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President Lungu arrives in Kasama, says losing a Ward to UPND was disheartening

Headlines President Lungu arrives in Kasama, says losing a Ward to UPND was...


President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has arrived in Kasama District, the Provincial capital of Northern Province for a two days official visit.

The plane carrying the Head of State touched down Kasama airport at 09:35 local time.

He was received by Northern Province Minister Bwalya Chungu, Minister of Local Government Charles Banda, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Christopher Yaluma, and senior government and party officials.

And addressing Kasama residents who turned up to welcome him, President Edgar Lungu said the defeat suffered by the ruling party in the IIambo ward seat in Lupososhi District was disheartening.

President Lungu said the party is currently receiving reports, to establish what could have led to the loss.

President Lungu, however, urged party members to remain united despite the humiliating defeat, saying it was not the right time to point fingers at one another, but instead forge ahead and think of workable solutions that will unify the party.

Meanwhile, Provincial Minister Bwalya Chungu thanked the President for sparing time, to visit the province once again.

While in the region, the President is expected to Commission the newly constructed Civic Centre in a Kasama.

The Head of State is also expected to go to Mporokoso District where he will Commission a house built for a retired Reverend who is also a senior citizen.

The President will also be conferred with the status of freeman of Kasama, and later hold public meetings in both Kasama and Mporokoso districts.


Earlier, President Edgar Lungu said that there is a growing demand for infrastructure across the country.

President Edgar Lungu explained that his tours countrywide have revealed that there is an urgent need to accelerate the infrastructure development in the country.

The Head of State said this today shortly before departure for Northern Province for a two day working visit.

President Lungu cited road infrastructure as one of the sectors that need quick attention as it plays a pivotal role in the economic development of the country.

“Northern Province just like any other province is my constitutency. Throughout out my tours across the country, it has come to my attention that there is need to accelerate infrastructure development such as road network people always demand for improved roads which is key to the economy,” he said.

President Lungu who is accompanied to Northern Province by Patriotic Front National Chairperson Samuel Mukupa, his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe and former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba.

The Head of State was seen off by several Cabinet Ministers who included Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya, Minister of Transport and Communications Mutotwe Kafwaya and Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo.




  1. “….it was not the right time to point fingers at one another,but instead forge ahead and think of workable solutions that will unify the partym.”

    Its called collective responsibility. You socialise both victories and losses unlike Mr.Mwila who wants to privatise victory and socialise loss.

    • Lungu you traveling with GBM? ask him why PF lost didn’t he say he will dismantle HH & UPND? Also ati shani nkani ya cheese? maybe the Northerners are not eating cheese unlike the Lusaka Misisi and Chawama cadres

    • @Dokowe that is how schizophrenic the PF are …. please note the picture in the background is one of the new planes just bought for him to traverse the country …iyo kwena Edgar udyela. And in ignorant bliss impoverished people even come to dance for you at the Airport… if only there could be a sticker on that plane reminding the people of the price they have to pay for it

    • What is disheartening is Zambia beginning to look, smell and feel like banana republic of Zimbabwe. When you choose Mugabe as your mentor, what did you expect?

    • Just educate the people. They thought when they put an “x” on UPND they were saying “Cancel the UNDER FIVE out.”

  2. There goes the thief, the mukula thief, the useless ka man who stole from a widow, kawalala uyu muntu uyu. scatter teeth, the ka worst president on earth… as useless as they come, as dull as they come…. useless waste of space

  3. I need a 90kg of pop corns next year. It will be a very interesting year which should be spaced by pop corns as the drummer unfolds.

  4. Dont deceieve yourselves ba UPND over Ilambo ward victory.UPND cannot beat PF in its stronghold in 2021.Check results in Saturday’s Daily Mail and you will see that PF won about 5 seats and UPND got one.The victory in Ilambo was could not be for UPND but a popular guy who stood on UPND.If it was during a general elections,HH could have gotten fewer votes than this popular councillor in ilambo ward.Learn to know local politics.President Lungu visits PF strongholds oftenly because he knows that his chances of returning power in 2021 are rooted there!!!If another by election is called in Ilambo ward today and PF adopted a strong candidate,UPND would 100% lose.Dont forget that PF won a Chairperson seat in this same Lupososhi constituency few months ago!!!Results do not lie-come 2021 HH will…

  5. Confirmed by from the horse’s mouth by the horse himself!

    Lupososhi, Ilambo Ward has smoked him out of his cave a.k.a chiteti halusi!

    I explicitly stated it yesterday.

  6. The media law statute that entrusts power to shut down media houses in the hands a few individuals must be revisited. Think of listeners first. Just discipline the presenter responsible for unethical conduct. In the TV studio live show, it is not unusual to exchange punches or to insults but that does not lead to shutting of the media house. There is need to protect the media houses. The demarcation line between media personalities and media houses needs to be clear. The assault on the Community Radio on the pretext that strong language used against HH was hate-speech and as such it needed to be punishes ignored the perpetrators. The radio equipment and the radio listeners were innocent. They deserve justice.

  7. We have a president who wants to win but forgetting working.He is surrounded by use-less technocrats.In Lusaka west people have no power for the past two days and Zesco can’t explain anything. Taking poor people for granted.If indeed we had leaders in MPs and chancellor people cant suffer like this.Mr.President you have failed.you have destroyed the party we loved so much.In 2015 you had an opportunity to invest in power coz we had a same experience but you stole with Mps and ministers.God will punish you.You have enough water resources in northern region but you have failed.I have never seen such usele—–less pipo like these blacks we have in Zambia.

  8. The plane carrying the Head of State failed to touch down Kasama airport at 09:35 local time as scheduled. The ChitiMukulu Mwine LuBemba Kanyanta-Manga II has dispatched an impi of sangomas to find out where mwine Chipata Lungu’s plane crashed because it is believed to have contained a lot of grudas! Accordinging to Bemba kaca, there will be no morning until the body is found. If it’s not found, LuBemba shall perpetually be in moaning.


    • Call a spade a spade!! Once a thief you will always be a thief. That’s exactly what he is and that’s why the country is so poor and everything is on borrowed money.The roads, hospitals, shopping malls do not belong to Zambia. The country is is collateral, it belongs to foreigners- China, South Africa, India etc, etc,

  10. Lungu its far more disheartening to lose 1/2 of Zambia’s forex reserves, 70 lives lost to cholera and Zambia’s economy losing 2/3rds of its yearly growth.

    • Imagine my brothers @ Mzambia wa Zamani and Spaka. In addition all these Zambians that die day in day out due lack of Medicine and qualified Doctors (Most Qualified Doctors and Nurses have left for greener pastures and no one can blame them) and no one in Government gives a faki about them, like they are not human beings but Animals. It is really amazing. Enough is Enough. Everything has a limit, and this includes life on earth. Why subject innocent Zambians to such rubbish as though they will live forever. Time is running out

      Nangu ku itemwa, takwaba

  11. What is this preoccupation with ‘winning’, ‘winning’? That is all PF can think of without really working. The ‘entire’ ECL going to commission a civic centre and a house. Useless campaign trips that serve no tangible purpose for those feeling the impact of the terrible social economic effects of PF being in power.

  12. What is this preoccupation with ‘winning’, ‘winning’? That is all PF can think of without really working. The ‘entire’ ECL going to commission a civic centre and a house. Useless campaign trips that serve no tangible purpose for those feeling the impact of the terrible social economic effects of PF being in power.

  13. Losing an election in one of your strongholds is an indicator that people have lost Trust, Faith, Confidence and Hope in your leadership, that is that, it is not difficult for anyone with a common sense to deduce. We saw this with late Frederick Chiluba and former President Rupiah Banda. People got tired and were fade up of what was transpiring in the Country. The people of Zambia are very tolerant but when pushed to the edge of the cliff they are bound to react as this is the nature way.
    Ask yourself one simple question? Why are people criticizing you? You reflect on the way you have been ruling the Country. What have been your priorities? Is it the people that elected you or it is the inner circle of your friends that you have been pleasing? It is all there for all to see. Simple as…

  14. Cont…..
    Simple as that. Mr. Lungu the noble thing you should do is to pass on the baton to someone else with PF, that can redeem the Party. With you as leader PF is finished, mark my words. If the other guys in PF do not release this now, it will be too late, as Zambians will go for HH, believe me you that is what most of them are thinking, especially after going thru all the hardships when you and your inner circle of friends are enjoying. I now understand the Ba Koswe mu poto song and I can proudly add my new song yet to be released titled “Ba Kolwe mwibala lya mataba ne mbalala song”

    Just resign, and let someone else within PF takeover until the coming elections. People are going to respect you. Zambians are worried as they imagine another Five years of you in power in…

  15. Cont….
    Zambians are worried as they imagine another Five years of you in power in addition to the 8 years you have clocked in the name of completing the remaining period of 3 years on behalf of someone who has passed on, without even being ashamed, fully knowing that is illegal and the fact that you have pronounced yourself as a former Lawyer makes the whole scenario a weird nightmare

    Thank you President Lungu for heeding to my advice. Thank you for trying to President to the best of your capabilities though you did not meet the required grade. Maybe you should consider getting into law practice, cause with the millions you have made within a short time you can easily setup a Law Firm and move on


  16. There was a time that it was illegal for a white man to marry a black woman in America.With the inertia of American law.That might still be the case.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  17. You have made 2019 to be very stressful for Zambians. Those are signs that people are no longer in interested in your fake party. You are busy campaigning when prices of essential commodities are beyond reach of a common Zambian. That is a red flag that come 2021, they will teach you a lesson. Your government is busy shielding corrupt elements. They can even go to an extent of insulting, those of us who are in diaspora earning a living, owing to your poor governance. Writings are on the wall. Be prepared to pack your bags.

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