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Independent Member of Parliament Mwenya Munkonge did not die of COVID-19-Health Minister


Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya says Lukasha constituency Independent Member of Parliament Mwenya Munkonge did not die of COVID-19.

Dr. Chilufya told journalists in Lusaka that the Member of Parliament tested negative twice prior to his death.

“On a sad note yes, we have lost Honorable Munkonge Independent member of parliament for Lukasha constituency. Honorable Munkonge 57 died at 04;36 AM on Saturday at levy Mwanawasa hospital. Hon. Munkonge was tested twice for COVID-19, he came in as a referral from Hilltop hospital and both tests were negative.” Said Dr. Chilufya.

He said contrary to online media reports Hon. Munkonge presented complications of high blood pressure and heart failure.


  1. If it wasn’t for covid-19, he could have been evacuated to South Africa or India. And may have survived. The cause of death is still covid-19.

    • All those hospitals you mentioned are full and don’t allow incoming patients from abroad. Hospitals are overwhelmed.

      They must learn to equip their hospitals and stop stealing for their selfish reasons.

      PF must go!

  2. When you have no integrity, even your words are difficult to believe. When a Shoe loses it’s integrity, who would want to wear it?
    It’s very important for members of noble professions to carry themselves with the utmost levels of integrity and Professionalism and avoid at all cost getting themselves entangled in partisan and cadre politics!

  3. ….a logic guess would have been to refer him to UTH if it indeed was complications with BP and heart what not…..why Levy???is that hospital well equipped for such??? Problem people think we so gullible….shame!…and what’s the story for honourable Mwansabombwe???

  4. Still trying to justify the continued opening of Parliament for the sake of Bill 10 when the cause of death is obvious?
    Just step aside Bwana lame-duck minister. Let someone clean take over from you this sensitive role to restore confidence in the COVID fight!

  5. The PF government has a record of denial.

    The man died of corona virus and someone is already twisting the facts.

    These guys are evil and dangerous.

    They are allowed to freely campaign for a lazy and corrupt president.

    It was yesterday I saw one crazy man having a political gathering in kitwe as though the pandemic is not there.

    I wondered maybe these guys are metallic in nature and they are immune to corona virus.

    Even they wear masks as if it is a fashion show only covering the chins and leaving the mouths and their big nostrils exposed to to the atmosphere.

    I asked myself, this corona is not meant for PF government officials or cadres but opposition and Zambians people at large.

    PF must go

  6. Now that Hon Rodgers Mwewa has died from Covid-19 will Mwila find another excuse? Parliament has become a Covid-19 Epicentre so its closure is a Must. Failure to Adjourn Parliament now will lead to more Covid-19 related death of MPs and Parliamentary Staff. Surely loss of life is more important than Bill 10. Close Parliament forthwith!

  7. NAREP President on let the people talk program “you know this Chitalu Chilufya is a thief”. So not sure if we should be believing what he says.

  8. For once let these leaders do the right thing. No one can fight the will of God thinking it will be well with them. Close parliament fighting for one person in passing bill 10 is not worth it.

  9. Only a fooool can trust this cash thirsty thief Chilufya….if he didn’t die of covid what did he die of, this was the first MP there was another one Roger Mwewa who followed. No more flying out of the country …is the new norm…improve local health facilities at reasonable cost minus this thief in the equation.

  10. Rowdy – Without Bill 10 PF will have no chance or should I say Lazy Lungu under the current constitution as lawyers are waiting to file his nomination

  11. @ Chikubabe, point on – its not contrary to online news, its Chitalu’s failure to clarify cause of death of late Munkonge that led the general public to speculate cause of death of late mp. Again, because your mind is muddled with thefts, this pietistic goofiness should be avoided.

  12. This is not news to me. We ve had so many Zambians die of hunger becos of these very thieves, students unable to graduate, nurses, teachers, pensioners etc. Now, one or two thief die and they are making headlines. It cant be. Am not sorry to say this”” those are the fruits of what they saw””. And now let them dead thieves bury themselves. Next!

  13. Birds of the same further flock. Lungu didn’t pick his friends by coincidence, it was well calculated. This guy is the worst and most arrogant. He would even try to convince people that they are not black but white. Guys start petrol bombing fools like him. We need a leadership which sees things the way they are and not these fools who use public money to sponsor terrorists!! We’ve had Enough!!!

  14. Leave parliament open and let Covid 19 take it’s course, survival of the fittest, the rest of us have to work to survive so these senior public serpents must do the same.

  15. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    This suspected thief is still allowed to air views in public? Who would listen to him? Surely the PF have no shame… allowing a suspected corrupt politician to be the public face of such an important public issue like COVID-19. Do they no such thing as public confidence being lost? Unbelievable!

  16. Tarino is the biggest I.d.i.ot to ever walk the earth. When thousands died and continue to die in his adopted country in UK, this little dull boy does not utter a word . When one person dies in Zambia, even where it’s not confirmed as caused by covid, this dog tarino is the first to bark and wiggle his tail continually. Pathetic little boy. Watch instead of responding substantively he will say imposter rubbish. What a p.u.s.s.ey. have some respect for the dead imbwa iwe xxb

  17. It’s like saying I am not corrupt when your life style values and can’t account for your property. Everything is all up there for all to see. Just because you are a doctor doesn’t make you any wiser to think everyone else is a cool.

  18. Is he a family member to reveal the cause of death of the dead MP? COVID is still running around in parliament. You close school and bars but you leave COVID hotspots like parliament. What a bunch of bawbags!

  19. We have heard of high profile people who have died of covid-19 in Europe and America. What’s wrong with being honest? Why live in denial? They fear that they will be condemned for reopening parliament in the midst of the pandemic. Close the damn parliament before more lives are lost!

  20. Comment:People this culture of evacuating so called VIPs must stop. Why are they be treated where you and me are treated, as long as ministers n president seek medical attention abroad our health infrastructure and services will continue deteriorating as there. It high time we passed policy that forbids this useless act. People if its your time to die its your time to die and it does not matter which hospital or country one is evacuated to they will die. Lets stop this users practice and invest the money in improving our own health services and infrastructure here in our own country. If we do not have the know how then let’s hire those excellent expatriate doctors to come and teach our own doctors here. Considering our location this could work to our countries benefit.

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