President Edgar Lungu on 10K finishing line.
President Edgar Lungu on 10K finishing line.

The Zambia Amateur Athletics Association has insisted that it has the powers to regulate all running activities in the country.

In a statement, ZAAA says mass participation in any sport under the National Sport Policy is subject to regulation.

“We are not stopping any individuals or companies from running or walking for their fitness as the social media peddlers seem to propagate. Running Clubs run without being stopped or regulated, while some are now seeking partnership or affiliation to upgrade their status and enjoy some Club privileges from ZAAA,” the statement read.

“Please note that Mass Participation in any Sport under the National Sport Policy is subject to regulation. In any case, all who are now complaining want to use our Sport to raise funds for their interests without Partnering with ZAAA.”

It added, “While others want to use our Sport and Properties to enhance their Brands without entering into a win-win Partnership with ZAAA. We decided to provide this additional reinforcement information of actions to enable you have our side of the story too, apart from what is already provided for in our Constitution and the National Sport Policy.”

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  1. Nonsense!!
    ZAAA is a passive and reactive organisation. Individuals have decided to use their brains by being innovative, now you want to hijack their brilliant initiative all because you have sensed that they are cashing in. Mpondela must go


    • “Our Sport” my foot! You have never produced a single medal in your sport and you just want to regulate it. Sangwapo characters.
      Who issued this statement? ZAAA officials are so scared they can’t even sign their names. They know they are failures


    • Kankoyo man, much I share you anger with you, Samuel Matete was the first Zambian to win a world championship gold medal, an olympic silver and several commonwealth and african championship gold medals. So make your point that we all support without living in utopia. Samuel Matete in track and field before Mpondela came on the screen and not maligning soccer and all other sports combined, is the greatest sportsman Zambia has ever produced. I would urge you to do your research much as we all are fighting for the common good.


  2. Ma rubbish.
    If you gave people their bodies so they can run, you can regulate them. I see that were you in government, you would tax us for running. You should be ashamed for being a busy body.



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