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Are PF Cadres Bewitched by Seer 1? Against Wilfred Sameta attacks on Sexual Rights.

Columns Are PF Cadres Bewitched by Seer 1? Against Wilfred Sameta attacks on...

Is Seer 1 behind PF cadre Wilfred Sameta’s naïveté? Seer 1 self-confessed powers over the PF cartel seems to bewitch cadres into worshipping the PF crime syndicate. Lungu is their god, and Sameta is his false prophet. Prophetic and courageous individuals like Linda Kasonde and Laura Miti are insane, so Sameta believes.

Sameta is too intelligent to praise the PF cartel for countless successes. I cannot count them one by one, but the picture is clear: starvation, unemployment, corruption, violence, power cuts, fuel prices, human rights violations and failure to pay council workers and retirees are among the many developments that invite a sane PF cadre to dance dununa reverse. Those who think otherwise, they believe, are working with Western gays to force regime change. As for Seer 1’s “false prophecy” that HH is winning in 2021, Sameta is quick to associate Hakainde with the devil. At the same time, his bewitched mind erases what the self-declared prophet said about the source of the PF cartel’s powers.

I have many reasons to dispute Seer 1’s prophecy about HH winning the 2021 elections as long as the cartel remote controls the Electoral Commission of Zambia. Nonetheless I am forced to ask, who has been bewitched, politicians vis-à-vis cadres? Telling by the zeal of PF cadres, Seer 1 may explain their blind loyalty. Evidence? Sameta’s screeds that worship the PF regime at the cost of human decency. He proudly shouts pabwato, when retirees die without getting their dues; children die from simple illnesses, hospitals lack medicines, masses starve, and criminals are acquitted, while politicians steal at will. Alas PF cadres tout these shameful socio-economic and political failures as successes. Those with the novelty to demand good governance, and accountability Sameta illogically demeans!

Unless pathetically misogynistic, it is hard to defend Sameta’s outrageous belittlement of Kasonde and Miti. These ladies remain the pillars of justice in the nation. Nonetheless, Sameta’s pro PF despicable articles treats them as ignominious because they are not under Seer 1’s evil spell. They have the brains, dignity and courage to stand up to the PF cartel. In fact they are thorns in Lungu’s flesh–he fears them like hell!

It is not by chance that Sameta’s targets enjoy earned intellectual prominence as opposed to the one bought by dancing dununa reverse, undressing oneself to Seer 1, and deify the Corrupt One. As a sane PF cadre, however, Sameta calls them insane. Is it not Aristotle who said, “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” Like most human rights defenders, Miti and Kasonde are mad at the PF’s lawlessness and corruption. It is time to say, Enough!

I rarely respond to PF cadres–their heads are too complex for an ignorant person like me. It is for this reason I ignored his unfocused screed directed at me on January 6, 2020

In that screed, Sameta ignorantly characterized my human rights advocacy as insanity. He concluded my advocacy is meant to discredit the corrupt PF government to the donor community. It is not the first time I have been accused of doing this–my opponents cannot justify why and how gay rights harm their freedoms or harm African morality.

I know that defending sexual and gender minorities is negatively perceived. We have forgotten how the colonial regime perceived fellow whites (especially missionaries), who demanded justice for Africans. To colonialists, they were insane. This is true with women rights defenders–the world saw such courageous women as insane. But were they?

I am a scholar, priest and human rights defender. Accusing me of going around the world sleeping with men is informed by total ignorance. My bishops know my position on homosexuality. Frankly, I am not interested in who Sameta sleeps. Neither am l God to judge. As long as he does not go after children, rape women and cheat on his wife, consensual sex among adults is a private matter; another reason I oppose the imprisonment of people because of who they love. As to my sexuality, it matters not. Denying other people their rights is morally unacceptable and sinful.

Uh. Sameta is too wise to know that defending women’s rights does not mean going around the world sleeping with women. Pope Francis, for example, has defended gays and women. Following Sameta’s naive logic, the Pope is insane and goes around the world sleeping with women and men. Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, President Joyce Banda, the leadership of the World Council of Churches, President Barack Obama, and Jimmy Carter, all spoke (and speak) against abusing gay persons. Does this mean they go around sleeping with people of the same sex? Are they also paid to discredit the corrupt PF government?

One does not need Seer 1 to understand the growing phobia of the PF regime as we approach 2021.

The defeat of the PF would mean sending Lungu worshippers to prison–another reason they are running to Seer 1, n’gangas, priests, and self-declared prophets. In fact, they are ready to eat dog faeces if that means winning the 2021 elections. It is this phobia that both Seer 1 and Sameta are strategically exploiting to get the attention of the PF cartel!

Sameta screeds amplify Lungu’s attacks of human rights defenders and opposition leaders. For instance, he has repeated Lungu’s claim that the West is out to push regime change because of his anti-gay policies. Zambia is blacklisted because of corruption and lack of rule of law. This has nothing to do with Kapya Kaoma, Kasonde, Miti or HH–it is a PF self-inflicted wound. I agree, regime change is needed, but Zambians, not western gays or nations, will hopefully do it in 2021!

Am I then paid to discredit the PF regime to the international community? Unless you live in Seer 1’s calabash, there is nothing to discredit in the putrid PF government. The donor community knows the Lungu administration is a crime syndicate. Of course, Seer 1-bewitched cadres may deny it–but those who hold the purse know the truth—Zambia is one of the most corrupt nations in the world.

Sameta employed the Lozi creation myth of Nyambe and Nasilele to explain my insanity. He did not, however, explain why Nyambe retired to the sky. In God’s Family, God’s Earth (2013), I write: “Nyambe created Earth and all creatures. Sadly, one creature called Kamonu (human being) imitated God, forged iron spears and killed an antelope. Nyambe was very annoyed with Kamonu for killing his own brother. Nyambe forgave him, but Kamonu did not repent. Armed with his spears, he killed a buffalo and other animals. Nyambe was very upset and sent misfortune on Earth and then retired to the sky.”

If the Lozi deity so much cares about animals, how about our fellow human beings? Is not Jesus who said, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? (Matthew 6.26). Sexual minorities are equally images of God and have sacred rights to life.

I believe humanity is sacred–we are all images of God. Our sexual orientation or gender identity do not violate our sacredness. We are all children of God and children of the Soil. As a priest, I am not ashamed to support all God’s children to live freely regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. We are all humans. Period.

Akira Kurosawa is right indeed, “In a mad world, only the mad are sane.”

Rev. Kapya Kaoma


  1. I for one don’t belive this witchcraft , bewitched , prophetic sh.it……

    What I do believe is the day Zambian leaders stop beliving this sh.it and sanitize their people about the profanity of beliving in this witchcraft sh.it is the day Zambia will join the developed world…..

    It is a coincidence that no developed country believes in that witchcraft sh.it ?

    Is it a coincidence that right here in Zambia other peoples like Indians, Chinese , whites don’t waiste time beliving that sh.it and are getting richer ???

    While our black brothers beliving in that witchcraft sh.it are getting poorer ?

  2. Weldone. NOW PF pay all retirees. Pay RETIREES. PF PAY RETIREES. PF PAY RETIREES. PF PAY RETIREES. TELL GIVEN LUBINDA NOT TO BRING BILL 10 WE DONT NEED IT MULEUFWA that is y seer1 said you are sturborn bcoz u dont want to listten to pipo on useless bill 10. take back what u got from seer10 so u can hear the plea of retirees. u want to be re-elected as president for which pipo? whom u have failed to pay retirees? this time votes are going to a new person watch this space. PAY RETIREES.

  3. Its only common sense that if this crooked I.d.i.o.t had the powers he so claims to have, he would have made himself president of Nigeria. Why do crooks who claim to have magical powers always want to make others powerful and yet they wallow in poverty? Does it make sense ?

  4. Rev. Kaoma, our role as clergy is to love everyone and to try as much as possible to unify people were we can. We should hate the sin but love the sinners. We should never carry any bitterness. No matter how people mistreat or misunderstand us, forgiveness and love must always be there. If we antagonize ourselves with people, how then are we going to help them? We are called to be a blessing to people.

  5. Let’s respect and support the government of the day regardless of anything else. Let’s also be objective and exercise wisdom.

  6. Rev. Kaoma, just because the pope supports gay rights does not make it right in the eyes of our Christian God. As a man of the cloth, I surely expect better from you, now unfortunately I am inclined to support Sameta. As for Laura Miti, she needs to come out clean and just tell the nation and world that she is gay. It is very clear.

  7. For human rights purposes many a lawyer, mwanawasa inclusive had defended the hardest of criminals but this did not mean they were criminals themselves. For once people should just try to give Mr kaoma a fair hearing . Citing the pope and all the big names simply means he’s laying a humble demand for objectivity to his argument. The hypocrisy being exhibited here in is a dangerous liability to genuine national building

  8. I understand your argument Fr Kapya Kaoma. But I still consider homosexuality a perversion. Sex across gender is at the centre of human reproduction. That’s just the way it is. I eat through the mouth. What’s the point of eating through other organs when there’s nothing wrong with the mouth?

  9. Virginia: I would not advocate sending homosexuals to prison. I consider homosexuality like smoking: both are un-natural, addictive and dangerous but some human beings indulge in them anyway. So let’s treat homosexuals like smokers.

  10. One more comment, wht about sex btwn two consenting close relatives? Why is it frowned upon by society? It’s morally repugnant and scientifically, that is, genetically not recommended. But it’s sex btwn two consenting adults, done in their own privacy and harms no one.

  11. @ nemwine, yes illegal and repugnant as it is some people will still be indulging and this should be the more reason why it shouldn’t deserve that much space in national discourse

  12. We have a very bad virus in our country and this virus is like a time bomb.Every one now is a politician even those who are not learned in this field wants to parcipate .Leave it to the politicians themselves that is why we are finding it difficult to understand issues in politicts,politicts is a dirty game one person narrates.

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