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HH is trying so hard to ascend to power through deceit and funded Propaganda-Sunday Chanda

Headlines HH is trying so hard to ascend to power through deceit and...

Sunday Chanda with UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
Sunday Chanda with UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

The Ruling Patriotic Front Party has urged Zambians to judge the truth from what they described as childish and malicious deceit being peddled by the Opposition UPND through sponsored media outlets in its quest to ascend to power.

Speaking during the PF Media interactive forum on Sunday, PF Media Director Mr. Sunday Chanda said that  Zambians should expect such negative propaganda towards 2021 because Mr. Hichilema is trying so hard to ascend to power through deceit and funded Propaganda.

He has since described the recent report on Mukula as cheep and childish propaganda by the UPND because it doesn’t have any truth attached to it.

He said it is already in public domain that the UPND is being funded by its sponsors to fuel negative propaganda in Zambia.

Mr. Chanda also shared the view that Mr. Hichilema’s Marketing team on social media is doing it all wrong because they are marketing a wrong person with a wrong image when Zambians know his real personality.


  1. HH has alot of scandals around him. He cannot be president.

    Lungu is corrupt. These two guys should go out of Zambian politics.

    Bring in new people.

    Any party UPND or PF that would change its leader is likely to win 2021 genetal elections.

    • Sunday Chanda is on left and on right side is Antonio Mwanza nm. Why are they allowing them to share bed naked, fantasising HH, isn’t immoral?

    • HH is getting popular because Edgar is so useless, incompetent with no vision. Secondly HH is getting popular because the PF and esp Sunday keep writing about them instead of fixing the economy and lastly HH is popular because everything he predicted south the ailing PF Edgar led economy has come to pass

    • Sunday Chanda you doing more harm than good to our party,can you please relax and let the spokesperson speak more than you doing. Eish, find something to do you cant live on politics alone.

    • Sometimes Mr Sunday Chanda you should read the mood of the people even when you saying the truth people are opposing you just by seeing the article that it’s written by you. People cant even through. Change your ways .

    • Where’s the plane that was carrying US dollars and guns that the Daily Nation reported in October had been intercepted at KK Airport and diverted to the Zambia Air Force base? Those dollars were in boxes labelled with opposition politicians names and lawyers who act for the opposition.

    • It’s better for any capable and well meaning Zambian to vie for political office so as to clean up the mess and restore the Zambia we all deserve – this government has made us laughing stocks. There’s this thug called Bowman Lusambo who thinks eating cheese is development. He can be seen in a video in which insults Zambians in the diaspora as toilet cleaners, claiming ECL’s government has made Zambia as good as the developed world coz Shoprite outlets are all over to enable Zambians access cheese. Does he know how poor the majority of Zambians are to even think of entering those shops? This Lusambo is such a curse on Zambia!

  2. Okay Sunday Chanda has quickly forgotten how Edgar Lungu ascended to power. People voting for him as PF presidential candidate by raising their hands and through violent means, not to mention the issuing of court injunctions against his challengers in the dead of night.

  3. (HH) has spent 4 years politicking and now with 19 months to the next general elections, he has no inroads anywhere

    • UPND just won the Ilambo ward in Lupososhi in Northern Province, the PF stronghold. Isn’t that a great inroad? The wind of change is blowing and blowing strongly and it is unstoppable! Accept it or not.

    • @3 Kudos,HH has been helped to power by PF’s MONUMENTAL FAILURE to govern the country properly and manage the economy! This is how PF will lose: 1)huge apathy and shift to UPND in its rural strongholds due to poor agric.managemet (check numbers in recent elections).2)Huge shift to UPND in urban areas due to poor economy 3) New voters are likely going to vote for new leadership 4)In general elections HH’s rural strongholds will stay intact. HOW IS EL GOING TO WORK AGAINST THESE ODDS WITH HIS CLEARLY KNOWN RECORD IN RUINING OUR COUNTRY??

  4. OK you guys, you can not blame UPND for all your troubles. that’s cheap cheap politics! ala mulekwatako insoni. Sunday, i understand that 2021 is just around a corner and all you are doing is to be a faithful boot licker so that stay in favor but please dont cheapen yourself to such alarming levels.

  5. HH is a presidential
    Candidate; he is doing everything legally possible to win an election. We can not deny the fact that his message has traction across millions of Zambians. If he amassed 1.7 million votes in 2016, he has lately climbed to 2.4 million worthy of support, all this to PF’s undoing: wrecked economy, abuse of citizens by the corrupt Chinese, disregard to law and order, the Kaizer Zulu factor, FIC report revelations on corruption, infighting within PF, Lungu 3rd term, dysfunctional social system/pensioners crisis, bankrupt government….the list is long! Even if you rig elections in 2021, you will not be sworn in this time. HH is not desperate; it’s PF that is desperate and that’s why you are losing sleep over HH. You have been using the same propaganda if not worse; have…

  6. And Ba Sunday,where is proof that the Mukula report is from a UPND Sponsor? HH and other opposition leaders have never been allowed to campaign openly and yet EL has been from day 1 of being sworn in for his 5 years.PF has campaigned for HH due to former’s poor leadership and mismanagement!! IN 2021,A FAIR ELECTION CANNOT BE WON BY PF ESP UNDER EL COZ PEOPLE HAVE NOW SEEN HIM FOR WHO HE IS – HE HAS DISSAPPOONTED MANY!!

    • “Mukula Report” is “HH’s report!” It is null and void. UNDER FIVE will always be an UNDER FIVE until he takes all vaccines at the UNDER FIVE CLINIC he will not be healthy.

  7. Monday Chanda is trying SO HARD to continue plundering the Treasury in conjunction with his Nachitolafye Crooked brother McPherson of the Zampost scam saga.
    Whilst focussing so much on H.H who threatens Mondays access to Zambia’s depleated treasury, Monday is so petrified of Prison for his Plunder crimes as he knows his B0kosi will be in high demand in Ch!mbokaila, or Muk0beko maximum.
    SO MONDAY, KEEP FOOLING YOUR FELLOW DULL P.F CADRES, coz some of us can see right through your dishonest [email protected] anikonde tripe!

  8. Its the failure of this ka boy you have as president, that’s why PFoools kuya bebele, your ka worst president on earth with scandal after scandal, his advisors, scandal after scandal… the corruption is unprecedented, even kids know that politicians are thieves, this is a real shame, the kids even know that scatter teeth is dull and cant manage a country, I mean if kids know this about a ka useless president, what do you expect from voters?

  9. M0nd4y [email protected] is trying SO HARD to continue plunder!ng the [email protected], in conjunction with his [email protected][email protected] Broth3r MacPh3rs0n of the [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    Whilst focussing S0 MU¢H on H.H, who is a genuine threat to [email protected] continued illegal access to the nation’s [email protected], [email protected] [email protected] knows the day H.H enters St4TE H0US3, is the same day M0nday & the!eving brother get carted off “by air” to [email protected], or Muk0beko maximum Njema, & [email protected] B0kos! will be in “High Demand’ as suffering felon’s will be wanting a taste of it.
    S0 M0ND4Y Y0U C4N [email protected] YOUR FELLOW BRA!NLESS P.F CADRES WITH YOUR J0N4 ANIK0ND3 TR!PE, but most of us can see right through it!

  10. These people are failing to defend themselves except attack others, it’s not like people are hearing about this makula tree saga for the first time. It’s something we have known and that report just confirmed it. Tasila has questionable wealth including her father no one knows well where it came from.

  11. I put a bet on how long this rat would keep his HH erections to himself……I lost.

    Looks like he could not hide the HH erections he is suffering from.

  12. Chief Nkula has confirmed that he went directly to the Head of State and was given permission to export 100 containers. He has further stated that his chiefdom is still invaded by Chinese harvesting the said indigenous trees for hardwood. There is therefore enough collaborating evidence to support the EIA report. You cannot completely refute the allegations made just by word of mouth.

  13. He is really trying, I hope his online supporters have voter’s cards otherwise he is headed for a humiliating defeat.

  14. We had Chanda Chimbwi and we thought we were done with Chandas. Alas here comes another useful !diot! Sunday Chanda, you are too young to have a bald head! Is that what is troubling your soul? Is it HH who made you bald? Or is your bald head itching? What are you going to do when Zambians retire your employers? Get a life and find something useful to do than peddling lies wemukulu wonse!

  15. Why cant these PF chaps concentrate on reviving the economy than focusing on HH. Don’t they know that all economic indicators are down. Lupososhi is the leading the way in reminding them, daft as they have always been, they now single out a provincial chairman, how about the SG who runs the party. Sunday Chanda and others are busy talking about HH meanwhile there is fire in their house.

  16. Regime change is coming in 2021 through the ballot, kabili you have totally failed, so why do you want to come back – to come and destroy further. Look at inflation, reserves, exchange rate, mealie meal prices, unemployment, unbearable taxes, FIC report and grand thefts – and you want to come back, you must be very stubborn. Muyenda, nangu tamulefwaya – lwendo bane

  17. Boss the exchange rate does not lie. Sunday please shift camp and join UPND now before its too late. You should also ask your wife in London to resign and join UPND.

  18. FIC report ati it is not true let them produce evidence, Auditor General Report mulindwi up to now no action. What will this government ever take responsibility for. Nelson Mandela said a leader must be at the front line when things are bad and at the back when all is well but for Lungu he only comes to the front on rare occasions when the situation seems okey and hibernate when there is trouble allowing his foot soldiers like Chanda and makebi are do the dirty damage repair work.

  19. The so called “foreign powers” should completely cut off donor funds(social cash transfer). Lets see what Sunday Chanda, ECL and the PF will between now and 2021.
    These chaps and their blind supporters must experience reality.
    We will see if the Chinese will give you free donor money($500 million per year).

  20. Personally I voted for MCS in 2011 because I did not like Chanda Chimba’s sponsored attack on the man. My neighbor kept telling me to vote for the perceived cobra then and am sure several others did. Believe me, if we keep talking about HH morning, afternoon and night, the guy will win in 2021. If you attack him based on Gay rights, automatically all gays become his votes. Mind you could also be campaigning so vigorously for him day in day out.

  21. What’s with HH?

    You buy wheelborrows for $1million each, its HH, you spend tax payers money to go and receive scrap metal as fire engines-HH

    You financial theft is reported in FIC report- it’s HH!!

    U mismanage Euro Bond money instead of investing in energy- it’s HH

    You and close associates export maize and cause hunger in the country- it’s HH

    You say you have no vision! It’s HH!!

    You fail to provide direction on the lower Zambezi mining saga- it’s HH

    You are caught plundering natural resources- it’s HH!

    Is he the one mismanaging the national affairs? Or engaged in corruption, or recklessly borrowed or secretly exporting Mukula?

    Please tell us or step aside if you be failed to deal with HH!!

    If we talk about cheap propaganda, it’s exactly what you this…

  22. HH can not and he will never bring change to Zambia.true or false? could some one challenge me by telling HH to come out open and just bring on the table good genuine points on how he is going to develop this country.He failed an interview in UK.Let him come out open and tell the nation on hoe is going to “fix” it.abash to cheap politics abash to propaganda and shame to those who support evil.

    • Since ni since

      Can you also provide anything tangible the PF government is doing to arrest the free falling economy and ever weakening kwacha with depleted foreign reserves? I challenge any PF person to come out and layout a plan of how they are going to get this country out the hole they seem to continuously dig deeper?. The external debt gets bigger by the day as the kwacha continues to depreciate. Is fuel at k5 as promised and do people have more money in their pockets as this is way more than 90 days they promised to bring half heaven to the Zambian people. With the money borrowed the economy just got worse any party that comes in next will just be repairing the damage rather than fostering growth.

  23. you people hee, when did HH become an investigative journalist, why are you so obsessed with the “RED MACHINE” such that whatever happens on this planet is attributed to him, Load shedding it is HH, sky rocketing Mealie Meal Prices it is HH, the mad PF dollar /kwacha exchange rate it is HH, sale on part of the game park it is HH, the mukula story it is HH, PF fights with the American ambassador it is because of HH, Hunger in Zambia it is HH, after next week when people fail to celebrate Christmas due to financial constraints I am sure Monday Chandra will attribute it to HH.

  24. Sunday Chanda… You know they say history has a tendency of repeating itself especially if the pipo actuating it are the same. You MMD and you peddled lies against PF and Sata. Now you are busy peddling against HH. Explain the reality about the state of the economy. Talk about the prices of commodity. If God has ordained him in 2021 he will. And if not he will not.

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