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Self-Regulation Framework aimed at Dealing with Fake Pastors Completed


Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili says a self-regulation framework submitted by churches and religious organizations has been completed.

Reverend Sumaili says the self -regulation framework which is aimed at ensuring churches adhere to legal, ethical and other standards will soon be launched.

The Minister says the framework will help to address the issues of fake pastors who pretend to be servants of God, yet their activities are contrary.

Reverend Sumaili told ZNBC News in Lusaka that Government will not tolerate people that pretend to be servants of God and mislead citizens with false biblical teachings.

Government through the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs was consulting the Church and religious community leaders on a Framework in which they can operate devoid of breaching the ethics and standards.


  1. Thete you go minister again with another contravercial undertaking. I can see your desperation to impress. Bottom line is religion is based on faith and faith is a personal choice. The critical question therefore is,: can you genuinely regulate faith and from whose perspective? It will be interesting to see how this process will pan out

  2. What about tuntemba Pentecostal bishops? And those papas who preach in buses at intercity where do they take that cashing they correct from unsuspecting passengers? And the same papas why do they get offend if you don’t notice their presence in the bus, they will automatically direct the sermon at you make you the subject of their sermon.

  3. This is meant to regulate Pentecostals, they’re the religious lunatics. Most of them ordain themselves. But why should the State be involved in such an undertaking? Use the existing Law to lockup rogue pastors, end of story

  4. How is that going to be done? The Word of God say, the time is coming when people won’t listen to good teaching, instead, they will look for teachers who will please them by telling them only what they are itching to hear. They will turn from the truth and eagerly listen to senseless stories. So, what will be the code for pastors? And what does the Word of God say about such false pastors?

  5. Zambia a Christian Nation should base on the Word of God. The government should carry duties as per Word of God. If a pastor commits a crime let her/him be punished just like anyone. What will happen to false individuals who preach unsound doctrine or other faiths? I reckon, the minister of religious should concentrate on praying for Zambia, the government, opposition leaders, to open eyes for Zambians to tap into the natural resources and to speak out all wrongs.

  6. There is religious belief and then there are I.diots like seer 1. Those who are querying how religious beliefs can be regulated should note that Zambia is a Christian nation as enshrined in constitution. So we cannot accept people who claim to have magical powers like seer1. We know there are many out there hoodwinkinh gullible zambians. Those are ones we will regulate and get rid of.

  7. Regulation is Good, but not with input from KZ, can this guy even re sight one verse in the bible, what I am trying to get at is are we going to have credible people to see what is wrong and what is right religiously, or is saying Christians for Lungu a yardstick for a good pastor?, This subject we have here looks easy and simple at face value but it is very broad, philosophical and physiological and if left to people without credibility, it will be a total mess, coming to credibility, the question is which among the PF can qualify to be credible, I leave this question to all of you so that you come up with your own revelations.


    Ba (G0d)fr!dah, why not start by regulating yourself, considering you are a shameless, hypocritical belly P.F Cadre?
    48 mansions & wheelbarrows, overpriced ambulances, burning of markets, Mukula, mourner had hand chopped off @ an opposition funeral, P0rnO minister, P.F sponsored & backed Gassing, & violent acts which emanated straight from State House by “the real K@iser”, not the sewer L.T bot imposter & NEVER HEARD YOU G0dfr!dah condemn any of the above vices & remember, I’ve only included 20% of P.F scandals above.
    To you I say G0 T0 H3LL, where you belong & meanwhile P.F.MUSTGO.

  10. Tbis woman must be a serious wizard of the desert. Very archaic and retrogressive in thinking.

    This ministry is just worst of tax payers money and must disbanded.

    This money can be used alleviate poverty in most Zambian families.

    PF must go!

  11. Look at her 4 handsets on her table probably bought by taxpayers money.

    There is too much wastage in PF government.

    PF must go!

  12. You cannot regulate belief. Period. If you try you must become a hegemonic state like those countries ruled by the religious decree of the religious leaders. In a democracy it will have to remain “self-regulatory”. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  13. Seer1 has really shaken these people in PF but am just worried about what they did to Miles Sampa can you please set this guy free.

  14. Before you remove so called Fake Pastors please make sure you make Miles Sampa normal again remove whatever you have put in his brain.

  15. And when is the one regulating fake Politicians coming into effect? Especially those Politicians who promise things and end up grounding the economy to its knees as the current situation.

  16. And when is the one regulating fake Politicians coming into effect? Especially those Politicians who promise things and end up grounding the economy to its knees as the current situation…

  17. And Sumaili you are also fake and bandit Ministerm…you wasting tax payers money with your nonsensical Ministry…your Ministry Will be disbanded in 2021 after PF is out of office

  18. @ NEEZ UPND strategist aka Kaizer Zulu, what’s wrong if someone professes to believe in ancestral spirits? If Seer 1 says he believes in his forefathers as per long African History but also says Jesus is a God?
    Sometimes it helps to simply wonder how our lives would have been had the westerners not locked us up and enforced their language, culture and religion on us.
    With that being said, this whole issue is impractical! There is a reason why we have many congregations, she will be baised in enforcing her own personal beliefs.
    This is the woman who has said no to traditional ceremonies because they are evil and refused a donation from Muslims.

  19. For your information, Zambia is a Christian nation by declaration, and not constitutionally, consider the Islamic Republic of Iran or Somalia as true religious nations.
    We don’t have Biblical guidance in our constitution, and freedom of religion and it’s expression (which is a problem this regulation won’t solve) are guaranteed, ALL religions.

  20. Godfridah should start with herself and Nevers Mumba, they’re the two most prominent fake pastors in Zambia. You recall how Nevers said God had told him to stand and win but he lost, badly. Maybe it was a fake god he was listening to.

  21. Please who ever takes over government, this must be the first ministry to go, it does not add any value at all. There is not even a mechanism to measure its hopeless performance. This is just gobbling money, and argue with me fairly, not your usual response of referring to people who are truthful as being sent by the devil. I don’t know any devil and I would kill that devil, but this ministry is a waste of resources please, that’s why developed countries think we are a bunch of jokers. Do away with it, declare these guys redundant for the sake of the country please, I write in very good faith

  22. Oh my!! I hope there will be a biblical and divine method of identifying fake Pastors or else innocent servants of God will be victimised. In the bible according to the teachings of a leading Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 3:2,5 ” A Bishop (shepherd, pastor) then must be blameless, the husband of one wife ….. ” (not a wife of one husband)
    “(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?” From the above vindicated scriptures defining the qualification of a true Pastor or Bishop women that have ascended to he office of Pastors fall among fake pastors and must be flushed out. My advise is that we need God’s guidance through the scriptures for us to be able to identify Pastors who are false or erring.

  23. Why am I neez aka kaizar? I am lost. You diasporans come up with some weird stuff. What is neez???

  24. There is a problem here. What about religions that don’t use Biblical Teachings? Even those who use the Bible who will judge what true biblical teachings are? Freedom of worship and association is enshrined in the constitution – what will new framework do to this freedom? Minister please answer the exam questions above!!


  26. Could you also include protection of Pastoral Titles. Not everybody should wake and begin to be called Pastor or Bishop. These are ranks one has to go through before being confered and titled.

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