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Friday, June 11, 2021

LAZ President Mwitwa demands Tutwa apology or he will sue

Headlines LAZ President Mwitwa demands Tutwa apology or he will sue

Lusaka Lawyer Eddie Mwitwa
Lusaka Lawyer Eddie Mwitwa

LAZ President Eddie Mwitwa has threatened to take legal action against Patriotic Front Deputy Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube for accusing him of being sponsored by the UPND to fight government over LAZ’s petition on the Constitutional amendment Bill 10 of 2019.

In a demand letter from his lawyers, Mr. Mwitwa says Mr. Ngulube must substantiate his claims.

On Monday, the Law Association of Zambia sued President Edgar Lungu, the Attorney General Likando Kalaluka and the national assembly, in the Constitution court for attempting to illegally alter the Constitution of Zambia through Bill 10 of 2019.


    • Eddie Mweetwa or Mwitwa is extremely childish. Let him join politics.

      How did an organization like LAZ end up with such a kid?

      He was clearly exposed by Tutwa. Is it not obvious that you are using LAZ to fight double h’s and his upndead political battles?

      Anyways like I said I hate games lawyers play.

      “So, who the cap fits, let them worry”

    • Sue him and finish that Ingube (warthog).
      Weak balls, what is an apology? Did he insult your mother.
      Sue the hell out of Tutwa!!!!

    • This stupid Mwitwa boy is such a disappointment!! How does this whole human being, complete with a set of balls allow himself to be used as a USEFUL ***** by the “so desperate” UPND?? Ka Eddie Mwitwa – you’re such an embarrassment!! I thought you were principled. SHAME!

    • @Nzelu
      Why can’t you have a life,. Work work work work like slaves? You will die working.
      We do politics while working, and after work.
      Even miners sing political songs underground, then passby bars discussing politics, sharing a bucket of Chibuku.

    • THE Zimbabwe’s opposition MDC has pleaded with the international community to haul President Emmerson Mnangagwa to the International Criminal Court and charge him for committing human rights abuses.
      Party deputy chairperson Job Sikhala, facing charges of attempting to subvert a constitutionally-elected government, said the abduction, brutal assaults and torture of suspected MDC activists during and ahead of the opposition’s foiled mass protests on Friday, had painted Mnangagwa’s “new dispensation” in the same light as “the old” regime led by former President Robert Mugabe.
      “Now is the time to plait the international law that presses international obligations for crime against humanity against Mnangagwa. This man has been thriving
      on the blood of our kith and kin. It is high time to…

  1. The question for you Sir is how much of LAZ coffers are you using to pay Sangwa for a case that’s to all legal minds going nowhere? This appears to be abuse of a Society’s funds. Lawyer costs in Zambia are not cheap.

    • Ignorance is bliss. The Role of LAZ as per its Act is Promote and Defend the Zambian Constitution. Thru the Amendment Bill No.10 The Zambian Constitution is under attack from PF/NDF. By Petitioning the offending Bill No.10 in Concourt LAZ is fulfilling its Mandate. We must support the LAZ Petetion and all the Progressive People who want to stop PF from mutilating our Constitution as a way of rigging in advance the 2021 Election.# Stop Bill No.10 of 2019.

  2. ” …nor did you gave details of this alleged payment…”

    Is that the new lawyers’ english? Us we follow what the learned speak, nangu ni fake English. Ok naleka, kuti baku cita suing.

  3. No threats please, if you have balls just sue, why give an ultimatum as if you are HH?
    We shall watch and applaud as you fight in court.

  4. The outcry from PF Members to the LAZ Petetion to Concourt shows that Bill No. 10 is at the Center of PF Election Rigging Strategy in 2021. Tutwa Ngulube has personalised the Petition. It’s not an issue for Eddie Mwitwa as a Person and President of LAZ. It’s LAZ’s mandate to promote and defend the Constitution for Zambia. If Tutwa Ngulube is opposed to the Petition he must take his fight to Concourt to defend Bill No.10 there.
    Clearly PF is desperate to pass this Bill and rig the 2021 Election in favor of ECL and PF. The Speaker is under Pressure to illegally get the Bill passed in Parliament by Hook and Crook. Matibini stopped the Impeachment Bill when Lungu rushed to Court to have the Bill blocked. Matibini stopped the Impeachment Bill Process on the basis that the Bill had been…

  5. Why waste time and money on Tutwa Ngulube? He’s just a cadre that wanted to establish an illegal bus station in Kabwe. Most of these lawyers just know how convert other people’s property into theirs, they don’t know the Law. How many of you chaps have even read the LAZ petition prepared by John Sangwa?

  6. One thing I can decode from Mr Mwitwa is that he is not as strong ad his predecessor Iron lady. Just one bark and he is already thinking of taking to court.
    I am scared to even think of how many he will sue by the end of his tenure in office.
    When you are a leader, there will be all sorts of trials and tribulations. I thought he would know by now. We will judge you by the actions you take. That tell us how ready you are for leadership

  7. The outcry from PF psychopants is proof that Bill No.10 is illegal and unconstitutional. To PF Cadres the passing of this Bill is a do or die affair. PF know that they have become so unpopular to most Zambians due to their Corruption and Mismanagement of the Zambian Economy. PF knows that based on this record ECL and PF cannot win the 2021 Election thru a Popular Vote. To rig the 2021 Election in favor of ECL and PF Amending the Constitution is Priority No.1. Hence the Speaker of Parliament and PF Cadres are determined to rig the 2/3 Majority Vote in Parliament to pass the Bill at all costs. LAZ by Petitioning this Notorious Bill in Parliament have done Zambia a great favour. It’s LAZ’ s Patriotic Duty to promote and defend the Constitution. PF wants to rig the 2021 Election by…

  8. lets look at it from the other angle. why are some people so woried about Bill no. 10? Its not like PF will hold everyone’s hand and force them to tick on PF. The ballot will still be secrete. You can bring a lake to a horse, but if its not thirsty, it will not drink from it.
    Often a time people just like arguing and insulting for the sake of it. When asked to sit at a forum to brainstorm on how to make changes to legislation to make life beter for the citizenry, they dont want to participate. They are then literally begged to at least make writen submissions and they close their eyes and ears.
    then the intersted oblidge and just b4 a conclusion is arived at, those who shunned start yelling the loudest and expect us to respect them because they have degrees and doctorates.

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