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Friday, February 21, 2020

Chembo asks her fans to “Feel the Pain”

Headlines Chembo asks her fans to "Feel the Pain"

Fast rising singer, Chembo , recently released her new single “Feel the pain” We sat down with her to discuss her latest offering.

KAPA KAUMBA: Tell us about your latest single “Feel the pain”. How did it come about? What was the thought process behind it?

CHEMBO: Feel the Pain has been probably the most emotionally tasking song I’ve written to date and also the most spontaneous. Emmanuel (the Producer) Joshua (backing vocalist) and I were just having our usual writing jam sessions and then I started singing that song spontaneously. I wrote the rest afterwards but it was wholly inspired by emotions I’d felt throughout 2017, It was a moment of healing for me, I needed that release.

KAPA KAUMBA: You released your single ‘Feel the Pain’ along with a short film titled ‘To talk about pain’, tell us about that.

CHEMBO: I really believe the first step is accepting and acknowledging and then talking about pain, talking and expressing leads to healing. We need to remove the stigma around pain in general, pain is the root cause of mental health issues and the more silent we are about that, the longer it will take us to deal with those conditions. So I shot and edited that film to help illustrate this point. I’ll advise everyone reading this to simply watch it and then comment their feelings, the film is simply a mirror.

KAPA KAUMBA: You recently released the visuals for ‘Feel the Pain’. What was the concept of the video?

CHEMBO: Feel the Pain which was shot and edited by Timothy Ntengerenji and Art directed in collaboration with me, it’s extremely symbolic actually and I’ll just say watch the video and draw to your own conclusions to be honest, Art is to be observed and interpreted subjectively, so comment and tell me what you think, good or bad.

KAPA KAUMBA: Recently you were selected as one of the #Empawa100 artists as chosen by Mr Eazi and his team. What was your reaction when you first heard that you had been chosen?

CHEMBO: What’s crazy is I kept visualising myself being picked but when it happened I was truly shocked to my core it was actually so funny coz a friend of mine had to tag me and message me privately for me to see it. That was such a dope moment too! God is great! Shout out to Mr Eazi and the team honestly it’s such a huge deal!

KAPA KAUMBA: Despite not making it to the top 10 you still received some sponsorship and some promotion by the Empawa team. How do you intend on using this opportunity to further your music career?

CHEMBO: Yeah I still get to create a music video and get some promo from them it’s a huge boost for my career and it’s literally happening at the right time. Watch out for the video on some great platforms and the accompanying song on radio across the continent!

KAPA KAUMBA: 2019 started off pretty good for you as you were also announced as one of the Artists selected to be awarded a Horizons Launchpad fund as selected by BBC and Art Council of Wales. Congratulations on that achievement. What opportunities does this provide for you?

CHEMBO: Thank you so much! This fund has helped raise my profile as an artist in Wales and the UK and helped me get some songs mixed and mastered too. I also got the chance to visit Sony Music HQ in the UK and chat with A and R there played some of my music for them and all which was great. I’m excited for what other doors will be opened because of it.

KAPA KAUMBA: What can your fans expect from you for the rest of the year.

CHEMBO: This year my supporters can expect more Chembomusic, more visuals, fire flame emoji collaborations, I’m performing at 2 music festivals in the UK (Focus Wales and The Big Cwtch Festival) and other shows. I’ll be announcing so many amazing things via my social media in the coming weeks too.

I just want to add that God is great and all thanks goes to God to be honest for all these new developments. To the new listeners are welcome to #ChembomusicGang And a huge Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far I’m grateful to have you be part of my journey. Natotela saana, Zikomo Kwambili, Tiyeni nayo!

feel the pain‘ is available on all streaming platforms as well as on Youtube for the music videos.

Follow Chembo on social media:

Facebook: Chembomusic

Instagram: Chembomusic

Twitter: Chembomusic



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  1. I like her looks, her rich color, that complexion is so rich and sexy! and her nice hair/do.
    but this song, I know she’s most likely spewing some personal stuff… it’s painful listening to that piece musically
    I know it’s probably therapeutic for you my sister and i hope the song helped you get over whatever you were going through in your life at the time
    stay strong. it gets dark at times but the sun always comes through
    much love

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