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Is HH destined to a Political Museum in 2021? Kaya!

Headlines Is HH destined to a Political Museum in 2021? Kaya!


The recent Trump-like HH tweet about the donated fire-trucks left me wondering if he has politic strategists or not. African opposition politicians lose elections due to lack of strategic responses to national issues. The late Movement for Democratic Change leader in Zimbabwe, Morgan Tvangirai is an excellent example. Despite many opportunities to take power from Mugabe, Morgan blew up every chance that came his way. Even when it was evident that ZANUPF was highly divided, Morgan backed the military takeover–calling on Mugabe to resign. What did MDC gain out of the ZANUPF saga–nada.

I fear this is the route HH is taking. HH followed comedian Trevor Noah’s negative characterization of those donated engines. Unlike Noah, however, HH is a politician. “Which museums are they destined to in Zambia? Would like to view them at close range”?, HH sarcastically wrote. He added, “With the amount of money spent to collect this scrap, we could have provided financial aid to over a hundred students at UNZA.” I applaud his attempt to attract the UNZA vote, but Zambia needs fire engines. It is sad that the fire department is arguably the most underfunded. Our fire departments exist, but they are museums–they lack basic fire-fighting engines. Those who do have older engines than the donated ones.

Scrap? U.S. fire engines rarely travel long distances; are regularly serviced, and have lower mileage than hundreds of thousands of cars, mini-buses and trucks on our roads. What happened to the saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover”? Millions will praise God for owning one of those scraps. And many are very proud owners of second or fifth-hand scraps with “19th century technology.” The only difference is that they are not solicited by the First Lady, but we buy and ship them from Japan.

As for the museums those engines are destined, it is the entire Lusaka. Is HH blind to know that people use buckets to put out fires in most parts of Lusaka? Is he blind to fire-related deaths in the nation? How about the markets? It is not long ago that HH donated bags of 25kg mealie meal. Those who can afford can demean the gesture, but it meant something to a starving mother or child. I will not be surprised if his 2021 opponents cast him as out of touch with reality or simply too blind to people’s daily needs.

With little strategic tact, HH could have used those engines to speak to the need to increase first responders in the nation. No Zambian should watch his or her property go into frame–we need more engines. Rather than sending the First Lady to beg, Parliament should increase funding to the fire department.

He also had an opportunity to tie these engines to his recent trip to the US. To maintain those GMC fire engines, he would have argued, there is need for US investment.Or perhaps he could have acknowledged the donation, and then argue that Zambia should aspire to be a donor nation by increasing production and investment in the motor industry. To reach this goal, investor confidence and good governance are critical–something the PF has failed to deliver. His government, HH could have insisted, will do that. Unfortunately, he missed opportunities to fight PF on policy–his attack went personal.

Millions may dislike Lungu, but to think that the poor economy alone will sink the boat in 2021 is mere speculation. Telling by by-election results, the PF still has a big following in the nation. So HH needs to bring neutral voters into his caucus–but without a sustained message, like those trucks, his 2021 bid is headed to political museums. The good news is, he has money to try again in 2026. Or he is destined to Zambian political museum in 2021.

Rev. Kapya Kaoma

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  1. Rev. Kapya Kaoma,

    Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day of prayer is gone……….Shut up and stay away from politics!!!!

    • How much is fuel today? Good campaigning for HH. How much is 25kg meal? Load shedding Finisised? Economy the word Mr lungu is scared to say.

    • Rev Kapya Kaoma you might be living a very boring and miserable life….why don’t you just go and buy a gallon on doom insecticide and drink…we dont need morons like you on this earth…hypocrites with no shame

    • UPND cadres this is the man who has been writing positive articles about you
      Such responses to constructive criticism is what makes your party unattractive to neutrals. Your hh would have won in 2015 if it wasn’t for the insu.lting language he used on his opponents (,RB). And on this blog you ins,ult any one against your views. W hihat party relies on insu.lts to win supporters !!!

    • And you see how stup1dly he doesn’t mention the $43 million for 42 fire trucks and yet chooses to say the fire department is very poorly funded ….really Rev. ??? You don’t even have the figures to give a case for Madam Lungu’s trip vis a vis the scrap received ..you are trying to justify the unjustifiable as is typical of the PF …you only admit when the [email protected] hits the fan as u are doing now with the debts u have acquired

    • When I saw headline I thought it was that PF-neglect Sunday Chanda.
      I really have to leave politics for a while, but I can’t leave you people with these clergy of Zambia we have had in October.

    • Kikikikikikijukija Hehehehehehe!
      I usually don’t comment this particular Reverend articles.
      I will not say much.
      Pass, we already know what he talking about. Next item please.

    • Needless to mention that today, 30.10.2019, Rev. KAOMA KAPYA has pierced the upndead eyes and egocentric little hearts.
      Brace yourself.

    • This man has poor reasoning and has no facts. Just one: Morgan Tsivangirai died before the coupe de tat in Zimbabwe.

      Now assuming upnd loses, who else can win apart from pf? With pf untold failure you want Pf to win again? Do you love your country Mr. Reverend? By the way, meali meal is now K156 and it is increasing every week.

    • So called Rev (run) errand, just demand for your pay if you have not been paid yet by your bankrupt fools. Who does not know that your are hired for sebana wikute? Ala mulekwatako insoni, e buntu. In fact this country would be better without iiddiiootts like you.

  2. Good campaigning PF for HH.. How much is 25kg meal? Load shedding finished? How is fuel? Please Mr lungu say anything about economy please please. Even just the word please..

  3. You are the one destined for the museum!
    HH was right about fire engines those things are nothing to write home about becides you should see the funny side of HH on this one!
    Without rigging This fellow may just be your next president!

  4. How much is fuel? How much is 25kg meal? Load shedding Finisised ? How is economy today? The word lungu scared to talk about!! Please please Mr lungu say anything about economy please? Even the word.

  5. Kapya Kaoma,Just go and pray for all the hungry people in the country, hunger caused by weak and dull leadership of a certain Meno Meno koswe mumpoto, even better we can put you in the same museum with those scrap brought to Zed by a certain failed leaders wife..

    • Prof. HaNson has also written to the UN on his University Letterhead indicating that “HH poised to go to the Museum in 2021!” Because HAZALUZA HAGAIN, HaJonny!

  6. Just shut up irrelevant Reverand! Africa is poor because of bootlickers like you! What was the cost of travelling to America to receive the ambulances, the cost of airlifting these ambulances to Zambia, and what will be the cost of maintaining such old vehicles? I bet we will spend more on these vehicles than their value. We need to be economical in the manner we spend our resources.

    • The Cult Rev. and supporter of sex Hagainst order of nature who has predicted that HAZALUZA HAGAIN deserves to be in a MUSEUM in 2021 is now being kicked in the groin for his fortune telling powers. When he supported the gay rights president they praised him even though they know that this guy was ordained by Satan.

  7. I personally expect the so called “men of God” to be very objective in their analysis of issues. The person you are giving as example – Morgan, did win elections clearly. what did Mugabe with the help of soldier do? Instead of condemning the wrong chap, you condemn the innocent one. I may not fully agree with HH and the approach he takes in opposing certain issues, but for you to condemn him to the political museum is way too much. As things stand right now, HH is the most popular politician in Zambia. why do i say so, despite PF teaming up with MMD in 2016, they only manage to win (subject to debate) by just 2%. Remove the MMD vote there – If you are objective, who is in the lead? Lets do away with this pull him down syndrome, lets encourage one another. The rest of us are cowards,…

    • #mwelwa Hunger is not very nice. By writing this to show that he is with EL’s wife, he might just get HUGE and PROFITABLE “religious” projects after all this Government will have a lot of them. People like him have nothing much to contribute so he seizes any opportunity to stand out from the many men of GOLD that want political favours.

    • @7, “HH is the most popular politician in NAMWALA as things stand right now!” You ha RIGHT. Livingstone Museum will be very happy to host him too!

  8. F**lish Reverend what did you expect HH to say about that senseless act of transporting the whole family from lusaka to lundazi and back just to go collect 1000 kwacha rentals

  9. In 2001 MMD under President Chiluba won the elections with a narrow margin; UPND make no mistake, your party can still lose an election even when the government in power is unpopular. Make no assumption unless you want to drink doom a day after the elections. In 2006 PF thoroughly defeated MMD on the copperbelt but still lost the popular vote. MMD remained in power till 2011, the rest is history. As it is HH can’t campaign freely in Northern Province because of poor relations with bembas. This may nullify his vote from Southern Province.

    • @Tough but true
      You started well but went sh11ty when you said and I quote: “As it is HH can’t campaign freely in Northern Province because of poor relations with bembas”
      Look, DO NOT pretend that the Bemba people are a homogeneous people and they all think alike and that all of them hate one person and that one person should be loved by an entire group of people for him to be electable. This is a fallacious argument. People like you are pretenders, the likes of GBM et al., who want to make us believe that ALL Bemba speaking people hate HH. This is plainly not true and you spoil an already defective argument by always bringing in the VERY BORING issue of regional linguistic hegemony. Please save us the [email protected]!

  10. Writing such gibberish yet feeling intelligent is an abomination of its worst kind. Such people should stay clear of politics and concentrate on the pulpit. These are wheelbarrows, they are wasted trash and should be treated as such. No amount of sugarcoating will make them any different, its like giving someone a bamba that you have used for years, nonsense.

  11. HH losing an election should not be your worry! He has nothing to lose! If God wishes to bless and help us through HH and we refuse, it is our country to lose out! It’s our choice and God respects our national choices. One thing that is abundantly clear is Zambia was born out of two nations – Barotseland (Western, Northwestern, Southern and part of Central, Copperbelt and Lusaka, not forgetting parts of Angola, DRC and Namibia) and Northeastern Rhodesia (Northern, Luapula, Eastern, part of Copperbelt, Central and Lusaka). The voting pattern of 2016 clearly shows the historical fault line of the Zambian political landscape. Each region will tend to vote on wako no wako! Such a faulty approach to choosing leaders is what gives Zambia a large share of bad leaders!

  12. In spite of our political affiliations and ideaologies, Politicians should learn to work together for a common purpose if we are to develop this country. However that does not mean that those in opposition can not offer checks and balances to government. We must also realise that there can only be one leader at a time just as it is imperative to note that the party in power can not develop this country without the oppostion. By so doing our country will develop.

  13. Well written article. This man is always objective! Shockingly its concrete advice to HH now see how UPND supporters are brushing it off. SMH but when he says the opposite, they will be busy praising him. Its one thing i have learned about people that are so glued to HH. Even when a so called Prophet or man of God, be he is real or not says something in their favour… Its praise after praise…. the moment he says the opposite awe sure watch the insults.

  14. The way you people insult everyone who disagree with triple h is the same reason why God will embarrass you in 2021. His 2021 bid is truly headed for a political museum because of your attitude. It’s like you have answers to every comment and readily available insults, kusalapofye.

  15. It doesn’t mean if a lot of people are making rude comments then everyone is in support of you. Many people here just read and never comment. Just be prepared to take doom in 2021.

  16. Its true political commentators who were on this blog before 2015 do not comment on various subjects.This is so because of insults and hatred and bitterness .This blog was one of the best political platform.We never had insults like today.Those days debates on this interesting unlike nowadays.

    • I am one of the originals, like Engine Bhloko and the gang. We spoke with wise words and intellect. Unlike these watchdog transplants we have today, uncouth and delusional they are. The PF and UPND ones.

  17. This article is crap – it is true that those fire trucks are useless, fit only to be in a museum. They are as useless as this article!

  18. Rev, twapapata…if u have nothing to write its best to keep quiet, and people will occasionally underrate your foo00lishness..this fire tucks are nothing but fo00olishness in broad daylight..dont try and justify 25 people paying airfare to America and staying in hotels plus allowances and coming back with these pieces of junk..if you are really a rev, i fear for your congregation ..numbers dont lie, please use your head wisely, coz i know you dont use your vote wisely

    • VPN, you have missed it. Be Rev. is talking of the fire trucks and their capability. Indeed the fire fighters are poorly funded.

  19. I support the Rev.Those who have lost property in fires cannot speak like some people who are ever ungrateful.Some people need to know that a good number of manufacturing companies owned by these foreign investors have been bringing antiquated equipment used in the production of food we put on our tables everyday.Ask people who know.This same old equipment is capitalized as if brand new and added to the values of the companies.What is wrong if this equipment can serve the purpose in the same manner your second hand range rover from the UK,Prado and corollas from Japan are serving?what about some of those flying antiques we getting on flying to foreign destinations without a clue as to how long they have been in service?lets not just barrage the man for talking sense simply because he…

  20. This man of God needs deliverance. Why attacking HH. Rev you don’t have ears to hear from seer 1 that those brown envelopes are not going to help you by supporting corrupt politician. Speak about the misuse of Zambian funds Man of God.
    We beg you Rev.


  22. Ati REV muleikala fwe bana if u have nothing positive to say i cant even call such as Rev coz they only think of their belly. stop wasting our time bane

  23. So what is there to debate about Trible HH? He was born out of politics of triblism. When advised to renounce triblism the poor guy doesn’t want, and thus confirms that he is indeed one hell of a triblist!!

  24. That’s the sad story of upnd. When Dr. Canicious Banda spoke of change of leadership within its context, he was hounded out. GBM tired of its modus operandi and is today viewed as an enemy. Upnd is truthaphobic, and it’s the same characters in their leadership since 2006 promising miracles and wonders yet they have LAMENTABLY AND PATHETICALLY failed to guide the party to victory…and hikubi still believes in them!!!!!!

    • I voted for Kambela in 2001,
      and when he died, I expected his vices to carry to torch forward. They were decimated by tribalists and the party has never grown ever since. Democracy was sidelined to favour leaders based on tribe. Upnd is a shadow of its former self, obscured by tribalism and hate, devoid of democracy, originality, idealism.

  25. Revrand Kaoma,
    First of all stop mixing God with politics.
    Secondly talk or contribute to national issues only when you have the points.
    Concentrate on doing the work of the lord.Kaya which lord you worship.
    You cannot fool the people.
    Do you make contributions to national issues in order for you to get favours?????
    Stay out of politics.

  26. Have you ever thought about Zambia with HH as President?
    Do you know how HH became president of UPND?
    Why and How did Sakwiba Sikota leave UPND?
    What about Patrick Chisanga?
    Canicius Banda?
    Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba?
    I agree with what ELC said sometime back. We all want a Tonga to be President but not HH and for that reason, I can simply say that HH destined to a Political Museum in 2021

  27. The Morgan Tsvangirai example is misleading & inaccurate. Are you sure it was possible to remove Mugabe through the ballot box.No matter how much people love the future you promise them its practically impossible to remove the Zimbabwean ruling party through the balot box.
    The powers behind Mugabe’s long grip on power are visible , the same powers that removed him & installed another surrogate of theirs.
    Its the military generals who determine who should be Zimbabwe’s next president.
    Next time do a thorough research on Zimbabwe before churning out baseless arguments Rev.

  28. Pastors, pastors or reverends are an embarrassment now. These brown envelops are messing up their brains and reasoning. Let us put this article in the museum to show your great-grandchildren and see what they’re going to say about you talking about the opposition instead of the person who would have messed up their country by then. We have load-shedding, high unemployment, High debt, bad healthcare, our land and animals being sold to foreigners, inflation, and hunger. You ignoring these things and you think our smart kids won’t know that those firetrucks are junk not worth anything and you expect them to use firetrucks there grandfather was using during his time

  29. I think the Rev.is smoking weed with his concubine Sharon, and Sharon you are such useless Cadre n bootlicker, I don’t know what else you have licked in your life.

  30. Before today I always thought Lusaka Times was pro HH. However, those are some good points you raise and perhaps he and his supporters can learn a thing or two. I fear the day that God forbid this guy is by some miracle voted to Plot one because he seems like the type of person who would waste the first five years of our lives on revenge to the PF than developing our country.

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