Forest Hope They Will Be Champions If Season Is Ended Due to Covid-19


Leaders Forest Rangers want to be declared champions of the 2019/20 FAZ Super Division season in case the suspended campaign doesn’t continue due to the corona-virus pandemic.

Forest, who have never won the FAZ Super Division title, are leading the Super Division with 46 points from 24 matches played in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic that has halted the season.

FAZ is in the coming days expected to decide how the current season will be concluded as guided by CAF.

Declaring the season null and avoid is one of the options FAZ is expected to consider.

But Forest chairman Ben Mukuka says it would be unfair to declare the season null and void when some clubs have played up to 24 rounds of matches.

“Obviously as league leaders people may think that we will be biased in our proposal on how the league should end but I think people should look at a fair solution to how the league should end,” Mukuka said on Saturday.

“Look at this; we have played more than three quarters of the league fixtures and its common sense now that we can’t play games with fans. I think that if we cancel the season the league leaders should be crowned as champions of the league. And then all the top four teams that are currently sitting on the top of the league should be allowed to participate in continental football next season,” he said.

When the league was halted at Week 25, the top four had Forest, Green Eagles Napsa Stars and Zesco United in that order while the bottom three is hosting Nakambala Leopards, Kabwe Youth and Mufulira Wanderers.

“To say that we declare the league null and void and then pretend like the 2019/20 season never happened and go back to the season 2018/19 will be very unfair,” Mukuka said.

“What is unfortunate in Zambia is that we don’t have uniform number of fixtures that have been played in the league. It also fair to allow teams that have not reached the 25 game-mark to play under closed door although this is the proposal the Government turned down,” he said.

Zanaco, the team with the fewest number of games, have played 21 times.

Mukuka added:”The other suggestion probably me I would think of why don’t we go for the head or tail of a coin because there are few games to be played.”


  1. The league should be decided on the field of play. We cant allow an incopetent team like forest to represent the nation, while kalampa nkana has played fewer games than fore malembe. Kabwanga shud dare not give the title to fore malembe

  2. The games must all be played after the pandemic. We want the real top four to be availed. Don’t declare the league null and void, it is too early to start thinking in that direction.

  3. Europe will be cancelling their leagues because of weather us who copy european behaviours will want to imitate them. But we have good weather during Europe s bad weather so we should just ignore European soccer season and play to our conclusion in December. Next year we start from March finish ball

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