Thursday, May 30, 2024

Chinese Envoy Rubbishes Africa Confidential Story on Kafue Gorge Lower Power project Funding

..the Chinese government attaches great importance to the Kafue gorge lower power project as it believes it will significantly contribute to Zambia’s economic development.


Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie has refuted reports by Africa Confidential that China has suspended funding to the Kafue Gorge Lower Power project resulting in a stoppage of works at the hydropower station.

Ambassador Jie said in an interview that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the Kafue gorge lower power project as it believes it will significantly contribute to Zambia’s economic development.

He has since challenged people spreading false information to visit the project situated on the outskirts of Kafue and see how active the project is as a result of the continued Chinese funding.

“You can go to the construction site right now and you will see that it’s very busy. We have continued working on the project because we know how important this project is to the future of Zambia’s economy,” he said.

The 750 megawatts power project is expected to be completed and commissioned mid this year.

According to Africa confidential in its latest edition, ZESCO had created a special purpose vehicle through which to borrow for the project, with more than $1.2 billion already disbursed but that Chinese insurer, Sinosure has refused to underwrite a further loan, leaving the project in limbo.


  1. So bad for ka hh and his fake news media…wenyo! Load shedding will b no moreby mid 2020.wenyo chi mutu kwati bread

  2. Rumor mongering will take hh and his followers no were,ubufi bulaya no kubwela soon will see how God will turn the minds of people and will never belive the falsehood from this useless party which its agenda is to divide this nation.

  3. Like on all projects and infrastructural developments its in the interest of Chinese to ensure that they complete these projects without fail and delay and avoid reputational damage because it will then be very difficulty to win any future infrastructural projects and developments in Zambia They should also make sure that the construction standards are followed and adhered to Its in their Interest and avoid reputational damage due to non commissioning and operational so

    So far we have observed some good quality commissioning but others needs to be done and so for completion and commercial operations

    The projects must be competed and commissioned to quality with out any delay or failure in…

  4. The projects must be competed and commissioned to quality with out any delay or failure in the interest of the Chinese If they fail they will not be most likely be given any more projects of these magnitude in the future and in the region All these must finished and commissioned to standard being less of that will impact negatively on them

    Then people need t appreciate the esssense infrastructure developments and understand the impact on economies in slow or near recess looking for growth and the beauty that come with commissioned and operational growth oriented infrastructure developments

  5. When ever you see news hh is mentioned 90% is fake, when you hear a real sad news concerning our country Zambia hh and 90% upnd members will celebrate and it’s because of PF, this kind of politics will not help our country, which party that will be ushered into power must have the heart for the country first, opposition party is not about praying for misfortune of your own country, these projects being done through out the country who ever comes after PF will benefit out of it, let’s be patriotic zambians.

  6. Only a hyena can believe African hh confidential news. Fake news is the order of the day with upnd. How can anyone trust such crooks with governance. Even talking to charmaine last night in kafue, she was adamant that fake news is doing damage t our society. We hope upnd will heed their fellow members advice. Kz who is moderately hangover

  7. Ask the government of Srilanka and Djibouti what the Chinese did to them over the huge loans.
    They gave up control of their national assets to the Chinese.
    Besides when is the PF paying the Government retirees?

  8. I feel sorry for these h² zealots and their Moody, Africa Confidential, EIA and the Upndead sadists and propagandist misinformers.
    The low lives knucklehead rumour mongers suffer from downs syndrome.
    They will shrink with bitterness.
    What bunch of hogwash.

  9. These fake journalists. They sit on their couches at home look at pictures of kafue gorge and conclude there’s no work going on. They write empty articles and are paid according to the number of words in the story not the facts. How about visiting what you are reporting about?

  10. If an old publication like AC can risk their reputation to report fake news on Zambia, what is their motive?? What do they stand to gain?? This conspiracy looks very light but it’s actually deep. Whose interests are such institutions protecting and promoting?? Are we sitting on something we are not aware about??

  11. By Lusaka Time, why fake news, why NOT “go to the construction site..” and establish the facts before reporting.

  12. Why is the government not resolving K236,000,000 owed by Madison Asset Management Company to small depositors? No interest has been paid to us for over 8 months, our deposit has been frozen.
    Who is protecting Lawrence Sikutwa from not paying salaries to workers at Madison Finance?
    Who is protecting Madison General Insurance from prosecution for declaring dividend when the company is insolvent?
    Who is allowing Madison Life Insurance to collect premiums from uninformed small savers when the whole Madison group is a Ponzi scheme to enrich Sikutwa and his political accomplishes?
    Do whatever you want just return our deposits

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