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Water levels at Victoria falls has increased by 200%-Zambezi River Authority

General News Water levels at Victoria falls has increased by 200%-Zambezi River Authority

Water levels at Victoria falls had increased by 200% as of 27th May 2020 compared to last year’s flow on the same date, says the Zambezi River Authority.

The recorded flow is 57% higher than the long-term average river flow for Victoria Falls, the Authority has said in a statement.

ZRA Chief Executive Officer Munyaradzi Munodawafa said the last time such high flows were attained at Victoria Falls was a decade ago.

Mr Munyaradzi said the water levels at Lake Kariba receded for the most part of the first quarter of 2020 with the obtaining lake levels being the lowest on record.

He said the receding lake levels were mainly caused by the delayed onset of the 2019/2020 rainfall season which only commenced in January 2020 instead of October 2019 as projected by both local and regional weather experts.

On water utilisation, Mr. Munyaradzi said during the period 1st January, 2020 to 27th May 2020, a total of 11.45 Billion Cubic Meters was utilized for power generation, representing 34% of the gross inflows over the same period.

He said balancing between the increase in lake inflows with the need to ensure a steady buildup of the reservoir storage for purposes of power generation, and the uncertainty regards the rainfall performance under the upcoming 2020/2021 rainfall season, the Authority has predominantly maintained the water allocation made to for the year 2020 (23 BCM of water shared equally between Zesco Limited and Zimbabwe Power Company) to ensure continued availability of water for power generation at Kariba for the remaining months of the year 2020 and beyond.

Mr. Munyaradzi said the Authority will continue to monitor the hydrological situation in the Kariba Catchment and water levels at Kariba Dam and keep the public accordingly informed.

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  1. The lies continues with Lake Kariba and cost of fuel at the pump…they have no heart for the people these incompetent empty tins

  2. Holly fvck!!! It is true that Zambian water is as slow as PF, takes 9 weeks from Victoria Falls to Kariba.

  3. So we have too much water at Victoria Falls but very little at Kariba? I have had enough of this conundrum.

  4. Its two weeks now the waters have not reached lake Kariba from upstream…its a balancing act for these guys in one breath you say the Victoria Falls has increased by 200% to attract tourists then in the same breath you say water levels down stream in Lake Kariba are not yet full as not to expose the inefficiency of the turbines and ZESCO with incompetent PF leadership.
    Only Nine Chale can believe such lies…

  5. Zambian Citizen and your fellow f00lish PF twits, can you explain the logic of having fifteen hours of daily loadshedding when the victoria falls is this full? I know right now your tongues are up Lungu’s a$$ and you can’t immediately respond but once you are done, please answer.

  6. How come we are letting water to leave the country while everyone is busy taking about resources we are letting water leave the country just like that, Zambians Nationals wake up.

  7. Loadshedding has stopped in many areas of Lusaka.in my area,we have had power 24/7 for more than 1 week now!!Keep it up ZESCO!!

  8. Why is everything leaving Zambia?
    Water is leaving Zambia via Victoria Falls without Zambians harnessing it or utilizing it to generate cheap Electricity. Copper and Gold are also leaving the country without any value addition. Tax money is leaving the country to pay US Dollar debts for which our PF Ubuteko says no Zambian qualifies to advise PF on debt restructuring; not even ZICA was found worthy to advise. Our wild animals are also leaving our ZAWA guarded Game parks and Zoos and are disappearing without leaving a trace. Is there anything that will remain in Zambia apart from the Chinese?
    No bwino bwino.
    The Cockpit of this plane is empty!
    Brace for impact!

  9. Lungu said the water is still travelling to kariba from vic falls ………

    A lot of stops along the way…..

  10. Leave my humble president alone, he has brought development to this country which will take your HH a good 15 years to achieve. Sontapo tumone.

  11. Is this the only story zesco has.victoria falls full and kariba empty.How many more weeks for
    It to reach kariba. Too many traffic
    Lights on the way.

  12. EVERYTHING in Africa is politics. Even so-called technocrats explain away their incompetence by invoking political stances. These fo.ols do not want to tell you that that Kariba Dam wall CANNOT hold the capacity it was designed for ANYMORE!!! PERIOD.

  13. This news story is wrong if you go to the Zambezi river authority website it said Kariba is 38% full and Vic falls is at 3000m3 a second but the graft shows 2017/18 the same so its not the biggest flow in 10 yrs but 2. also its up 200% not correct its up 300% over last yr at this time, but Kariba is only 38% full and rising 3-4 cm day thus in 3 months time it will have only risen 3 metre’s. then it drops so power can only be generated til Oct then its too low. power shedding returns, because the Chinese added extra turbines more water used but same length of rainy season. not smart our Chinese masters.

  14. Water or no water we will push PF boats off the cliff.
    Enuf is enuf. All PF thugs shall go behind bars. HH or anybody who promises to lock up every thieving and mismanaging Zambian businesses, treasury shall be locked up

  15. It is still climate change for PF load shedding still going on despite rivers being full 2021 the door is open enough of your lies the cup is full of your lies Zambians have had enough of your lies.

  16. Can someone refer this article to the fake Bally on reason for continued blackouts. He seems not to understand that Zambezi River Authority exists and if he does, then it is his usual lies he pushes down the throats of his brainwashed cadres who cheer him on. Unfortunately some of them have been to school, but blinded by tribe.

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