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The Agriculture Sector Needs to be Revolutionalised-Margaret Mwanakatwe

Economy The Agriculture Sector Needs to be Revolutionalised-Margaret Mwanakatwe

Lusaka Central Member of Parliament Margaret Mwanakatwe says the agriculture sector needs to be revolutionalised in a bid to cushion hunger in the amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms. Mwanakatwe who is also former Finance Minister says the pandemic has caused negative impact on global economic sectors including agriculture.

She has since called for the empowerment of women and youths with agriculture skills for them to be self-sustainable.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe has also challenged Zambians to come up with lucrative business ideas that can be funded by government in a bid to strengthen the country’s economy.

She said this when addressing residents of Lusaka Central Constituency in Lusaka.

Meanwhile Mrs. Mwanakatwe assured the people in Lusaka’s Kabudula area in State Lodge, that she will help them to acquire title deeds for their land.


  1. Madam Mwanakatwe you’re telling us things that we already know. You’re behaving as if you’re in opposition, yet you’re the ruling party. It’s too late to start talking about that, the next serious govt will implement that.

  2. Timely advice. However the minority uoiyh who protested from bushes are spoiled self entitled pillocks who believe that farming is below them. They then wonder why they are unemployed and bought off by hh

    • is the B.I.T.C.H still around, thought she died drinking too much alcohol, PF H.U.L.E.S are useless, just like their ka useless scatter teeth boss

  3. Missing Maggie so much. The economy under her was so romatic, the ministry of finance was so flowery, look at dressing like an eagle in church.

  4. The mistake we made in 1990 was to shift fro semi dictatorial to multi party democracy. This country has not been ready for full time democracy. We don’t have the capacity to monitor and hold our leaders accountable. Opposition leaders are not truthful just like those in government. That’s why the preaching is so rich and excellent and yet the implementation is so so so poor. Democracy is a recipe for lies and propaganda.

  5. Nostra stop being a hypocritical slime ball. When maggie was mnister you called her a drunk and all sorts of names. Now today you want to say fyo fyo fyo. Fuseke iwe

  6. The drama in PF doesnt stop .She got someones child ,put her on her back to pretend that they care about a common man .

  7. The have started coming out from under the rock now that elections are near….
    Who does not know what you are saying…..?
    Rather talk about the 500,000 jobs the clueless jacket in statehouse promised..
    How about…’ we have a buyer for KCM by June it will be done’ thats one year ago

  8. This useless hen aunty Dizzy when she was Finance Minister she was busy getting drunk with Whiskey now she is offering advice.

  9. What does she even mean?
    Incase I insult, please understand that the ex-minister of finance started it by insulting my intelligence.
    Agricultural revolution already happened 10,000 years ago and our ancestors were part of it. After that came the industrial revolution then the technology/computer revolution. Today we are in the age of A.I. Any person saying we need to revolutionise the agricultural sector has nothing revolutional to say or contribute towards building a better future for Zambia, and those cheering such a person should go for a neo-cortex checked – maybe it malformed.

  10. Hon Mwanakatwe,
    Please allow expats to come and help develop the agriculture sector.
    I’ve lived and worked in Zambia for 18 years. My 3 sons were born there.
    I have some savings here in the UK and I’m prepared to bring all of it to Zambia to invest in a farming venture in Kafubu Block, Luanshya.
    My plan is to rare chickens and pigs and use the manure to grow vegetables.
    My produce will be wholesaled to marketeers in Luanshya. On a monthly basis, I’ll hold open days at the farm to share knowledge with the local residents. I do not meet the $350,000 threshold to enter as a foreign investor…HELP PLEASE?

  11. She has come out of her hiatus after being told elections are coming next year so better start your campaigns.

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