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US dismisses rumors of sanctions on Zambia over Prime TV

Headlines US dismisses rumors of sanctions on Zambia over Prime TV

United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote
United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote

The US government has dismissed as rumor and innuendo the insinuation it is contemplating to impose sanctions on Zambia on account of lack of media freedom.

US ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote said that his government has not made any public comment whatsoever about any such sanctions.

Mr. Foote stated that the US government however stands by its recent statement on the suspension of Prime TV’s broadcasting license.

In an exclusive interview with QTV News Mr. Foote has urged the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to reconsider its decision to ban the local TV station.

Mr. Foote stated the US will continue to stand up for human rights of the Zambian people, noting that the US is a staunch supporter of human rights which includes press freedom across the world.


    • “…the US will continue to stand up for human rights for the Zambian people” to the extent that they can incite each other and kill each other like in Rwanda….

    • 30 days is over. Prime TV is winner, even diplomats will have a conference over Prime TV. Congratulations!!
      Let’s go back to the “Chicken” Statue tomernting Mayor Miles Sampa.

    • US needs Zambia not vice versa. Understand that part and stop these third world speculations. Ubututu

    • Diplomat Foote or FTSE index, stop getting involved. Just watch WWF RAW and keep going to game parks and enjoy your ‘holiday’ while you are in Zambia. It’s a beautiful country. It’s not worthy it. Africans will survive whatever the case.

  1. Relax don’t just comment for the sack of commenting ask Zimbabwe these super power countries ain’t for jokes.

    • Ba Kenndy…Africa is the only continent with a lot of minerals. If Africa holds back its minerals developed countries can have a rough time. Its a pity whites have successfully indoctrinated us into believing that we cant do without them!
      Its a shame.



  2. We need sanctions for any interference on Freedom of expression. I will start a petition for sanctions until ZNBC, Zambia Daily Mail is all freed from government control. Im sure I will get the required signatures to make Donald Trump effect sanctions against such oppressive regimes as Zambia’s

  3. In my life time, I never thought I would see coons from my home country, but here we are. Look at the three *****s above praising their imaginary overlords.

  4. Surely the USA would not impose sanctions on Zambia for such a minor issue. Maybe on a Zambian genocide (God forbid) or annexing Malawi then yes they would.

  5. Stop calling for what you don’t understand. Sanctions, after finishing your mother’s bag of unga, full barried with energy to waste you come on this platform to advocate for sanctions. Why can’t you do your mother’s kitchen a favor by reducing on the amount of nshima you eat without working for it.??

  6. USA has more important issues to sort out than this trivial biased Prime TV. Ati sanctions …..my foot.

  7. The reason you are having to dismiss the allegation is because you and your government have become victims of the same unprofessional Zambian media. Spare the rod and spoil the child that’s what the Bible says. Offer training for good governance and accountability of the media if you are to be of help.

  8. Next time engage Ministry of Foreign Affairs for clarity and a way forward instead of running to the press that will misquote you and read wrongly between the lines. This is actually why Diplomacy exists. Not playing to the gallery.

  9. Those calling for sanctions to be imposed on their country simply because of disciplining one ailing TV station are unpatriotic Zambian. Lekeni ukutukana ifimasele.

    • We just want travel sanctions against individuals perpetrating violence and lacking tolerance to divergent views, including the I B A.

  10. Friends, why you are not scared of sanctions? I have been Zimbabwe. Things not good there. Friendly advice only.

    • Zambia has a very resilient economy, whose foundation was laid by KK in terms of the human resources round the world and Chiluba’s (although he was a thief, MHSRIP or pieces) privatisation and LPM’s (MHIRIEP) zero tolerance approach to corruption. Lungu is trying and failing like a kwindi with his fellow pompwe’s to steal and run it down but they will not be succeeding. America can do sanctions but we will just regroup with our resources , human or otherwise, the world over to come back and rally behind our beloved to keep things running as normal. That is the time we will even get rid of Pompwe Lungu. We are not having Mugabe mode of plunder in Zambia. Lungu will just go to Jail! Zim ain’t Zam man and we don’t need no friendly advice!

    • Mr analyser

      Zambia can not last 1 month with western sanctions , what are you talking about ?? 80 % of products in shops are imported including all marchinary and fuel

    • It’s people like you who are brainwashed that live with a dependant syndrome. You will also depend on other human beings just because you want to live like them. You have kept yourselves and all of us trapped in you quest to align yourselves with the west. I am sorry you need to emancipate yourselves from such mental slavery and take a bold step to reset what you call ‘the world older’. Necessity is the mother of invention. Zambia in particular and Africa in general can take that bold step to sacrifice a ‘reboot’. We wold go through sufferings but can eventually get there. China has done it at a colossal amount of suffering while having the belief! Like I said we have the human resources and the raw materials, arable land too! With the will that I am imagining we can!

    • Dr analyser

      Your dreams are possible but only when Zambians work as one……too many divisions right now. If Africans can find a way get rid of party divisions but remain in a democratic setting , where one mans vote counts , we can do it, no dougt

    • Dr analyser

      Your dreams are possible but only when Zambians work as one……too many divisions right now. If Africans can find a way get rid of party divisions but remain in a democratic setting , where one mans vote still counts , we can do it, no dougt

    • @Spaka you and I converge in the ideas and I believe we will prevail over years of malignment that holds us in captivity and our own shortcoming that you layout above. We all have the belief.

  11. Woooooow. The U.S is a defender of Human Rights? You are right for example, Guantanamo Bay prisoners and Black males being slaughtered by the Police everyday.

    • Blacks have had no rights in this country and they even go ahead to have a white supremacist president. I wonder how Americans still keep racist buffoon Trump in office. They must be racists

    • @15.1…. It is your father”s corroded simple brain that is a buffoon racists. wasnt obama black? talk using your brains not faecal trush. Trump is the best

    • @Akashambatwa you stinking white supremacist! I actually know your true identity because you post smelly $hit on Facebook and twitter now you are hunting every post that attacks white supremacism like the demented insecure KKK member you are. Trump is best for covering up your faecal trash because he is making you think you are superior and because you lack brains that makes you very happy. Mar my words Trump is gonna eat his $hit very soon.

  12. Because of over zealous thug caders like Mwila who don’t understand any world politics , Lungu has been put on notice

    ……the west are watching him closely and want someone to make an example of seeing mugabe is gone…

    Lungus telling kapoyongo of no violence during elections is no coincidence ……

  13. Just watching the trib.als comment, is all I am interested in. They can hardly disguise their disappointment at Ambassador Foote’s clarification. Well trib.als, don’t overwork yourselves, the Ambassador is just going through the diplomatic motions, nothing to get excited about, trib.als, just wait for 2059 for your turn.

    • “..Mr. Foote stated that the US government however stands by its recent statement on the suspension of Prime TV’s broadcasting license.“

      “. Mr. Foote stated the US will continue to stand up for human rights of the Zambian people, noting that the US is a staunch supporter of human rights which includes press freedom across the world…”

    • Spaka where in the uk do you squat.
      It’s just last year when usa govt was jailing kids. Which humañ rights are those. Dont view usa from Hollywood perspective the reality there is a sorry sight.

    • Look at this dimwit comparing alian immigration issues with citizens democratic rights within country…..you are too thick to debate anything

  14. There are just too many reasons why Zambia can’t develop. One major one is lack of patriotism. No government can be 100% perfect but issues should not divide us to the extent of calling for sanctions against your own country. If you fail to win an election, just concede. 2001 you lost, 2006 you lost, 2008 you lost, 2011 you lost, 2015 you lost and 2016 you lost. You have tried alliances they have failed . Don’t you think it’s time you called it quits? Now you resort to tactics which could end up harming people who don’t even know or care for politics, people who just want to get on with their daily business.

    • What of PF violence and crackdowns democracy using the police ? Banning opposition meetings and rallies ?

      If you want to rule over a united country and you claim to be popular , just win without cader and police violence against opposition , then no one will have any excuse not to rally behind you

    • Spaka you know the problem with your party and yourself? You don’t accept your short comings. In Namwala people not belonging to your tribe were beaten and their houses burnt by Upnd cadres. A few months ago during some by election people suspected to be members of PF were attacked and cut with pangas. Your party has kept quiet and probably smiling in privacy. Even the adoption of a woman who was implicated in a murder case for a very important parliamentary by election didn’t seem to worry you. If you hope to make some progress, try to become an ordinary human being instead of calling yourself some kind of a god.

    • Ndanji

      Yes namwala , just like the bwengwa kidnapping of PF by highly trained UPND comandos or the GBM training UPND militia to attack ZDF using golf clubs ….BTW tell us about those highly publicised cases , I remember you saying the bwengwa kidnapping needed UPND punished…..

  15. The biggest sanctions imposed on Zambia are self imposed. I mean look at Lusaka which has hardly changed since the 60s .

    • And we keep on leaving our villages for Lusaka. I partly grew up in the village. That time villages were vibrant because most able bodied young people stayed in the villages instead of flooding towns. ..of course regulated by the colonial government that restricted people movement. Bad as the law was it helped in keeping order especially where shanty compounds are considered. Anyway that’s history.

    • Ndanje Khakis
      I see you vanishing from this blog like so many sensible people have done over the period. The calibre of debate on here is pathetic, not enlightening and hate-some!
      Sanctions would only hurt the very people you want to lord over! Lungu et al will be last to feel the pinch.

  16. The worst culprit of the mess Zambia is in is lungu and pf.

    Lungu claims to be elected and popular, why then use use unpresidented levels of police and PF cader violence and intimidation of the opposition ??
    And then after brutal PF cader attacks and banning opposition leaders meeting citizens , complain of a divided country ?

    If RB was as bad and a thug leader like lungu , PF would never have gotten into power or we would have been in a civil war by now….

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