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Former Kitwe Boys and Evelyn Hone student shines in the USA as Associate Professor

General News Former Kitwe Boys and Evelyn Hone student shines in the USA as...

Members of a Montana State University student club dedicated to technology education recently earned recognition at a national event. The students are pictured here with their adviser, Gilbert Kalonde, right. Submitted photo.

Former Kitwe Boys and Evelyn Hone Student and Chifubu High School Teacher Dr. Gilbert Kalonde who teaches technology education and research at Montana State University in the US and his students won awards at national collegiate technology and engineering competitions.

Members of a Montana State University student club lead by Dr. Gilbert Kalonde recently earned recognition at a national event.

Technology Education Club members received awards in several categories in the Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association’s annual competition, which was held in late March at the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association conference in Kansas City, Missouri. The students earned second place in both the technology challenge competition and the problem solving competition and placed third in the robotics competition.

The group was accompanied by Gilbert Kalonde, assistant professor in the Department of Education and Technology Education Club adviser.

Kalonde said he was proud of the students for their efforts.

“The students were very dedicated to what they were doing and worked very hard on their projects,” he said. “They represented MSU very well on a national level.”

The Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association’s competition is intended to allow students to test their skills and knowledge against other technology education students from around the nation. It is geared toward skills students learn in their degree programs, such as teaching lessons, robotics, transportation, communications, educational research, problem solving, technology challenge and manufacturing.

The Technology Education program at MSU is a multi-disciplinary program of study designed to develop technological literacy through the study of past, present and future technological systems and their impacts on society.


  1. How is this news…you will be surprised at the Zambian names of Professors that are out there in US, Oz, UK, RSA

  2. Congratulations Dr Kalonde for putting Zambia on the map. Zambians need uplifting news like your story to encourage young people to work hard and successful.
    Thank you.

    • There was LAZY LUNGU at labour day making promises to pay salaries on time ….up to date lecturers have not been paid and he is nowhere to be seen….we told you he is detached from reality

  3. In Zambia our minds rotate anticlockwise. People like Dr Kalonde won’t be appreciated. We appreciate people like Dr Bowman Lusambo and the one now making arounds on social media ambassador / celebrity Mainga Mwaanga. We are a cursed nation. Anyway congrats Dr Gilbert Kalonde.

  4. We also have Dr. CK, Dr. GBM, Dr. the one who flips Government cars, Dr. FTJ, KK, VJ…Many docs all out there in their numbers……. good the children did so well under your mentorship

  5. Congratulations Mr kalonde for working to hard just for the formation of putting Zambia on the map, this is so inspired to this new generation and your story is so powerful because we are selling our genius.

  6. Congratulations Dr. Kalonde. Keep doing what you are doing. Showing what Zambians can do inspires young people to think positively about achieving success any where in the world. This show that Zambian can produce knowledge and products at the highest level of quality. One day our politicians will also reach the same level of competence but it will be a long time. Your work is an indication that our time will come.

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