC Secretary General, Mwenya Musenge.

But Kabwita turned down the offer stating that Kambwili has no such powers as a consultant to make such an appointment.

Musenge has insisted that Kambwili is fired as a consultant and his expulsion from the party will be confirmed by the Central Committee.

He said 30 out of 38 members of the central committee voted for this decision.

The racist and xenophobic attacks on an Indian national appear to be the last straw that broke a fractious relationship with the Roan MP.


  1. I am just disappointed to learn that Kambwili is my village mate from Mporokoso. We are very smart and proud people from there. I just hope Kambwili can go back to PF were buffoonery and moron-ism are exalted

    • The United Party for National Delusionals Bemba mascot, Kambwili, fits right in with the Delusional Dictator HH. They both act like 2 year olds.

    • Reminds us drama before burrying Sata. Lungu was fired by Scott, then Scott appointed that Luapula province minister as secretary General.
      Lungu and team rushed to Mugabe in evening. Mugabe was only president at Sata funeral.
      Lungu read funeral speech on behalf of PF.
      Guy Scott called convention.
      Drama continued to, Miles Sampa was voted.
      Inonge Wina then jumped up and said “I am tired, people are tired, people haven’t showered for 3 days. So let Edgar Lungu be president”.
      And everybody clapped!!!

    • The SG cannot fire the leader of a party, it’s a joke.
      Meanwhile the fired and the suspendend have both in separate incidents not received letters of actions.
      The party is a joke with jokers.

  2. If KC is NDC and NDC is KC. Then what is he doing in PF because PF is not NDC. This man has no shame. Where do you truly belong?

    • This clown has finally been cornered…He will soon be fighting two expulsions in court, from PF and NDC. That’s how insane this man is, and surprisingly he still has supporters. Disgusting!

    • NDC is definitely a lumpenela party. They’re also broke so they need chief lumpenela kambwili’s donations Imagine they don’t even have airtime to contact their members. They use the media to send out invites:
      , I will be chairing an MCC meeting this morning at the party secretariat in Lusaka at 11:00 Hours. All member of central committee to be seated by 10:30 Hours.

  3. Kaambwilli cisushi pwi pwi pwi pwi. I just wonder how such backward thinking people are given even space to be consultants or whatever name or title attributes to him. Atase bane FUSEKI

    • @Denkede: the story behind the scenes is very simple and most people have missed it.
      >NDC was formed by Kambwili and as a disguise he used or hoodwinked Mwenya Musenge to register the party.
      >He did it that way because he wants to cling to his MP position under PF and continue sitting in parliament to get allowances.
      >Kambwili has the money that he intelligently obtained through corrupt means with no trace for ACC to ground him. This is the same money he is using to maneuver people like pons and they are all dancing to his tune. Musenge doen’t have any money to challenge Kambwili.
      >The young man Joseph Akafumba (NDC VP) has corrected the error made by Kambwili where he declared himself as President of NDC. This would have made Kambwili lose his case in court to continue as member of…

    • >The young man Joseph Akafumba (NDC VP) has corrected the error made by Kambwili where he declared himself as President of NDC. This would have made Kambwili lose his case in court to continue as member of PF.
      >If there was no such noise you were going to see that Musenge was going to appoint Kambwili as NDC president for 2021 elections because by then the parliament would have been dissolved.

  4. Party yama comedians where the only reasonable and sensible person appears to be Musenge. I think Musenge and Kabwita can join forces with Kalaba. They can make a very formidable team not with chumbu munshololwa kambwili.

    • The issue is high unemployment badala,

      Call CK what you want, but he has highlighted what PF and their supporters are trying to bury in the back garden ….

    • Spaka is like Kambwili : they think with their mouths. Nobody is saying there’s a jobs galore in Zambia. Even where you are hibernating some people are not happy that you have a job when you’re a foreigner. But because they both controlled by law and human decency, nobody has harassed you so far.

  5. In case you missed your English lesson from grade 6, here is an English definition of CONSULTANT: a person who provides expert advice professionally. ” He acted as a campaign consultant or advisor to the president.” Mr Musenga is very right to fire Fat Albert as he is not a leader within the NDC ranks with not powers to even appoint as his service are merely external to the party. Kambwili simply shows how selfish he is, how can one hang on to PF for pocket money and also NDC for more pocket money, the reality of life is, you can’t serve two masters at the same time, those following blindly like this chap Akafumba are simply committing themselves to political suicide, who under the sky would follow a blind Vice president? Only Fat Albert….

    • Only a phool can trust this gorilla. He calls himself NDC consultant so that he can keep his place in PF yet he’s the president of this club. .Akafumba is vice to Kambwili. How can you even think of such a clever phool to ever become our president? Come on people, let’s not support blindly.

    • Ba ndanji

      The issue is high unemployment , badala

      Which CK has brought to the forefront.

      Lungu promised 500k in 2016, then 1.5 million jobs pa , we are still waiting…

      CK is in the news because he was protesting foringners taking jobs for zambians while your lungu is contemplating sending those unemployed Zambians into Arab slavery while you bring in unemployed Indians and Chinese…

      The issue is high unemployment ….over to you…

  6. So NDC ka vice president Mr Akafumba is saying that Chimbwili is the ka president of NDC, and you can see it from the picture of a smaller Akafumba and a larger Chimbwili. Good, when is the next High Court case hearing for Chimbwili’s expulsion? Oh, sorry, he will be off sick.

    This ka ka Akafumba is just fighting for personal political survival, who said that you cannot fire a consultant? A president yes, because it is a long process.

  7. This is a party of jokers indeed just like Musenge alluded to. It is very clear that Kambwili used these mappets as fronts for his NDC party. The logic is simple, he wants to eat with both hands. One leg in PF and another in NDC. Chimbwi afwile intanganana, so the bembas say. Eventually, because of his greed, he will be left with nothing. Musenge has simply taken advantage and sold his soul to the devil PF for 250000zmw silver to cause confusion and hound out Kambwili from NDC in the hope of taking over. Alas he is a broke nigger with nothing to offer, the circus continues.

  8. Confusion in the party!!! Now this chap chimbwili is refusing what if all people from this small company(NDC) with 300 people out of 18 million Zambians they leave this group Is he going to be with his family only?

  9. In case you don’t know, Kambwili is the one who together with Musenge formed NDC. But since Kambwili was still an active member of PF, he put Musenge in the forefront and all the registration credentials of NDC are in the hands of Musenge. That’s why at the inception, Musenge said the presidency position was still open to any befitting Zambian; he was simply waiting for CK to wind up his pilgrimage with PF. And the Registrar of Societies does not know Kambwili because despite being the brain behind the formation of NDC, he was, and is still hiding behind Musenge using the masquerade of an NDC consultant.

    • A certain man of Mufulira lost his money because he also played a Kambwili. After stealing money meant for wages this man left that money to his brother in law. They agreed that he starts a business while the thief stayed in the background. The man was later convicted and after coming out of prison he went to claim the money to which his brother in law replied that he had no idea about the money the thief was talking. Since he didn’t want to unearth the old story he voluntarily gave up.

    • if that was the plan then am afraid we are now dealing with the issue of integrity, surely do we need a person without integrity to run this country? we had political dribblers like FTJ , we also have pravitisation looters like HH who at all cost want to go to plot 1. where are we going?

  10. NDC keep your eyes on the ball, PF has a lot of diarrhea right now and your disorganization will make them laugh all the way to the toilet, most of the comments on this blog are coming from PF cadres who are bent on seeing that you disintegrate, to Musenge, all i can say is that try to think through your moves, you may just end up burying yourself politically, it is not too late, seek audience and with others and forge ahead, because it looks as if you are alone in this direction you have taken.

  11. All these chaps in the opposition are very fake and will NOT vote for them because their interest is only personal and greed and not to work for the people. Its Lungu and PF all the way until God decides otherwise after 2026.

  12. The PF rats ndani, citizen, politico et al , live in hope for demise of CK …..they know CK is a thorn in the PF back side.

    Even lungu is looking to mend fences with CK…..

    First they were hoping he goes down for corruption, then hoping PF expell him, then now hoping musenge knows what he is talking about, the rats now realise musenge doesn’t know what he knows….and their only hope is CK being expelled from PF , which I will tell you CK has accepted this expulsion….but what the resident PF rats on LTeho just ponta don’t know is lungu needs CK , and CK knows this…

  13. I think CK is on the right track, the majority of Zambians, the majority…..are unemployed or have no meanigfull employment in these times of high taxes and high cost of living…..students won’t be getting meal allowances, prostitution and stealing will be rife among them.

    And for a high profile leader to come and point out that, foringners should not be doing jobs meant for zambians , no matter the method, is a breath of air for these suffering unemployed youth….

    CK do it again….well done…..also now go to shops and expose to the nation what should be manufactured in Zambia but is being imported…..

  14. CK, CK, ….

    While you have the momentum CK , bring up lungus lie about opening mulungushi textiles and show the people and cotton farmers how far is waisting money importing uniforms when all this should be made in Zambia using Zambian cotton ….

    Some 100,000 Zambians would find a living in making GRZ uniforms in Zambia ..

  15. Politics in Zambia have now become a major job creation industry. These politicians love positions and titles; maybe it’s because many of them have bad reputations and terrible pasts. It is a pity that many of genuine and well-meaning Zambians don’t go into politics and contribute to the development of our beloved country and hence we’ve left it these fools and thugs to govern us – God forbid. Wake up Zambians politics is not the dirt games as they say, its these guys like Kambwili, Kaizer Zulu, Dora, Father Bwalya, Kapyongo, GBM, etc, just to mention a few, that make it dirty. God bless Zambia.

    • Just give us solutions to the high unemployment among our youth like CK is trying to do….

      You are all desperately trying to change the narrative of the unemployed…..

      Come up with solutions to the unemployed , then you will silence CK ..

  16. Supporting Chishimba Kambwili “CK” is the same as supporting your mother who is pregnant from another man to stay with your father. Even dogs can do better than some of you id!ots.

  17. CK is very much okay. 100%. Only Patriots understands. You same morons insulting him here did the same to Sata. With no shame when he became President you chicken brained started singing praises for him. US is the way it is because of the love of their own people and not foreigners. Musenge just got over zealous.

    • Thank you Mr Zinc…..

      No but these same pompwes who were supporting sata when he was against the Chinese taking Zambian meant jobs….now they want to look civil because they are eating with lungu while the majority have no jobs ….

      Zambia for zambians first……after our people have jobs , van afford meal allowances for students then you can invite your united nations of unemployed foringners …..

  18. Spaka are serious? Even your two contraversies Katuka and Kakoma haven’t made a comment, I’m sure because of the embarrassment caused by their prospective member.

    • The person CK you are condemning for calling out foringners doing jobs meant for zambians is high lighting a serious problem…..after spending close to $17 billion, we have one of the highest rates of unemployment in our region….

      CK is very right… is to go to all those Indian factories and shops and do an audit of how many Zambians they employ… will be shocked…..I can tell you the rates are somewhere between 3 foringners for every one Zambian….

  19. Spaka doing an audit my brother will be sheer waste of time. We all know the kind of employment Indians give to Zambians. Shop helpers (k400/month). Whom they don’t even trust to count their money???. What a jock!!!!

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