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President of New Apostolic Church warns against Fake News

General News President of New Apostolic Church warns against Fake News

Visiting New Apostolic Church Chief Apostle Jean Luc Schneider praying for newly appointed District Apostle Kububa Soko during a Festive Divine Service in Lusaka
Visiting New Apostolic Church Chief Apostle Jean Luc Schneider praying for newly appointed District Apostle Kububa Soko during a Festive Divine Service in Lusaka

The President of the International New Apostolic Church Chief Apostle Jean Luc Schneider has warned Christians to be weary of the negative effects of social media.

Chief Apostle Schneider stated that Christians should understand that the internet can be a force for good but at the same time can be a destructive tool.

He was speaking in Lusaka on Sunday after delivering a sermon during a Festive Divine Service at Central Congregation which was attended by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Chief Apostle Schneider who is based in Zurich, Switzerland observed that a lot of stupid lies have been written about the New Apostolic Church In Zambia.

He advised his 9 million members across the world to ignore such lies about the Church.

“Don’t answer stupid lies because they will invent a new lie. Internet can be a wonderful too sadly it can also be a tool for stupid things,” he warned.

“As a Church, when we discover there is something that brings about the embarrassment, then we investigate and gather evidence and then we go to the police and we open a file. If people have stolen Church money they go to prison. We have some members in prison because they have stolen.”

He added, “With 9 million members, there is a chance one will do something wrong and as the New Apostolic Church, the law will be respected but we will act only when we have evidence.”

“Don’t let these people to be your spokespeople. They can’t be trusted. Trust the Chief Apostle and not these unknown people trying to manipulate you.

Chief Apostle Schneider urged the members to united as a body of Christ.

During the service, Chief Apostle Schneider officially announced that District Apostle Charles Ndandula was retiring and was being succeeded by Kububa Soko after having served for fourteen years.

The new District Apostle Soko will be responsible for the Church’s affairs in Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe.
Shortly after it was founded, the New Apostolic Church In Zambia received its first District Apostle in Hubert Howard Fernandes.

He was followed by Andrew James Fernandes.

On 9 June 1989 Duncan Burton Mfune was ordained becoming the first black District Apostle.

And since 13 March 2005 Charles Ndandula was entrusted with the leadership of the District Apostle Area.

It is believed that some members are opposed to the appointment of new District Apostle Soko on allegations that he lacks integrity.

During the unveiling of the new District Apostle Soko, some murmurs could be heard from within the Church in disapproval.


  1. Ba lusakatimes, this kind of censorship is not acceptable. The President of the New Apostolic was very clear about the social media to be weary of. He clearly called the zambianwatchdog liars and crooks who will publish anything as long as double H approves it even without a shred of evidence.

    • Maybe you are referring to a different platform. As for yesterday, never at any point did he mention any media house or personality.

  2. The “reporter” behind this are among such people he warned about..how do you write a story with half baked details that lack accuracy…shame my Zambians. and by the way New Apostolics do not have a leader they refer to as president.choose your terms right as journalists and stop misleading the public shaa!!!

    • Stap Schneider’s “Christian” attitude:
      1.3.2015 in Berlin ( Detailed sermon analysis ):
      “Therefore, he who believes in the apostles may call on the intercession of Jesus. … who no longer believes in the mission, who no longer believes in the work of salvation, who returns so slowly, becomes an enemy . “

  3. The mentally ill have no enemies. People take care of them when their sickness interferes with their ability to function.

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