President Lungu Mourns Chief Nyamphande

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu, has said that he is saddened   by the death of Chief Namphande IV of the Nsenga people of Petauke.

The President said that Chief Nyamphande IV, who died last Friday, 17th January, 2020, was a kind man who will be missed, especially, by the people of Petauke District. 

“He was a good man, always willing to help, we shall miss him greatly,” the President said.

President Lungu said the Chief will also be remembered as Mr. Phestus Mwanza, an accomplished professional accountant, who once served as Regional Director of Finance in Tazara at Mpika.

The President added that the death of the Chief was shocking because he died suddenly. 

“At the moment, my thoughts are with the royal family and the people of Petauke District,” the President said.


  1. It’s always shocking whn someone dies suddenly because the family are not psychologically prepared for the loss. Illness, especially long illness, psychologically prepares us although we may not be aware of it. It’s a terrible way to start a new yr. So how old was the late Chief Nyamphande? How long was he on the throne? Such basics are vital whn reporting such deaths.

  2. Our future generation will never forgive us for electing this visionless leader as president. He must be kicked out come 2021.

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