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Dr Manasseh Phiri has died

Headlines Dr Manasseh Phiri has died

Renowned HIV and AIDS Activist Manasseh Phiri has died. Dr. Phiri who was also Prostrate Cancer Campaigner and Educator died this morning from the Cancer Diseases Hospital in Lusaka. His Elder Brother, Chris Phiri has confirmed the death to ZNBC News in Lusaka today.

Mr. Phiri said Dr Phiri’s wish is that within 24 hours after his death, his body be cremated. The cremation is expected to take place at 15 hours today at St Anne’s funeral parlor in Lusaka. He said Dr. Phiri also wants the family to hold a Memorial Service in his honour at his Farm. Mr. Phiri said funeral gathering is at his Musa farm in Kafue.
Dr. Phiri also served as Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation -ZNBC- Director General in 1993.

ZAMBIA’S foremost HIV activist, prostate cancer campaigner and educator, Dr. Manasseh Phiri has died.

Dr. Phiri, 68, died at the University Teaching Hospital Cancer Diseases Hospital around 04:00 hours this morning.

Dr. Phiri was evacuated to South Africa in January 2019 to receive specialist treatment at Awryp Medical Centre in Johannesburg. However last week, he returned to Zambia as his condition was believed to be terminal.

In 2016, Dr. Phiri announced that he had been fighting prostate cancer since 2014 and the cancer was in remission. Dr. Phiri also founded the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Zambia (PCFZ) and joined hands with late veteran broadcaster Chanda Chimba III to raise awareness about the cancer.

And the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) is saddened by the death of its Former Director General and renowned HIV and AIDS Activist Mannaseh Phiri.

ZNBC Corporate Affairs Manager, Yvette Chanda says the corporation has learnt of the death of Dr. Phiri with a deep sense of regret and loss.

Mrs. Chanda says Dr. Phiri, who was also a Radio and television personality, trained, advised and inspired a lot of current and former members of staff at ZNBC.

She says Dr. Phiri was an accomplished professional who continued to be a reliable expert on HIV and AIDS and Prostate Cancer issues and was always available whenever ZNBC reporters and producers called on him for his expert analysis, even after he left the Corporation.

Mrs. Chanda in a statement to ZNBC News said the Corporation will greatly miss Dr. Phiri’s professionalism, which contributed to the production of high-quality radio and television programmes at the Corporation.

Dr. Phiri had been part of the ZNBC for many years even before he became Director General in 1993, as he was involved in presenting several Radio programmes on a part time basis.

Among the people he worked with is current ZNBC Director General Richard Mwanza. Mrs. Chanda said ZNBC wishes Dr. Phiri’s family God’s comfort during this trying period.

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    • Manasseh was a champion for HIV/AIDS and the last intelligent doctor in Zambia. RIP Doc.

    • RIP. An enlightened man in life and death. Instead of buying an outrageously expensive coffin to be buried in, he choose to be cremated. My kind of hero!

    • @Olivia, cremation is alot of work. Maybe at St. Ann they have an advanced thing.
      But the way Indians do it, Lord have mercy, most of them can’t burn to ashes.
      Don’t let me spoil this important funeral.

    • Mannaseh was the most qualified DG ZNBC has had. Chibamba Kanyama who also served as DG at the same place was miles behind.

      Mannaseh was dropped as DG not long after his appointment. Now ZNBC has the courage to say they are saddened by his passing and will greatly miss him! What hypocrisy …

    • Mushota,

      how sad that you don’t know who Dr. Manasseh Phiri was – and that you have to cast doubts on his PhD, only to once again inflict on us your claim that you yourself have a “genuine” one.
      What does your blaaah have to do with his death?
      There are thousands of Zambian men still alive today because of the good work the good man did!

    • Ka Mushota, ulikapuba. You need to start respecting yourself or else you will die a miserable human. The late matters to me very much as I had known him since the early 80s as a little kid. He’s one the best motivating Zambian I’ve ever mate in my all on the CB. He will always be there in my top 9 most inspiring Zambians.

    • Today a great man has died. This man saved so many lives as a Doctor and as a broadcaster he educated and entertained the whole nation whenever he would DJ on ZNBC radio 2 and 4 and also during his tenure as Director General of ZNBC, we begun to see a transformation of local media content.The man was a true visionary, MHSRIP, we will soon be joining you on the other side Sir to keep you and others company. God bless this man’s amazing legacy.

    • @Mushota, mwichi have respect. What have done with PHD? Your inability to establish facts before you comment has reduced you to a comedian. Research, reseach, reseach… Simple!

    • Nostra,

      Modern Crematoriums are pretty different for the Hindu Wood Pyres that you have in mind. They are pretty efficient and use gas. The body is incinerated within minutes and their is no odour of burnt flesh. You should try it when your number is called. Smart way for MP to exit. I too will want my body disposed of in 24Hrs. There is something to be said about the efficiency of this process. MHSRIP. He brought joy to many

    • Njonginjo – I dont think Nostra…. is old enough to be on this site..you wasting your time asking him to give you a meaningful explanation…its always incoherent posts from him.

    • @JayJay please let’s mourn first.
      I was very clear to say I hope St. Ann has the morden machinery.
      But imagine how they will do to your body @JayJay at your village. What about people in Chawana, which government will offer them wood.
      @Jay Jay it is because you have never died before.
      Again Mannaseh Phiri is more important than Jay Jay, so let’s respect this funeral.



  3. Sad Development! MHSRIP!

    Prostate cancer prevention (Mayoclinic)
    Choose a healthy diet and Exercise Regularly!
    * Choose a low-fat diet.
    * Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat each day.
    * Reduce the amount of dairy products you eat each day.

    Maintain a healthy weight
    Men who are obese — a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher — may have an increased risk of prostate cancer.
    Exercise most days of the week
    Aim for 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week.
    Talk to your doctor about your risk!

  4. I will remember him for his catch phrase, “lock up your daughters, Manasseh Phiri is back in town,” on ZNBC radio in the 80’s. My weekend was never complete unless Manasseh Phiri or Timmy Mvula had been on the airwaves. Good night Dr Phiri. MYSRIP.

    • I think you are mixing the two, Mateyo Phiri and Dr Manasseh Phiri. Marty P I think is the one who liked using that catch phrase. I may be wrong though.

    • Well said mate! For some of us it was the 1970’s. Weekends were never complete without Manasseh Phiri, Kenneth Maduma, Timmy Mvula and others. Those were the days when Zambia was a gentle place to live. No panga hackers.

    • “Lock up your daughters” is Mateyo Phiri and not Manasseh Phiri. Matt P for that matter: “Kuimba muimba manje maimbidwe! thats Matt P. By the way is Matt P still with us – sorry for asking.

  5. Kikikikiki..baBagdad zulu naimwe muleikalafye . This is not Mateo phiri we are mourning but Dr Manasseh phiri. Rest in peace doc

  6. During his stint at ZCCM Wusakili Hospital he caused many medical & paramedics to be trained, he changed the old tradition of everyone washing their hands in one basin of water before nshima to using a jug. Cremated in 24hrs? I thought he had a strong Muslim background, anyway people change, and that’s the beauty of freedom of conscience. Rest in peace Doc

  7. Too bad! I remember Dr Phiri when he was Chief of Staff at ZCCM Nkana Hospital. Under his administration were the likes of Dr. Maboshe. I was once treated by these Doctors.

  8. Go well, “Brother Man” a wonderful gentleman in all respects; Doctor, educator, leader, broadcaster, DJ, entertainer, mentor and celebrity of our time. You have run your race, may your beautiful soul rest in eternal peace!

  9. He legacy will live own forever he helped a lot of people he always made people happy and he will be remembered forever My you sprit and generosity be and we shall met and

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