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New NAREP President is not a MUVI TV Owner

General News New NAREP President is not a MUVI TV Owner

 Steve Nyirenda takes oath of office as new NAREP leader

Muvi Television has clarified that New National Restoration Party President Steve Nyirenda left the company last year.

The 60 year-old Prominent Lusaka Businessman has taken over the Presidency of the opposition NAREP with a pledge to transform Zambia once his party forms government in 2021.

Mr. Nyirenda’s ascendency to the apex of NAREP follows the resignation of Elias Chipimo Junior in September this year.

He went unopposed at the party’s extraordinary convention held in Lusaka after one of the competitors; Maybin Kabwe withdrew from the race.

Mr. Nyirenda, who is founder of the private owned Muvi Television, has since relinquished his position, as Chief Executive Officer to join active politics.

Muvi television Director Administration, Alfred Tembo announced the development in an interview saying Mr. Nyirenda resigned from the position last year before getting into active politics last year.

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  1. What a useless statement!! Resigning as CEO has nothing to do with ownership of Muvi Tv. Tell us the new owner of your ka Tv station

    • If they can’t report accurately about their own internal affairs, how do we believe anything they report most of which is based on hearsay anyway?

    • Just like Bill Gates is not the owner of Microsoft PLC but he is pulling the strings behind the scenes with the 330 million shares he holds. Please dont insult people’s intelligence with your stupid lies you have not even won a seat and you are already telling lies.

    • Fred Mmembe tried all such useless styupidity of no no not owner of The Post Newspaper…But still the ex-Mmembe’s lawyer Edgar went on and fight to close the newspaper company. Even if Muvi TV changes its name, PF is closing it.

  2. Is this a joke ? My beautiful whlte wlfe is asking why that old chap has been doused in whlte powder? Why do we lower ourselves this way ? The same with higher judicial officers or judges wearing colonial whlte wigs. It is very backward for a former colony to continue demeaning itself in such a way. ****deleted***

  3. I thought the statement will say that Steve Nyirenda sold MUVI thus no longer owns the firm.By resigning as CEO,he is a non executive director/member and still plays a very critical role in it’s management.Looks like media owners in Zambia fail not to mix business with politics.It begun with Fred M’membe and his Post until he formed the Socialist party.Now it’s Steve Nyirenda,could this explain why MUVI is critical of PF? Next it will be the owner of Prime TV.Ted Turner, the owner of CNN,has been influencing American politics for a long time without seeking for a democratic or Republican presidential nomination.To the contrary,he is famous as a philanthropist for his generous gift of $1 billion to the United Nations,which created the United Nations Foundation,to support it’s causes.

  4. I remember years ago, I would listen to the muvi TV main news at 18:30 and switch to znbc news at 19:00hrs to have a balanced diet of news. Muvi at that time was viewed to be fair and true. They featured both government and opposition on their platform until they took a very dark route, it was like watching the lovechild of Zambian watchdog and the mast newspaper every day. Nothing good to say about the nation. I stopped watching the nonses and now I understand why the station became a political party, they were being run by a political animal.

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