Attorney General wants President Lungu and National Assembly removed from LAZ Petition as Respondents


Zambia’s Attorney General has applied to the Constitutional Court to remove the President and the National Assembly of Zambia as Respondents in a matter in which the Law Association of Zambia has petitioned against the alleged contravention of the Constitution.

In this matter, LAZ contends that a Bill proposing alteration of the Constitution of Zambia would contravene the Constitution and proposed changes must thus not be enacted into law. LAZ has sued the President of the Republic of Zambia as the First Respondent, the Attorney General as Second Respondent and the National Assembly as Third Respondent.

However, the country’s Attorney General has contended the Republican President and the National Assembly have no capacity to sue and be sued in their own capacity, and must thus be removed as respondents.

The Attorney General has relied on the provisions of Articles 98(1) and 177(5)(c) of the Constitution as well as Section 12(1) of the State Proceedings Act to maintain the Attorney General as the only respondent.

In 2016, UPND leader and his former Vice President had similarly sued the President, Vice President, Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice and Attorney General but the Constitutional Court guided that only the Attorney General could be the respondent.

The matter comes up for hearing on the date to be set by the Court. A Certificate of Urgency has also been filed to ensure the matter is heard expeditiously.


  1. I am certain the “lawyer” at the helm of this suit is theorist sangwa who every one knows believes in sensational legal gymnastics as opposed to fact and process. Of course sue the right persons !

    • Surely, Sangwa is experimenting. Why sue the President when the Court had already guided. Secondly, how can proposing to change Constitution violate Constitution? Lawyers have time to waste!

  2. N.E.E.Z

    Ulifontini sana how do you keep on praising your wife for nothing.I mean people on social media doesn’t know her .Just comments on politics especially your tribal hatred.

  3. 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few. LAZ is standing up for people susceptible to
    disinformation by this administration. This administration need be embarrassed themselves for trying rectify constitution contrary to the constitution.

    “Attorney General wants President Lungu and National Assembly removed from LAZ Petition as Respondents.”

    we have opportunity to be heard
    : the chance to present one’s views or objections before being deprived of a right by government authority.

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