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HH shunned national prayers to go and meet his Freemansonry friends in the US-Malama

Headlines HH shunned national prayers to go and meet his Freemansonry friends in...

Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Dr Martin Malama
Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Dr Martin Malama

Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Dr Martin Malama has charged that opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema sneaked out of the country to avoid attending the National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation.

Dr Malama said Mr Hichilema conveniently left Zambia for the US to avoid attending the prayers.

He said the UPND is using his time in the USA to meet his friends form the Freemanson society.

Mr Malama was speaking in Parliament on Thursday evening when he contributed to debate on estimate of expenditure for the office of the Vice President.

Mr Malama wondered what kind of a leader Mr Hichilema is to leave the country at a time when Zambia is going through a number of challenges.

“Mr Speaker, the leader of the largest opposition political party in this country has decided to sneak out the country at a crucial time. He is in the US at the invitation of his friends the Freemasons leaving behind a lot of challenges here. What kind of a leader is he?”

He added, “Mr Hichilema is in the US now, he should ask for a lady called Oprah and she will tell him that when there was a crisis in New Orleans, Oprah left her house with her hair undone and in shabby clothing to go and help out the people. That is leadership Mr Speaker and Mr Hichilema is abandoning his people at a crucial time.”

Dr Malama said Mr Hichilema’s trip to the USA was part of benefits of belonging to the African Liberal Network which he said promotes gay rights.

“He has traveled to America because he wants to go and meet his friends from ALN where they promote the gay agenda.”

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    • As things are in Zambia, I would rather have a competent Freemanson as president and have a better economy than incompetent debt-lover Lungu and his PF minions.

    • Imagine even Ba Edgar never gave that Malama any job, he prefered the likes of Kampyongo. Edgar knows that Malama chiwelewele.
      This Malama might be going through a divorce. He is experiencing a mental meltdown. Such a grown man can’t be behaving so childish like Sunday Chanda. The worse is the man is a fired policeman, and has guns, he will shoot himself before this month-end if the family don’t intervene.

    • Everything started ok with the prayers, Ba Edgar was silent this week, fasting. But some things were still feeding people with rubbish.
      Look these idyots PF has, before even saying “amen”, they are already insulting and tarnishing HH’s good name.
      Malama clearly misunderstood day of Prayers and reconciliation. On a day of prayers and you go about masturbating in parliament fantasizing HH, when there women in there he can ask for sexx at breaktime? Why didn’t Speaker of Parliament call for arrest of such a dirty-minded man? At his age, he can’t be telling his daughters that he is interested to know who are gays.
      Malama’s daughters should go public to take their father to Sumaili for prayers.

    • Never heard of this MP until now. Is he even a medical doctor who thinks worse than illiterates? This man is becoming mad. All along he was quite? What has changed now? We have many morons in parliament.

    • It’s really a pain in the A.S.S, to read these I.DIO.TS comments. Zambia is really indeed in TROUBLE.
      I think Zambians should be PRAYING for God to bring armageddon to Zambia and remove these i.d.iots from power. Why so much focus on HH? Why don’t these people question load-shedding, instead of wasting time talking crap? Is this what they are paid for? Wasting taxpayers money. Unbelievable !!!
      BTW, ask this I.D.IOT, isnt this a nice reading: “HH thanks US for aid, refuses to support sanctions on Zambia as he attracts US$25.8 billion in investment pledges from US investors”
      I am curious what your Finance Minister will bring back….he is in Washington too.

    • He’s former head of the police. Let him show us one freemason he arrested for violating Zambisn law(s).

    • Education has failed to change this guy. This is reprehensible behavior. Zambia needs leaders who use critical thinking, not this jackass. Let him go back to school to learn critical thinking. I am sure the course will help him discuss issues instead of using hateful and incendiary language.

    • No wonder he sits on the bank bench, with all his education and experience Malama should know better but alas, just like Sunday Chanda, he is full of hot air. Sad

    • He now has planted a TREE MANSION in his THREE MANSIONS. Well spoken. You should have seen his handshakes with his friends.

    • @1, HH is not the sharpest knife in the kitchen but it can still cut into the peace disturbance in Zambia. Thank God it is BLUNT and UNELECTABLE.

    • My mbuya malama had to say something to appear mu media,for the second time,remember the first was when sata fired him and this is the second time,just to be relevant.

    • This is the kind of leadership we choose to better our standards! He’s a medical doctor is he not? Better he goes back to what he understands best and start saving lives than proving himself flawed upstairs! He was praying and taking stock of attendees and obviously HH’s presence seems is critical for God to answer to the prayers! If he can also tell me that he would rather have had the Minister of Finance stay for prayers than attend a World Bank meeting! Better to remain quiet than be a fool. The national prayers only belong where politicians under Lungu want to make appearances and garner allowances while for many in outlying areas it is to devote extra time fending for family welfare! Pray that we get rains in August!

    • HH
      – travelled with his own money
      – in order to boost economic activity
      – by inviting a substantial number of foreign tax payers

      – brought economic activity to a stand still
      – used tax payers money for an event that many find pointless
      – to pray for money that may probably go to build another 48 houses

      HH scored on this one.

    • Calibre of leadership in Zambia….. I had so much respect for this Malama guy, now that respect is gone rock bottom. So if HH doesn’t leave the country all the problems we are facing will be solved?

    • People like this fooooo1 right here are the ones deciding the fate of our country, and the future of our children. And you wonder why Zambia is in the shape it is in today. We have a self proclaimed Christian President. What has done for Zambia so far other than plunder it’s meager resources? What has lazy Lungu done for Zambia? I’m a Christian myself but I would rather vote for a non Christian president if he/she is hard working, patriotic, loves and respects his fellow countrymen, than to vote for a corrupt guy posing as a Christian. If you have nothing of substance to talk about, just stay quiet instead of trying to smear someone’s reputation with cheap propaganda.

    • Malama is an incompetent, pompous, mother fcking idyot and empty headed old wrinkled ar.se that was even fired by Sata for being incompetent.
      Just look at his old fashioned 1970s suit and then look at his chameleon jealous eyes – you can straight away tell that he is an evil man or perhaps the devil himself. Nothing good comes out of that ancient ar.se except poison, jealous and hate!

    • YABA!!!!!!!!! WIYU WIYU WIYU
      Tiye tupepe – afulumuka. Uyo ku US. Mamamama!
      Kikikikikikijukija kukukukuku jajajajajaja Oweeeeeeeeeeeee! Yabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      Iwe Malama wankontola imbafu Ouch!!!!!!! Bring it on

      Everyone now knows H² is a free mason aka on this podium Three Mansion or tree mansion.

      You just joined Bishiop Chomba, Tayali and others in saying to us in more affirmative terms that H² is a satanist. Do prayers more and the devil will scamper out of the nation. Yaba! Awe sure.

    • Reprehensible behavior my cracked feet. Incendiary language your crazy @$$.

      While we’re sleeping and doing other things, some open eyes are guarding over us tracing foot paths of those who wish to rule over us.
      I chant, Bring it On. This was on the floor of Parliament. Bring it on, scan his movements and reveal his evil paths. Bring it On, we need a dossier of background checks on these crazy devilworshipers. What a bunch of horrible hogwash.

    • Bamalama,
      Did you pray and reconcile yourself. If you did,then why come out of prayers day with that kind of heart and mind.
      Even at church you are dull.you couldn’t pick anything that the clergy was preaching about.
      Do not be a preacher of hate.Preach peace.
      Look at yourself before you check others

    • UPND HoPPOSTION to anything Zambia is not based on policy but on “SAKWIBA, you are not TONGA and you can’t be President of UPND because only a TONGA can be president,” HaJAYJAY Mweetwa.

    • He must have been holding a Bible while spewing hatred and lies. What shame and waste of space especially in parliament. Kids in play grounds shun such low level thinking, in fact kids are quickly learning to tolerate each other and coexist. Dr DF shame.

  1. This man should have shame to even say such trashi. Bushe is it a forcing matter? These are dirty and greedy hypocrits tummies full of stolen cash – when others are praying they are busy stealing what a shame. Leave HH and those who dont believe in your bogus prayers alone. Why force people to pray with you if they cannot see any genuine prayers from you. Its also shameful that such an old madala can utter such ru.bbish over their socalled “prayers”. Muchinje!!
    By the way Marx said :” Religion is an opium for the poor” and these PFools are using it effectively!!! Shame!

    • Sorry baiche bandi.
      He touched some protected green button, yeah?

      Maybe he has a point. Just hear him out nicely.

  2. fasting is personal,what kind of doctor are you .l think you forged your qualifications and no wonder President lungu ca not appoint you as minister.

    • Just start paying illegal salaries and other allowances you stole from Zambian people in 2016 as ordered by the Concourt. We are interested in our money so it can go to subside fertilizer which is very high.

    • Leaving the country at crucial time???? I thought that would be the best advice to Lungu. Advisers advising a wrong person.


      Dr. Malama touched some protected sensitive parts of your bodies, yeah?
      Your god?
      Its like pain in your weak flesh yeah? What are you gonna do about it. Next it will be Mutinta herself telling us how unbearable H² is

      Those reactionary lamentations amuses me.

      From GAYS to FREE MASONS?

      Honestly, I sympathize, guys, I …I am dumbfounded. Make me dread h² for president even more.

    • He touched some protected green button, yeah?

      Its like pain in ya weak flesh yeah?

      Those reactionary rants amuses me.

      Ine ati what? From GAYS to FREE MASONS? This guy is a Devil Eish madomazane! Yabija makhani maningi aihi!

  3. prayer and fasting is not a forcing matter..give me the scripture..UPND leader HH had his reasons for leaving..
    if you prayed for some of us,we are grateful and a forcing matter

  4. Comment:I thought this man is matured and wise does he know that is a big accusation . I think he is part of the group and he knows better

    • Every vessel can be used to warn his people.
      Be analytical in your critical thinking.

      Woof woof woof!

      A you yap think about how crazy and unfair this world can be.

      Learned to pray.

  5. This is shallow thinking and hypocritical! Just yesterday you were speaking in tongues today you are showing your true colors. Plase stop using God’s name in vain you brood of vipers.

  6. Thats why President Sata mhsrp blast trhis man in front of cameras and later fired him, surely are these the kind of leaders we deserve as a Country? Yo President who is the main game changer in all that we are going through in our nation goes out of this Country every now and then and we have never even seen any achievement from all his trips, Zambian people have have complained that its costly but u have given it a blind ear with yo leader. Now u want to someone who has his own money and he has advised u on several occasions on how to boost the economy but u dont want to listen to him and now u are yapping that he is leaving the Country at a critical time 4real just coz u have yo fake prayer and fasting which is not even meaningful. Zambian people are now alert they know that yo PF…

    • @6, That is why this man managed to contain peace in Zambia by being a visionary cop! He performed his duties very well that we need him to again as a Medical Doctor and Cop to contain a contaminant in our country that pollutes the nation with hate – UPND. HAZALUZA HAGAIN because he is UNELECTABLE and a Privatisation Thief.

    • Again and again, these pf leaders prove to the public that they are not interested in addressing the welfare of the citizens.
      They would rather debate flimsy and frivolous issues at the expense of people who are going hungry due to exorbitant mealie meal prices, high fuel prices, corruption in the infamous 48 houses, fire tenders bought at inflated prices.
      Wow, what befell Zambia in 2011?

  7. One must be shocked that we are lead by these mangwams squramassing as leaders and you expect your country to develop

    • And people should be in their shells not to denounce evil for what it is, yeah?

      You can’t be the only ones labeling people now; let other people label you too so that, us, the unlabeled and unlabeling can now make informed decisions based on discernible inferences and proven outcomes or evidence now.
      Be fair now.

  8. I wonder how some people acquired doctorates…… This is pure childish thinking……. So Mr. Malama if HH was to attend the 18th October prayers, would the Kariba dam have been filled to start the full capacity generation of power to boost the economy, or the treasury to be at least $8B?
    No wonder Mr. Sata (MHSRIP) FIRED YOU, brainless being iwe chi mudala.

  9. Comment: I knew it, someone had to say it. It’s a pity it comes from someone who doesn’t look too normal…

  10. Aba ba MP nabo babwelapofye…. You think people will buy that cheap talk. Your minister of finance is in the US. Has he gone to meet the same Free Massons? Do you think even your boss is serious with day of Prayers? Do you think he is doing it from the bottom of his heart? Now please be informed that yours(Pf) and your leader’s days are numbered.You are mocking the Christian faith with impunity. You who went for prayers before you even say amen you are busy “HH this and that…”. Are you sure you even attend the same prayers? Ebukopo tule landa ububwine… Whats wrong these people kanshi. How can people with so simple IQs be leading such a population of highly intelligent people.

  11. For Goodness’ sake please! Even if HH had not traveled out of the country do you honestly think he could have paraded himself with those hypocrites in the showgrounds? Some leaders kwena! Better you just keep quiet

  12. God has not even started processing your prayers from yesterday and you’re already back to your factory settings. Sad.

    • @Anyana,
      Processing has been stopped, God has just trashed all the goodies from yesterday, as The Might God is upset with this i.diot.

      The next chance is next year! Even then, I doubt The Might God will provide what is being asked for because our political arena is full of i.d.iots. Next year, another one will pop up.

      Zambia is cursed.

  13. The problem with PF is that they are competing on who will look foolish the most.Please President Lungu give this man a Ministerial job. He will soon walk naked in public all for seeking attention. how else shall he be noticed but through *****ic tantrums. Give the man a job, he desperately needs one especially with the revelation of K80,000.00 salary per month for ministers as alleged by Chishimba Kambwili.

  14. What a stupid doctor this malama is, all he sees is rubbish in his eyes, he’s jealous the fact HH is more popular than his stinky axxxxx

    • “ONLY a TONGA can reason!!!” “Only a TONGA can be the best President!” This is the coded words in trashing the medical doctor who is speaking the truth about TREE MANSIONS.

  15. It is retrogressive to have leaders whom we spent the day praying for and a media which we prayed for to start bringing up such issues few hours after the day of prayers. We have cursed people in the country’s leadership. Prayers are already not answered. Whatever we did was just a hunger strike. Am now getting to think that 18 October was designed for political mileage. Otherwise, how do MPs failed to reflect on it. All those players sure just vain. It was another case of public speaking. For such MPs if people prayed to the True God may he face calamities as he has proved to be the curse himself.

  16. There you have it that is the calibre of the leaders you now have in the country you so cherish called Zambia,, Always back ward thinking retards, do you expect the economy to improve.Industries and House holds have no power.and some one is yapping retroggresive lies about HH’s profitable trips to the US.

  17. YABA!!!
    Ati prayer fyo, fyo, fyo!!
    Dull MALAMA, when are you going to pray to your God of miracles to reveal owners of the 48 /now 51 mysterious Mansions since you lack grey matter in that thick cranium of yours, & believe in miracles, & eating ba Jona’s crumbs, mbuma iwe’!!

  18. These are the people who believe and practice witchcraft……

    All credit to president lungu for not giving such a retard a ministerial job….

  19. I agree with 3.2 the advise was not meant for HH but the President, please Mr President listen to what Dr Malama is saying stop gallivanting around the world. This is how bembas advise elders through somebody but the message is delivered.

  20. The evil spirit of dununa reverse is working. Yesterday you prayed, today back at the same stage you were before prayers. Zambia was on the right track with the late mwanawasa but these PF people have dununad the country back to HIPIC. When the Bible says go forward you, you just want reverse how will you arrive at your destination.

  21. “Dr Malama wondered what kind of a leader Mr Hichilema is to leave the country at a time when Zambia is going through a number of challenges”.

    Dr Malama surely that is not you talking. His Excellency travels out of the country very, no too often actually, you are not aware of that? What kind of leader are you? Becoming a party cadre too, Sir. Ninshi tukashala naba nani mukwai?

  22. Prayers will not atone fo self inflicted failure. Travel outside of this country is not a crime. Who or what is this a doctor in ?

  23. Please don’t force Trible HH or anybody else to attend your so called repentance day, he is just as bad as those who attended and said fake prayers. I saw one of them on TV pretending to be humble and yet when he leaves the arena he is anything but humble.

  24. No wonder the president has not appointed this Malama to any ministrial portfolio.His thinking and analysis of issues is lower than that of an embecile.

  25. I think it is time for Zambians to teach PFOOLS a lesson come 2021 PF must fall and they should collect their foot steps and never to be remembered again and most of them should be jailed. No amount of propaganda towards HH will stop the Zambians to vote him in so Mr. Malama do not waste your time talking rubbish.

  26. I don’t believe somebody educated in Scotland can talk like an ignoramus maximus. Shame on you.

  27. How much have u raised from the hypocritical prayers and fasting? At least HH has managed pledges of a whopping $25.8 billion well above your current annual budget. Even if we divided that in a period of 5 years the $5.16 billion would still be way above the current annual . This must be sending shivers in the current regime

  28. What a dunderhead. Depicting his shallowness in spite of whatever ‘education’ he has. First of all, no one is obliged to attend the hypocritical ‘national prayers’. Secondly, this Masonry song is a tired one and smacks of desperation to mislead the gullible into thinking HH is a wizard or something. Thirdly, about leaving the country at ‘a time of crisis’, that comment really takes the biscuit. Shouldn’t he be directing that at his GREAT leader? My goodness, how ridiculous can he be? Who is always out of the country, other than the one in charge of the country and meant to to be sat down to resolve the crisis?

  29. The most troubling thing is that this was said in parliament of all places. Is this not wasting peoples time for an MP paid tax payers money to start talking like this during a parliamentary session? And the speaker tolerated this king of malicious lie? Really? What wickedness.

    • This is disgusting and ridiculous speaker should have stopped this rotten debate allowing it was bias because this was out of topic but as usual these are sent by state house to talk rubbish in parliament

  30. That is why I will die in a foreign land. I will never reconcile with the foolishness of useless leaders of this country

  31. Dr. Malama and a few other PF backbenchers are desperate. Their parliamentary term is fast coming to an end and they are still at the backbench.And they will almost certainly not be adopted in 2021. Malama is seeking ECL`s attention for a ministerial appointment that he has long hoped for.Foo..sh man.

  32. Ati Dr Malama, are you normal sir? So what change would it have brought if HH attended prayer and fasting? Would HH’s prayers and reduce the price of mealie meal, reduce load shedding and bring back our economy? What Zambian is going through requires the PF government to work hard, reduce corruption and things may improve not talk about HH.

  33. Was this fasting a political thing or you were praying to God? This PF has just brought more harm than good to our nation. God save us from the hands of these evil people.

  34. Many times HH has tried to help by donating to the poor and his actions have been blocked… so what is a man to do?

  35. Dr Malama, you’re clearly one of the useless MP Zambia has, completely no value addition to the Zambian People

  36. I have always wondered at the strong hatred displayed against HH. This is totally against the spirit of day of prayers

  37. This nation belongs to God and we have a covenant,therefore all those who are in support of homosexual gay rights, lesbianism you are a risk….Shame on you and shame on Americans the sa.tanic agenda against Zambia shall not prosper.

    • Why not talk about snake eaters in public if you are gay or lesbian do not think everyone is HH is married to one wife and children some have more and children all over concentrate on PF failed govt instead of yapping

  38. Zambia does nit need prayers to develop so leave HH alone as having him around in the house of prayers will never resolve the economic pressure points of Zambia!!

  39. God forbid….is this a doctor?? These are educated morons we have in Zambia now. They are schooled morons but bu kamushi tabupwa. Just keep quite if you have nothing to say in parliament. I pity my brothers and sisters he is representing as MP.

  40. ZAMBIA is for JESUS therefore, Leaders who are aspiring for the highest office in this country should be scruitinized in the way they respond to Christian values. Country MEN and WOMEN its our time to ask God to show us leaders who fear Him. You can have money but if you do not fear God then that money is nothing, you can have world connections but without Jesus those connections are in vain. The challenges we are facing in this country are worldwide it takes Spiritual understanding through prayer what exactly God is telling us, for it is written in the Holy Bible that the end times are near, so lucifer is fighting the believers to start receiving his marks through his agents, who are calling themselves rich. The riches are in God in the name of Jesus Christ, The Children of Isreal…

  41. tired maggot, God does not answer such prayers. God will never answer your prayers reasons known to everyone. Tell us the owners of 51 houses, true price of fire tenders a list is endless.

  42. Lipkwa,i would agree with u on sharon.Sharon go and wipe your stinking ass.Boss, malama what will it profit u by attacking hh? Boss,this is jealousy at its best. If u are trying to attract favour from ecl do your works nicely not attacking someone else.This is a sign that they is something wrong in your mind. Prayers and fasting u don’t force anyone boss. U have just desplayed your foolishness to the public.

  43. For as long as we have such leaders who are hypocrites and pretenders, we will not develop because they are using the name of the Lord in vein and he is not happy about it.
    Even Europeans used this same Bible to colonize Africa, thieves used the same Bible to corn people, and our leaders use the same Bible to loot our public funds because they know they will pretend to be humble and call us to pray. Lets be careful when choosing these leaders.Christian nation in the hands of crooks.

  44. UPND hypocrisy. When 1st Lady went to USA to meet with interested parties, they called her names, misrepresented the purpose of her visit.

    How different is HH’s visit?

  45. Judgement day/ is it Lungu and his minions to judge other opposition parties or is it God Lord the Almighty who has the powers to do so ? If the Prayer of the 18th of October had the powers to reconcile Zambians regard less of their political affiliation, why did it not trigger some sense into Malama’s dander head. After fake prayers some Devil in Malama comes out and start telling lies , would you trust that Political gathering of the 18th of October? You could Just see the way he is dressed . very dirty , the tie is one side the collar is on the other side. Ichipuba bachimwena kunsoselo .

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