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President Lungu with India Prime Minister at a Press Briefing

Videos and Audios President Lungu with India Prime Minister at a Press Briefing


    • He will never be a president in Zambia. Ask the worst president Mwana-something. Good job Mr. President. Let’s develop this nation. The Little Privatization thief is clearly Unelectable.

    • Why Modi not speaking in English? Those headphones on Ba Edgar looked styupid.
      Do same to him Ba Edgar, speak in Tonga at Modi’s visit Zambia.

  1. Can some tell me the name of Lungu’s advisors because the man grabs an Indian mining company by force then goes to India asking for investors to come to Zambia ha ha ha ha !!!!!

  2. The Indians have hospitals that politicians go begging for their care thus like it or not the president has to succumb to a press briefing before the Indian media. The Zambian media has no respect of the president as to be accorded a press briefing arising from the presidents’ trip as informants to the Zambian public thus the Zambian media has to clean its act and be worthy of world class categorization to stand in as informants that bring to Zambians the information responding to well thought out questions and not timidness.

  3. Look at this utterly lazy coward of a man ..he has never held a single press briefing in Zambia but he is abroad showing his teeth. What a mess!!

  4. Bwana Lungu should be made to have mandatory weekly or monthly press briefings with Zambian media to be accountable to taxpayers.

  5. The only reason Lungu agreed to the presser was that the was strenuously reassured that their would be no questions from the press,,, who doesn’t know?

  6. We should have let the Indians sort out their traffic jam problems first before we engaged them for the Lusaka traffic decongestion project. What do they know about traffic decongestion when they have the worst traffic jams in the world. Im also certain ECL will be doing a ka ma quick medical check up during this visit. Just cant pass up the opportunity.

  7. And here the dull twit only speaks to equally dull cadres at the airport. Wish India would keep him there for a few years, the f00l is a drain to our treasury. He went with a delegation of 34 including Nathan Chanda, for what????

    • chikubabani te?
      You were busy saying Lungu is going to meet a ceremonial President in India. Si apa na Prime Minister bakumana.
      Kambanikoni tinvere.

  8. UPND danderheads and sycophants were all over the shows saying that President Lungu would not meet the Prime Minister of India now they’re ashamed and want to change the topic by fault finding… These UPND lapdogs are really bitter souls and Sadists who will never appreciate anything unless it’s done by their Supreme leader HH of the UPND who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers….

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