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Cops gun down 7 criminals

General News Cops gun down 7 criminals

Zambia police riot troop on airport road

Police in Lusaka have gunned down seven notorious criminals suspected to be foreign nationals in an exchange of fire in Lusaka’s Makeni Simson area.

And Police have recovered four firearms among them, three pistols and a revolver with rounds of ammunition.

Police Spokesperson, Mwata Katongo says the incident happened last evening after Police received a tip off from members of the public that suspected criminals were about to stage a robbery in the area.

Mrs Katongo says during a search in a motor vehicle which the criminals were using a Toyota Ipsum registration ALX 8160, silver in color, a further recovery of 36 rounds of ammunition of a revolver was made.

She told ZNBC News in Lusaka that two number plates bearing registrations AAJ 4317 and ABM 9712, two masks, four reverts, 22 assorted cell phones were also recovered and assorted foreign currency among them Chinese, Indian, Zimbabwean, Malawian and Singapor currencies.

Mrs Katongo said the men are suspected to have been behind a spate of aggravated robberies in Lusaka targeting foreign nationals.

The bodies are in UTH mortuary awaiting identification and postmortem.

And Mrs Katongo says Police are on high alert to curb any criminal activities during the festive season.

She says Police have intensified patrols on high ways and in communities across the country so as to avert crime and also called on the business community to enhance security at business premises especially car parks so as to protect properties of their clients.

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    • It’s probably UPNDEAD cadres who don’t allow independent thinking among its MPs. Two MPs have already been threatened with death for not walking out of parliament in support of a serial looser

    • Zambian Police are worse than their American counterparts. No arrests at all only gunning down, no further investigations either.

    • That is sad news, why kill their friends?
      Did they check if those phones belongs to PEP and their lunatic president? I still don’t believe that PF staged that robbery in cairo road last week.

  1. You left out one of the most dangerous criminal, one Chagwa Lungu, he is a thieving lawyer wanna be, he has looted the country and the most dangerous of his crimes is that he has rotten scattered teeth that he uses to smile to people on the run way on his way to loot and plunder, please find this id1ot and lock the f*cker up, AKA chakolwa, AKA thieving worst president on earth

  2. @ Jonny,please be civil and respect the head of state,whether you like it or not,he is still our President,when you are arrested for defamation of the Head of state,don`t complain!

    • respect who?? the thieving c*nt in plot 1, not from me.. he is just a thug like you, useless cadre, by the way let them come and arrest me I am waiting

    • Mwana bwembya, the fact that he is president doesn’t mean that he is not a thief and we can’t call him one. He is a thief who is plundering our country even causing climate change through stealing and dagazeting protected forests. His stealing affects the whole country unlike these 7 deceased criminals

  3. @China, are you being for real?

    In what capacity can ECL have control and power to change CLIMATE CHANGE i mean something that just happens NATURALLY?

    Allow me to educate you a bit..
    Climate change is any significant long-term change in the expected patterns of average weather of a region (or the whole Earth) over a significant period of time. Climate change is about abnormal variations to the climate, and the effects of these variations on other parts of the Earth.

    And just so you know it is not only Zambia that is affected with Climate change, among the money countries Germany, Japan, Philistines etc…

    Its not everything you can politicize about..

  4. Job well done ba Police but you are still remaining with one criminal called Jonny son of HH,there both threats to [email protected] beats you are right let them continue working hard and save us from corrupt UPNDEADS

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