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Kalusha: We Should Honour More of Our Football Legends

Sports Feature Sports Kalusha: We Should Honour More of Our Football Legends

Kalusha Bwalya says there was need to recognise and honour more retired footballers.

Football icon Kalusha was at the weekend honoured by the Luapula Provincial administration together with athletics great Samuel Matete.

The ceremony culminated into a football match between Kalusha’s peers and other past national team players led by 2012 Africa Cup winning captain Christopher Katongo played in Kitwe on Sunday.

‘I want to thank Honourable Nixon Chilangwa for doing the Luapula Expo. This game was played because of the Luapula Expo. Also Honourable Ronald Chitotela thought we play on the Copperbelt that is why we had a lot of players from 1994 going up until the young boys like Christopher Katongo,’ Kalusha said.

Linos Chalwe and Nchimunya Mweetwa scored as the Katongo led team thumped the Kalusha captained side 2-0 at Arthur Davies Stadium.

‘Yes lovely moment. Most of the boys have done Chipolopolo very proud I hope Zambia being a Christian nation they will always be remembered,’ the 1988 African Footballer of the Year said.

‘This game was also played because of Samuel Matete and the people who are not here today. We are thankful to the people for coming and you the media for supporting the game.’


  1. Me me me. This man is a greedy self centred twat. Its shocking a white woman ended up with him. She must have been very desperate for some exposure and the lime light then when he was a player because no sane woman can manage living with such a greedy pompous has been.

    • @NEEZ, pleae delete your comment.
      If you want to attack somebody, then go for us in Luapula. We Luapulans are great people, and we don’t shoot each other. We play football, and great Music. Thanks to Luapula Expo organizers, bring some more exciting stuff.
      Kalusha is self made, he worked hard and smart to avoid serious injuries. There so many useless honored “Doctors” in that soiled Zambia, everyone is now a “Dr”, and I always wonder why Kalusha is not yet given a title as “Dr. Kalusha Bwalya”.

  2. Whilst I agree with these sentiments, Kalu you were once at the helm of football and on first name basis with Blatter what did you do to honor ex soccer stars? You should have created a fund with the ‘nkongole’ you deposited into your account and grown it but hey its hard when you are on the streets and away from power. Its not too late you can form an association of ex-soccer stars and put forward suggestions on how ‘honoring’ the greats can be done. Good idea in hind sight

  3. This habit of living in the past must stop, the “kaca of tenze bantu” stinks! Bwalya is now nothing but a FIFA convicted stinking thief. I salute Samuel “Flashback” Matete, he was a world Champion and indeed put Zambian on the global map. I will never forget that day in Japan in 1991 as the Zambian powerhouse stormed to victory and was deservadly crowned 400 metres hurdles world champion. I cried as the Zambian national anthem achoed arounbd the stadium as he scaled the podium fist raised starring at our flag as it sours above the stadium. He is a real champion, a real dedicated patriotic citizen, not people like Kalusha who are like PF stinking hyenas and leaches hell bent on sucking the motherland!

  4. Dickson Makwaza a great national football team player died recently and government could not even give him one day of national mourning. No recognition for our great Sportsmen

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