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Mobile education to be introduced soon


File:Children learning under a tree at Sialwala Primary School located in Sinazongwe,due to lack of classrooms.

The Ministry of General Education will soon introduce mobile teaching services, to provide education services to children in remote areas lacking teachers and education facilities.

Ministry of General Education Permanent Secretary Jobbicks Kalumba said the mobile education services which will require teachers to set camp in particular areas lacking education services, in order to broaden access to education in the country.

Mr Kalumba disclosed this when he addressed teachers in Kapiri Mposhi District during his interaction in the area.

He said his ministry has already initiated discussions with cooperating partners that include UNICEF, in order to actualize the initiative.

“This initiative is one way of making children especially those that are in areas where we do not have presence and where there are inadequate numbers of teachers to equally access quality education”, Mr. Kalumba said.

He said the ministry will engage teachers who will be specifically employed to carry out mobile teaching services in various schools countrywide.

And Mr Kalumba says his ministry will next year introduce subject specialization among primary school teachers, to limit the number of subjects that each teacher will have to teach.

The PS noted that the ministry is trying to get away from a situation were primary school teachers are compelled to teach over nine different subjects, from grade one to seven, which is creating an overload, thereby making them ineffective and inefficient.

He stressed that the Primary School Teacher Specialization Policy will afford teachers enough time to prepare lessons, assess pupils and institute remedial measures to help learners having problems in a particular subject.

“It is not practical that a teacher should prepare lesson plans in nine subjects and because of this teachers at primary level are presenting work plans which are not genuine because they have to do that in nine subjects…. this is just compromising the delivery of education in the country and we should reform the system,” Mr. Kalumba said.

Mr Kalumba stated that the policy will not require any resources to be rolled-out adding that affected teachers will be written to be assigned specific subjects they will be teaching.


  1. When it comes to building schools through corruption you dont consult you just go to your corrupt Chink friends and form a fictitious company called ZESCO construction and build a school in EP and call it Edgar Lungu Technical School.

    • What a useless idea, just build schools.

      So what will happen when the mobile school does not come to a village? children stop school?

      I’M very sure UNICEF will not buy into this stupd idea…..But knowing PF, they will borrow a lot of money for these “mobile schools” and pocket 99% of the money.

  2. You close CBU and start mobile education.
    Those students Chi Luo threw in streets of Kitwe, are from those remote rural areas.
    Now they will be digging at black mountain for PF Jerabos to try raise transport money to the rural villages.

  3. Mobile library, mobile cinema, mobile phones? It is better to concentrate on internet powered virtual classrooms. in that case, it is Distance Education complementing usual Physical Learning Environment. What is wrong more ICT resources? ICT would be cost effective in comparison to physical movement of teaching staff.

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