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Stardy construction apologies to President Lungu for 6-year delay in completing Kabushi Clinic Annex

Headlines Stardy construction apologies to President Lungu for 6-year delay in completing Kabushi...

Maternity Annex at Kabushi Clinic in Ndola.

Stardy construction, a company owned by Defence Permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale has swiftly moved back on site to finish the construction of a Maternity Annex at Kabushi Clinic in Ndola.

This was after area Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo threatened to arrest and to terminate the contract awarded.

On Saturday, Acting Ndola District Health Director Dr Christopher Dube revealed to Journalists that the construction of the Maternity Annex at Kabushi Clinic which was supposed to take 18 months had dragged for over six years.

This prompted Mr Lusambo who toured the project to call for the arrest of the contractor and termination of the contract.

But Mwale on Sunday afternoon mobilized some youths from the area and engaged them to do some quick fixes to the building.

On Monday whilst on site, Mr Mwale took photos of the inside of the freshly painted building and declared that the Annex building was ready for hand over to the Ministry of Health.

Mr Mwale said in a phone in Interview on Hot FM Breakfast show this morning that the construction of the maternity annex has been completed awaiting commissioning by the Ministry of Health.He said Mr Mwale said following the weekend site visit, the project was at 95 percent complete.

Kabushi Clinic in Ndola

He explained that what was remaining was only the connection of water, stating that the building is ready for handover to the Ministry of Health.

“We couldn’t install the Borehole Pump because of fear of vandalism. We have the pump at the Clinic inside, we will only install the tank when we are about to hand over.”

Mr Mwale refuted claims that he was paid the entire K1.6 million for the project saying he is still awaiting the payment to be completed.

He has explained that contrary to assertions by Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo, he received the initial 25% payment after which another payment was made and yet to receive the last payment.

Mr Mwale who is also Defence Permanent Secretary has since apologized to President Lungu, the First Family and Kabushi residents for the delays.

“I wish to say I am sorry to President Lungu for putting his name into disrepute. I apologize to the First Lady and the First Family for the embarrassment that this issue has brought. I also apologise to the people of Kabushi for delaying the project,” Mr Mwale said.

Asked on why the project suffered a six-year delay, Mr Mwale said he could not disclose the “technicalities” of the project that contributed to the delays.

“That I can’t tell you. The only thing I can tell you is that there were some technicalities that affected the project,” he said.

“Yes I was awarded the contract in 2013. The awarding of the contract followed tender procedures. Even if I was a Provincial Chairman for the PF, I was an ordinary citizen and I didn’t use any influence in getting the tender. Infact I was the lowest bidder and I got it.”

Further asked to comment on threats by Mr Lusambo that the contractor be arrested, Mr Mwale said he cannot say about the threats because Mr Lusambo is his big brother.

“Hon. Lusambo is my Boss; he is my Minister so I cannot say anything about what he said.”
“How do you arrest the contractor for having completed the project? Law enforcement agencies are free to come and arrest me if I have failed to implement,” Mr Mwale said.

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    • If president Lungu were a president who knows what he is doing, he would immediately fire Sturdy Mwale and fake Bishop Chomba among others immediately

    • What the fcuk??? Why has Ba Ester has to accept apologies over the Kabushi clinic?
      Is Stardy Mwale brother-in-law to Ba Edgar?
      Why Stardy bought a farm together with Nyati Construction, who gave a “gift” of land to Ba Edgar in Eswatini?
      In short Stardy Mwale was saying that he is not doing business for himself, why involve “first family”.

    • Yaba only in Africa….apologizing after stealing…you need to be in Prison…no need to apologize unfortunately your thieving Uncle President Lungu wako ni wako is in charge so nothing will happen to you so go ahead and steal some more pompwe iwe

    • PoooFs, Stardy Mwale spitting at Lusambo, 6 years delayed job is finished in 6 hours. Apologies accepted.
      What a Zambia…

    • No.1 Mwale sounds credible. By any measure of truth I have never head of Government projects or contracts being paid in full even before completion. I give him the benefit of the doubt. Check!
      No.2 From the story above, it looks like Stardy is referring to a construction different from the one that was showcased by LT when the news just broke. Here Stardy is talking of handover and or Commissioning. Check!
      No.3 With the aforesaid, it sounds like someone is out there to get Sturdy. Sounds like Mmembe on Vice President Nevers Mumba. Mmembe on Kashiwa Bulaya. Mmembe on LPM. Or girl on Henry Kapoko. Check!

    • I think the man deserves to leave or fired. You cannot apologise on this one. Let’s go and develop this thing. The Little boy is UNELECTABLE.

  2. When will all these scandals end, Kanshi? Everyday there is a scandal. Zambians need solutions not this nonetheless.

    Where is the great leader to speak to the electorate?

  3. What nonsensical
    Way of defending himself to the non completion of a government project which was paid by the gov . He is not even embarrassed to unreasonable uncouth appologies he is advancing to the rendering to the government. If I was for the media to publish the story . He would t have even completed the project . Stardy Mwale is not the only one facing the incompletion of gov projects ,. There must be a lot of PF and govement officials facing the same wrath . This is total stealing from the government.,this government of PF is corupty to the core with their coruty President Lungu . It’s a shame to see people stealing from the government like this

    • I am beginning to think that he may be innocent. He just crossed someone who is out to get him.

    • @ thorn in the gluteus maximus
      If he is innocent (after all this years) then you are intelligent. As he is NOT innocent, you are the most 5tupid arse l!cking son of many fathers. SIX years and you are beginning to think? Mind you, after 8 years of the plunder, you have not started to think that something is wrong? Or perhaps you are waiting for anointed convicted embezzler to give you permission to think?

    • Calm down 1d10t.
      Stop spewing unprintables here.
      Stardy is a citizen of this country subject to the Law and our courts of law not your courts of public opinion.
      If an !d!0t like you are convinced that Stardy is guilty, you do something about it. Who are you waiting for? Otherwise STFU.

    • Family business kaile, voter mubonfi. In fact you can associate them by the cars they drive and plots they have.

  4. Which Pf cadre can deny that there is no corruption on the Pf govt? This is grand corruption. They are sharing contracts and overpricing them. The bulk of the borrowed money has been stolen by these cadres. Lungu is a curse to Zambia.

    • Your blabs are begining to get on my nerve. It’s obvious social media is taking a toll on you.
      In the era of social media and fake news and character assassination and political mileage or capital one ought to be smart and analytical.
      With this measured apology to all parties concerned I have just reassessed my stance on this. But for his shortcomings in completing an eighteen months project now lasting 5 years, for which he is repentant, my lie detector just shows that Stardy is being truthful.

    • Thorn no one to kombola you from your shift defending nonsense? You seem to be the only PF chap everywhere. Hope you getting decent overtime.

    • I’ll pretend I didn’t read your comment.

      Back to the story. Whos framing Stardy?

      Take home Let’s wrap, shall we?

      “How do you arrest the contractor for having completed the project? Law enforcement agencies are free to come and arrest me if I have failed to implement,” Mr Mwale said.

  5. Give credit to Mr lusambo for whistle blowing. Next one to blow
    Whisle on how lusambo became rich overnight.

  6. Stardy needs to resign on moral grounds or get fired, not apologise. There is no excuse here, even apologising to the president or first family is out of order. You have wronged the people of Zambia. Resign, sir.

    • Not so fast. I smell a rotten egg here. Someone is so bent to taking him down.
      From stardy they be picking on someone else.

    • Maybe the story about him buying a farm, but this one is unacceptable. Why didn’t he finish the project??

    • @ thorn in gluteus maximus

      What are you smelling may be the crap in your skull overflowing to your 5ucking mouth?

    • @ 11.3 just born and asking
      Stuff is not for kids like you.
      Get out’a here or lay low.
      On your way tell your sibling sister to have change your diapers. I think you just soiled yourself.
      Yangu umwaiche uyu chiputa bati!
      Damn it, we got kids on this podium.
      Anyways, FYB.
      If you can’t control yourself, GFYS.

  7. There’s no project that Government has ever paid at 100% before conclusion. Sturdy Mwale might have received 50% and he’s still being owed. He can’t disclose that because it’ll embarrass Edgar. Bowman must learn when to rant and when not to. Why didn’t he call Sturdy before calling for his arrest? If these 2 clash Bowman will be a casualty. There are many contractors that haven’t been paid

  8. Would this constructor allow his spouse to go and await delivery in that ‘structure’ that looks like a rushed job…

  9. “Even if I was a Provincial Chairman for the PF, I was an ordinary citizen and I didn’t use any influence in getting the tender”.
    Do these people think we are so stupid?

  10. Mwelwa, he should be apologising to the Zambian taxpayers. Surely you know that? This is not personal funds.

  11. Apologise to the citizens that is tax payers money, and that the contractor needed not to wait till Bowman inspects or makes sentiment he is right. We should be patriotic to Zambia period. For me personally no excuse to exonerate oneself.

  12. Did the money come out of lungu,s pocket for him to be apologising to him? It the people of Zambia’s money.

  13. These PF people are going to finish Zambia we can’t wait for 2021 other wise they will be nothing left for us these people are in a competition of stealing please Zambians let’s unity and remove these people this is our country all of us.

  14. There is no way PF can win 2021 even if they rig they can’t win but what i see now Mr Lungu is going to face what KK faced who remembers what happened in Ndola during the trade fair to KK when Zambians threw oranges on KK because they were tired when Zambians are tired not even the police can do anything especially in the Cooper belt PF be warned this corruption is too much.

    • … And vote for hh?? Stardy’s issues are his to deal with not the whole PF. hh needs the whole Luapula, Northern and Muchinga to vote for him to win 2021. These corruption allegations are leading nowhere-Chitotela, 48 houses and people are getting tired of them. Then recent by-elections are not a good sign for upnd. PF has gained traction in their strongholds. So, I hope you prepare good evidence of rigging, otherwise, wina azalila nafuti….

  15. This gabbage of you Lusaka Time always publishing anti Edgar Lungu and anti PF has gone too far. Are you being paid to malign a seating government and the presidency. Please, be objective in your reporting because it seems you have now become a mouthpiece for anything vile the opposition or their cadres are puking. You the media are the reason we have had genocide in most african countries. Stop this madness I implore you.

  16. The attacking on government is not a solution to national development, it is our duty as citizens to work hard and contribute to the efforts made by the government. God created you to be a fighter therefore, the need to be focused and think big and become a boss of yourself.

  17. On behalf of kabushi residents,am saying NO to your apology! Take your apology somewhere else.Our focus is to vote pf out of power in 2021.Don’t disturb us please!

  18. This is comedy of the highest order. Day light robbery by the PS and he is trying to hoodwink the President through that sugar coated apology. The PS is a thief, just wait for other revelations from Gen Chinese about the PS shoddy deals in procurements in Defence.

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