Government has reaffirmed its commitment towards the successful delivery of social amenities to people across the country.

Ministry of Community Development and Social Services Assistant Director for Human Resource Lita Mwale says government will continue taking social Protection Programs to the people in order to alleviate poverty.

Ms Mwale said the ongoing data and information collection mission on the social protection programs in Luapula Province will help in the enhancement of the program.

She explained that the food security pack, social cash transfer scheme and women village banking, are among the social protection programmes that have contributed to the reduction of vulnerability levels among the people.

“Government remains resolute to providing vital social protection programmes such as village banking, food security pack and social cash transfer. We are here at Malombola village in Chief Bangweulu Kasoma to assess the impact of these programmes and if there is need to scale up,” she stressed.

And Samfya District Commissioner Nason Bwalya said the social protection programmes are faring well in his district.

Mr Bwalya told the delegation from the Joint Annual Review on Social Protection Programmes that there is urgent need to upscale the programme in the district.

And Asa Mukanda, a mother of ten children of Malombola village chief Kasoma Bangweulu hailed government for introducing women empowerment programmes in the area.

She disclosed that before the empowerment, she went through a lot of abuse from her husband due to lack of income generation, a situation she now describes as a thing of the past.

Another beneficiary of Social Cash Transfer (SCT) scheme, Mweni Landislaus, of Chitambala village called on other beneficiaries of the social protection programmes to enroll for adult education, in order to advance their learning and understanding capabilities.

Mr. Landislaus noted that once the beneficiaries are taught how to read and write, they will be able to use the money thoughtfully.

The Joint team from government line ministries and stakeholders such as International Labor Organisation, United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), World Bank and United Nations, is in Luapula Province to assess the social protection programmes being carried out in the region.


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  1. Social protection is skewed in favour of those areas with government representation. I hv asked old folk in the village if they’re on this programme or if they know anyone on it and they hv all said they ddnt know wht I was talking about. Same for school feeding programme. I read about it in PF strongholds but never in all parts of the country.


  2. #1 Nemwine, partially because your opposition leaders don’t want to interact, partly because the opposition leaders would rather see their people suffer to show that government does not care for them, and least of all partially because PF is a cunning party.


    • Opposition parties don’t own the people and neither does the govt bcos people can’t be property. A government which collects taxes from all has a duty to take care of the needs of all in turn. Otherwise it loses the justification to collect taxes from all. It’s not a favour to get a service from govt. It’s that simple.



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