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Part of the K1.5 trillion worth Great East Road collapses

Videos and Audios Part of the K1.5 trillion worth Great East Road collapses

In 2012 Zambia  received a loan of 336 billion Kwacha from France to finance the rehabilitation of the Great East Road. The then Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda said that the total cost of rehabilitating the Great East Road was 1.5 trillion Kwacha.

The rehabilitation of the Great East road was  co-financed by European Investment bank which contributed 505.6 billion Kwacha and the African Development Bank contributed 495.5 billion Kwacha.

The European Development Fund would contribute 240.1 billion Kwacha as a project grant to the rehabilitation of Great east road. France’s contribution to the project was made through the French development agency through a concessional loan of 336 billion Kwacha.

President Lungu commissioned the newly rehabilitated road Great East road in October last year.The Eastern Province Minister at the time said the Great East Road is one of the Legacy Projects by the PF Government and the President was expected to drive on the road from Luangwa to Mwami Boarder.

President Lungu commissions the rehabilitated 360 kilometre Great East road from Luangwa to Mwami border.October 31st 2019

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  1. If there is one thing the PF is consistent with, it is its incompetence. Their love for kickbacks at the expense of quality work is legendary. Fcuk this government and all who support its $h!t.

    • @Dudelove, it is not incompetence.. They are just outright thieves. The thought of another 5 years with these bandits at the helm scares the hell out of me.

    • True, that’s about how much a German Autobahn costs and that doesn’t get washed away. Different quality work. You get, what you put in

  2. There’s definitely a need to audit the projects, especially roads done between 2010 and now. Most Formula 1 roads collapsed long and some have already been redone, especially township roads. These are the most expensive roads that we’ve ever done yet they haven’t lasted. We rejected MMD because of the same mischief and it has somehow found its way back into Govt through PF and all shoddy works and have been perfected. The solution here is to kick out both PF and MMD

    • PF is the reincarnation of the MMD that people rejected. All that people rejected was simply a name of the party and not the deeds and the people who were in MMD. The real founders of PF are not even in the party today. Rupiah the last known MMD president to rule has his share in the PF too. MMD was thrown out for a few years but bounced back when Edgar took over.

  3. These roads will not last 5 years.

    After 5 years , you need more eurobonds to redo the whole road network.

    They chose the cheapest spec but paid them selves prices that were for the most expensive spec……

  4. these things happens in every country its not only Zambia. Isukulu guys,you want to blame the Government for everything, did it push the road to collaps, and how? rubbish!!

  5. @Nemwine, Beats, they do but usually not on a road because enforcement materials are usually put in place before the tarmac was laid. The video shows shoddy work, period. There is nothing there to uphold the road. The tarmac was laid on bare ground. And your so called “sink hole” is from the side. PF sonta…., my foot!

  6. Its the PF government and their shoddy contractors who should be googling sink hole!! If you spend K1.5 trillion on a road in a place with heavy rains and a river you had better have sink hole in your mind when you are designing a road not fit to be called a pavement

  7. Awe Sure: Please Google ” sinkhole ” and also watch the u-tube videos. A whole bus was swallowed in China. This is wht I mean by lack of sensible debate on issues that concern us.

    • That does not look like a sinkhole. The backfilling and reinforcement was poorly done especially on the areas close to the river or valley.

  8. The EU had commissioned a consultant on this same section before they ordered the contractor to red do some works. He reported that the old road they ripped was stronger than what they put up. The one that is collapsing. By the way that is not a sink ‘mwe abaya ku sukulu’. A sink hole at a water crossing point? What a misrepresentation!

  9. Nemwine

    So all those bridges and collapsing roads we see every month are sink holes ???

    Seems Zambia has been invaded by sink holes…..

  10. I just watch and laugh how some people with very low thinking capacity comment negatively and blames the government for everything including natural disaster.
    This has really helped to decampaign the oval headed triple h, well done. Any news that comes you see the same bloggers with negative comments on anything but have failed to offer solutions. Shame.

    • Which natural disaster naimwe. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure the engineers and contractors they engage build something that will last by considering any future effects that can cause what they build to crumble. We have floods in the town area and you will call that a natural disaster too or should government have done a better job on he drainage system. Zambia does not experience monsoon kind of rains you know. We as individual people do plan ahead through insurance cover to help us negotiate past future occurrences which are uncertain and those we can’t really quantify. There were bridges washed away in the past too but it seems we don’t learn to correct any such future occurrences from happening again.

  11. Clearly I haven’t inspected the scene. I’m merely looking at the picture. It’s infantile to chide me for that. Sinkholes dont just happen on roads. A whole house was swallowed by sinkhole in Florida a few years ago. We are in the Google age. Check out these things independently and then cool dwn.

  12. Civilised

    Every month we are seeing new roads being washed away, is this normal ?

    Even if it is defending lungus PF , people have to wonder what kind of new roads are getting washed away in their first few years ??

  13. There are worst rainfalls in other parts of the world but roads and bridges are not failing as the case is in Zambia.
    Our roads were done pretty recently . There is a problem which requires serious proffessional investigation and analysis. The engineering designs and supervision services must be thoroughly investigated.
    We are not the only country affected by forces of nature.

  14. @kaizer when designing you factor in the impact of nature and allow for safety factor to minimize failure.
    Please don’t always defend mediocre

  15. Are these the useless roads that corrupt id!ot kaponya was comparing to Dubai highways?
    The thieves pocketed most of the money meant for good roads

  16. What a shame! From the time they took over power it has been scandal after scandal. May we redeem ourselves next year Zambians!

  17. Look at Lumumba road up to Six miles the rad is less than a year but already it is sinking and breaking up what do you think it will look like in over a year you will soon be looking for money to redo that road sometimes dont defend any how unless u benefit from such otherwise it is diheartening

  18. CMON guys? how can a sinkhole run sideways?
    Do you know what a sinkhole is?
    The PF supporters seriously need to have mental check ups.

  19. Can’t we debate without attaching political labels? Whom will u debate with if there’s always agreement? None of us has been to the scene. Personally, I hv no problem being proved wrong. I know Ivam only human, flesh and blood, as the Human League sung in their 1990s hit song. Hw many know the song and can reflect on its its message?

  20. When you see Dr Chilufya dishing out money like confetti to poor people and buying out the whole of Chilubi Is and PF building headquarters everywhere this is where the money is coming from. reducing bills of quantities to cream off excess.

  21. Just borrow another K1.5Tn naimwe. Why the fuss? After all in his vision our leader, parroted by “others”, told us that there is no country in the world which doesn’t borrow. It’s infrastructure agenda, so just borrow more until the lenders refuse to lend you.

  22. LT how hard is it to maintain a website? How reply button does work …an IT student can do a better job fixing these glitches on this websites. Close down the website if you have failed

  23. Ba LT can you check your figures. Does it mean scribes do not learn mathematics. Your figures can not match. Do you understand trillion figure? May you are bent towards propagators of false information.

  24. PF in a nutshell. Counties all around the world can build roads to stand up to constant tropical downpours, or annual flooding. Here in Zambia a few good weeks of rain tear out the brand new road, and the governemtn simply says “ahh, it’s nothing we could have stopped”. Perhaps investing the money into a company that ACTUALLY knows how to build roads, instead of lining your own corrupted pockets of sin? Shame on you.

  25. Let’s be realistic, the collapse of this part of the road has nothing to do with PF, but everything to do with poor engineering and construction standards. This is the road that was redone after RDA engineers had certified it.
    I know how easy it is sometimes to just blame and label the PF govt for corruption, this and that, etc, this unfortunately is not one of those things. Yes the system is broken and politicians are only part of that problem, the biggest problem is teams of technocrats and engineers appointed to oversee such projects and the lack of standards.
    Some people seem to think this is one of those natural disasters accidents, it is not. Until evidence is provided to demonstrate that this was out of the engineers hands, I will keep saying, “a majority of Zambian…

  26. Dokowe: To really become a civil engineer for example, u of course need a civil engineering degree and a reasonable period of practice on engineering projects and assignments. But to leave UNZA wth an engineering degree and off to work in a regulatory body isn’t the best preparation for a young engineer. The problem may lie there.

  27. Shady work by sontapo PF, always bouncing backwards. The roads n bridges being constructed are like ‘ now you see me now you don’t. Good luck.

  28. The contractors were Chinese and we know the workmanship, just like everything they do -poor
    and then the corrupt govt officials,

  29. Look, natural disasters like sinkholes or major soil erosion cannot be a govt fault. The response to natural disasters is A govt issue in relation to people support, repairs, and environment protection.

    Opposition and supporters must grasping at straws. Inciting hysteria and violence. These people are all over the Internet.

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