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Mukula Cartel is Fake News, Reporters should rise above Fake news and return to Professional Reporting-President Lungu

Headlines Mukula Cartel is Fake News, Reporters should rise above Fake news and...

British High Commissioner to Zambia HE Nicolas Wooley and DFID Representative Ememeline Dicker were paying a courtesy call on His Excellency President Edgar Lungu.
British High Commissioner to Zambia HE Nicolas Wooley and DFID Representative Ememeline Dicker were paying a courtesy call on His Excellency President Edgar Lungu.

President Edgar Lungu has said that the talk of being mentioned in the illegal trade of Mukula is a case of falsehood being perpetrated by some Reporters.

The Head of State hoped that Reporters would rise above fake news and return to professional reporting.

The President said this through his Spokesperson Isaac Chipampe who briefed journalists shortly after President Lungu held a closed-door meeting with British High Commissioner to Zambia HE Nicolas Woolley.

Mr. Chipampe indicated that President Lungu made it clear that he has on several occasions restrained himself to act on fabrications because he hoped one day Reporters in Zambia will rise above fake news.

“The President also hoped diplomatics accredited to Zambia would be using diplomatic channels whenever they had issues of concern,” said Mr. Chipampe.

“And President Lungu has expressed concern that the country is being polluted daily with lies that have the potential to endanger peace in the country. President Lungu gave an example of the Constitutional Amendment Bill, also known as Bill 10, as one document that has been misrepresented.”

The Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations further told journalists that Mr. Woolley hoped Zambia can become a regional center for trade in the region.

Mr. Chipampe said the British High Commissioner to Zambia said the United Kingdom’s economic development program for Africa is based on support to small and medium enterprises and enhancement of regional trade.

“And Mr. Whoolley said President Lungu was leading the charge to find solutions to climate change in the region. The High Commissioner said the United Kingdom will partner with Zambia to find solutions to climate change. Mr. Whoolley said MET projections are still showing harsh indicators like lower than average rainfall and higher than average temperatures to which President Lungu said he welcomed the partnership to find solutions to climate change,” said Mr. Chipampe.


  1. Zambians, do not let it stop at Cousin Skeeter’s “Chimutengo cha mukula china chagwa, awe boi tasila, mamama!” Funny but not funny!

    • After doing our own investigation we’ve come up to a conclusion that Mukula report has no credibility…fake news indeed and its very common these days…anyone with a smart phone,internet connection and Google thinks he/she is a Journalist …hence made up fake reports like the Mukula tree….Lungu is stealing but not that kind of mambo jambo stealing….his main target is donar funds ,contracts and tax payers money

    • The accused chief Nkula in Mukula trade is very open and telling it all, and almost same as the papers say.
      This case is big, it is better PF government file a lawsuit against the EIA. Even UPND is in support of using tax money to clear out ministers and ZAFFICO.

    • Self Proclaimed “SAKWIBA you are not TONGA, you cannot be president of UPND! UPND is for TONGAS and you are not TONGA!” SeJAni UPND INCOMPOS Group 4s. “ONLY A TONGA!” “If HH were the commentator instead of Dennis Liwewe, Zambia could have won at least 10 AFCONs,” UPND Children.

    • Yes, it’s fake news because there’s no such tree as Mukula, no president called Edgar Lungu or a country called Zambia. It’s all made up.

    • Following reports that the President of Zambia, his daughter and several high-ranking politicians are allegedly involved in the illicit trade in mukula wood, Transparency International calls for all competent authorities in Zambia to fully investigate the allegations and prosecute wrongdoing regardless of the rank or status of the accused.
      Mukula is a rare African tree and one of the rosewood species protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Illicit and unsustainable harvesting of this precious timber has led to the destruction of Zambian forests, with environmental activists and the international community warning of a looming extinction.
      Multiple allegations appear in Mukula Cartel, a report by the Environmental…

    • Continued
      … Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), published late last week. Traffickers allegedly told undercover EIA investigators that Tasila Lungu, daughter of President Edgar Lungu, is involved in the illegal trade of protected mukula timber, along with the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Jean Kapata, and the Minister of Justice, Given Lubinda.
      The state-owned company Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation Limited (ZAFFICO) is alleged to have used its mandate to trade logs seized from illegal traders as a cover to trade freshly felled mukula trees, in some instances under the protection of the Zambian army. ZAFFICO is also alleged to have issued fraudulent export certificates, allowing timber from the endangered trees to be exported to China through the…

    • Continued
      … exported to China through the South Africa port of Durban.
      EIA estimates that the illegal trade generates approximately US$7.5 million in bribes and informal fees annually.
      Rueben Lifuka, Vice-Chair of Transparency International and President of Transparency International Zambia said: “It is imperative that the claims made in this report are investigated by multiple agencies and offices. Not only mukula continues to be trafficked despite the outcry of the Zambian public and the international community, the sale of Zambia’s natural resources allegedly benefits only a few people at the highest level of the government.”
      Alarmingly, the report reveals that endangered trees are also used as a currency to influence Zambian elections. Traffickers told EIA investigators that…

    • Continued
      … Traffickers told EIA investigators that President Lungu granted mukula permits to regional chiefs in exchange for votes from their provinces ahead of the 2016 election and accepted a US$40,000 “donation” from a powerful Chinese trader to buy expensive outfits for his re-election campaign.
      Rueben Lifuka continued: “This report describes the abuse of the state apparatus to facilitate and protect a criminal network operating at the highest levels of power. Such grand corruption thrives on the exploitation of natural resources for the benefit of the few, to the detriment of the many, and to their right to their natural heritage and environment.”
      To restore the integrity of Zambia’s government and protect the remaining mukula trees, Transparency International urges:

  2. Are we trying to imitate Trump?
    We have already connected the dots!
    – SI issued to ban Mukula trade.
    – PF cadres intercept Mukula Trucks under cover of night, get arrested.
    – KZ and state House vehicle intervene
    – Stardy Mwale issues statement saying its for ZAFFICO
    – PF cadres released and Nolle given
    – issue goes quiet
    – China officially reveals how much Mukula was received from Zambia during Mukula bam period! PF refutes report as fake news.
    – The citizenry is threatened and the issue goes quiet.
    – A bombshell is dropped confirming all we have been seeing – Mukula leaving the country in spite of the ban. PF media goes into a frenzy. HH the usual suspect could not be spared but the link is soon seen to be far fetched. Now it’s fake news?
    – Do our leaders think the citizenry…

  3. – Do our leaders think the citizenry is childish or $tupid to understand what has been going on? Zambians, see you life? Your collective intelligence is under PF !nsult!

  4. You can’t tell fake from non-fake news in Zambia because the leadership does not communicate, does not call press conferences where they can present correct information and be challenged face to face. The worst thing is that they are the worst culprits in presenting fake news, or half truths, or those items of news that they want us to hear. Just look at this “closed door meeting” with the British High Commissioner, most likely the press aide revealed half the story because after Foote, you can bet that they discussed endemic corruption in that meeting. And the poor Brit has been shut up in the name of diplomatic etiquette. But then also maybe they called the Brit to help them mend the crack with Daiel Foote.

  5. …..Certainly there is no iota of truth in what has been reported to us.

    And their defence is always “report and give evidence” to the ACC, a state captured institution. And the Brit buys the “assurance”?

  6. Has EIA refuted the report? If not then what is fake news? Mudala this time news is just at a click of a button pa Internet kwasila.

  7. There is no need to refute the story without taking serious legal action.The damage is already do.Prove it that it is fake by giving us facts.You must be joking if you think NO is enough.We will think otherwise..Some people are immoral and unethical.Are you different.Politician are the same, only different names and parties

  8. These are the same British who withdrew aid money bcuz of corruption yet Lungu had denied it.Same monkey of corruption just a different forest.

  9. Every corrupt fool will cry “fake news” each time it commits an offense. How pathetic can this man think he can fool the people of Zambia? How much longer can this go on for?

  10. Based on the past confirmed record of 42 fire tenders and mysterious 48 mushroom houses, we find more credibility in the EIA report than statements coming from State House.

    Sorry, ECL, but that is just the truth.

    • The logistics and fuel costs are more than he house be commissioned….lol. What a farce. Hahahahahahahahaha pwaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaap

  11. Why isent lungu himself disputing this ????

    We belive lungu done some serious stealing in his first 4 years…….

    that is where all the allegations come from , and is when the example he set his subordinates was done …….

    this mukula thing now is but a spill over of that sustained stealing during his first 4 years.

    Lungu could not be directly involved but knows who is doing it and how it is been done.

    Mr lungu knows what we are saying.

  12. We know lungu and the PF get bribes from the Chinese to bribe chiefs who in turn are told to deliver votes , payments to the Chinese for these bribes is the plunder of Mukula, and the PF swines think they are being clever for engineering votes for lungu.

    It is in this process that the other PF rats see opportunity to plunder Mukula

  13. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    @ ‘Fake News’… that’s all he can manage in denial. What is fake about the story; how would such credible people at EIA be associated with publishing fake news without vetting. One fact is undeniable: there are plenty of Mukula trees arriving in China in thousands, if not millions despite the purported government ban. How and who is transporting this diminishing resource to

  14. Fake news like more money in our pockets, 2 million jobs in 90 days, no more load shedding, stable and strong Kwacha, 3,000 jobs in Molongushi textile, unbiased judiciary, ………..?

  15. The originator of “fake news” is facing impeachment. Dont ever say fake news there is truth behind this. Thats why Donald has stopped saying fake news. Better keep quiet and say something when its absolutely necessary.

  16. “The President also hoped Diplomats accredited to Zambia would be using diplomatic channels whenever they find issues of concern. ”

    Was this an indirect jibe at Ambassador Foote?

  17. It’s not enough for Lungu to brand the EIA Report as Fake News. If indeed its “fake news” then President Lungu should sue EIA for damages. The failure to sue EIA is confirmation that the Report is true, accurate and factual. In any case Chief Nkula of Muchinga Province has alleged that Lungu personally gave him permission to export 100 containers of Mukula logs. Can Lungu deny this? Lungu has already been exposed and needs to clear his Name, Family and his Ministers. The guilty are afraid and very afraid! On Bill 10 how is it misrepresented? Bill 10 was Gazetted and Tabled in Parliament. That Bill remains as Gazetted and can only be Amended by Parliament thru due Process. The Parliamentary Select SubCommittee has no Mandate and Power to amend Bill 10. Period.

  18. This visionless bu.m will not risk taking this issue any further because of the fear of more evidence coming out. This will be his only response.

  19. Fire engines,48 houses, corruption in the cabinet and many more.What have you done? Nothing, denying and denying.No actions taken.You seem not to care.Pf struggled to be in power.Of only there was a real opposition party not these political parties full of criminal politician .They only change the jersey.One day someone will cry because the privilege will be no more.Sinking someone’s boat after the death of the captain.The best someone is becoming a good captain.It is too late now because someone will never learn .He is surrounded by fake sailors


  21. Why are you concerned if it is fake news people will find out themselves. It is not your duty as President to think on behalf of the rest of Zambians on matters that they can find out by themselves without your involvement or advice. Leave that to each individual and concentrate on your duties instead
    If I am accused of something I know is fake I would keep my mouth closed. It is only if I am guilty that I will open my mouth wide to comment and start defending. Why comment on news or comments that you know is/are fake, in the first place-for sure it does not add up. Fact is that you know very well the truth/reality has caught up with you, henceforth the reason for panicking (Ati pali uwanya ichi shu shi umuntu aima ati awe te ine, ninshi ewo), so goes a bemba saying

  22. Correction:
    (Ati pali uwanya ichi sushi umuntu aima ati awe te ine, ninshi ewo), so goes a bemba saying

  23. How many trees has he planted since we saw him eating that mango by the road side? Absolutely zero and here he is talking about reducing effect of climate change .They have been busy pocketing tax payers money and now the country has been hit by poor rainfall patterns as a result of Mukula trees being cut and sold on the black market by these tw*ts .

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