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Chanda Mbao declares himself president of the ‘yo ballys’ and launches


In a bid to make a light moment for his music fans, Chanda Mbao has declared himself the president of an association known as the Yo Bally Association of Zambia (YBAZ for short, we are told). He made the announcement by way of releasing a surprise single a couple of weeks ago. The single was even launched on the website in a bid to legitimize the association.

When asked about the meaning and mission of the association, Chanda Mbao noted that often young urban youths who speak a certain way in Zambia are stereotyped, and so his goal was to create positive connotations for young urban youths in Zambia. To that end, he published the Yo Bally Code of Conduct on the website which has gotten positive feedback. Chanda mentioned that he intends to get together with young Zambian men to engage in positive activities underneath the auspices of the association but for now he wishes to impart a set of values they should aspire to.

When asked about the song, Chanda narrated that his goal was to release something light-hearted during these tough times and bring a smile to the faces of young Zambians who follow his music. Ultimately, he said, he hopes to be a positive influence and hence his anti-drug references and his drafting of the Yo Bally Code of Conduct.

A very interesting roll-out, we must say!

Check out the song below:


  1. Congratulations and very inspiring for registering that domain name ……

    I think the domain name is cool and can have numerous spin offs

  2. This guy is not the real KZ is just an impostor i don’t even know why KZ has allowed you to tarnish his name more on LT you pretend to be KZ you are not so everybody here on LT should not pay attention to this guy who call himself KZ because he is fake he is an impostor a criminal this is identity theft because i don’t think Kaizar Zulu has got time to always talk nonsense about people the whole day on LT.

  3. Please LT, we are busy here, give these kind of stories to news media like Zambian something, Tumfweko, Mwebantu etc.

  4. Show business is full of human cartoon characters. While the artistic creativity of some makes them shine with time, others will ridiculously drift into obscurity. Which is which for the “Yo Bally Association?”. The answer is on the balance sheet.

    What began as a simple comic sketch for Walt Disney became a multinational mass media company that has offered endless entertainment to the world and created employment to a large number of people for a long time.

  5. @Nine Chale I appreciate the fertility of your mind. The Zambian music scene actually has a number of brilliant artistes like jay rox etc who are first class song writers. As a nation, we need to stop marginalising these young creators and give them a solid platform and respect that they deserve. Imagine if Mozart was marginalised in his native country. Our culture is at risk of dying if don’t encourage these young people. But naimwe guys bakemba, make music that will speak to the culture not club bangerz chabe#respect art and the artiste.

  6. Hey ecsay! hasichalwe I am the only TITF aka Thorn in the Flesh.
    Ain’t no nigga called h² can be a Thorn in the Flesh.
    There can only be one me
    (Can’t nobody, can’t nobody do it like me)
    There can only be one me
    (Can’t nobody, can’t nobody do it like me)


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