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Dora Siliya unveils New Board for the Independent Broadcasting Authority


Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya
Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya, has today unveiled a new seven-member Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) board.

The new board comprises Beatrice Mwansa, Claire Limbwambwa, Margaret Kaniki Siwale, Sipho Phiri, Chanda Kasolo, Chalimba Phiri and Enita Hamatumbika.

Ms Siliya encouraged the new board members to read and understand the IBA rules in order for them to operate in a fair and honest manner.

She urged the new board members to carefully read the IBA rules and make them as their ‘second Bible’.

Ms Siliya has meanwhile observed that there is need to educate the public about the functions of IBA and the processes and procedures that should be followed when engaging with the authority.

She has meanwhile noted that Zambia, like many other countries, is facing a technological advancement challenge of media convergence where radio and television content can be broadcast live on mobile smart phones from any part of the world.

She has further challenged the new board to work around the laws and regulations so that there are no lacunas in the media operations.

The Minister reiterated that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services is committed to promoting businesses in the media industry while providing regulations that offer a conducive environment for everybody.

And IBA Director General, Josephine Mapoma, told the Minister that there will be a seminar on IBA rules and another on good governance for the new board members.

The members will meet at a later date to choose a chairperson of the board and a vice.
And the newly appointed board members have since pledged to work in accordance with the IBA rules in discharging their duties.


  1. Hard-working madam and government! Let’s develop this thing Honorable Minister! The boy is a friend to HARM NEST. He wants to harm our nest with his friends he wants to sell to ziko. Thank God he is UNELECTABLE. UPND is a cult led by a cult tribo leader. His boys, H-are coming. Read below my message and you will see what I mean!

  2. ‘Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) board!!!.’ There is nothing independent here, stop cheating people. Even the most naive can now see through PF plans. This is a PF board! an extension of Sunday Chanda’s PF propaganda wing and PF tool of hate speech. PFools

  3. Looking at the comments above, yaba! Is that how low the confidence levels in PF pamaka has fallen? Better to resign now than face elections in 2021.

  4. Yes people have lost confidence in the appointing authorities…this board member system should be revised and make it voluntary…why pay board members who already have hefty salaries????

  5. The members must ensure that Chanda Kasolo us not retained as Board chair. There was clear conflict of interest when he served as chair . It’s good to learn that they will have serminar I. Corporate Governance.

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