Saturday, July 20, 2024

There is No Wheelbarrow Levy introduced by Lusaka City Council


Lusaka City Council (LCC) Mayor Miles Sampa has dispelled reports circulating on social media that the city has introduced a levy for after it issued a notice to all wheelbarrow businesses to register.

Reports on social media interpreted the notice to mean that the government has introduced a wheelbarrow tax requiring all wheelbarrow pushers in town and markets to register their wheelbarrows and pay tax to the city council of K20 every month in addition to the K3 every day they pay to the market committee.

However, Mr Sampa said that he had a discussion with the LCC Town Clerk Mr Alex Mwansa on his circular on Wheelbarrow registrations and that the factual position is as stated in his circular that the Council will register all wheelbarrow businesses for security reasons given increased complaints received in our markets from marketeers that their hired wheelbarrow carriers disappear with their goods.

The Mayor said that the registration is therefore meant for accountability and transparency purposes for those conducting business in our markets and Bus stations in the City.

The mayor concluded the statement by saying that there shall be no lovely and any statement to that effect should be ignored.

“There shall however be NO Levy or purported TAX to be levied on any wheelbarrow holder. They shall pay ZERO to LCC. Any verbal or written statement to that effect should be ignored henceforth. Please be guided accordingly,” he concluded.


  1. It is good to see a Mayor resolving real issues affecting the common man, and not people fitting for Bill 10 just for their pockets

  2. What you expect from Zambia watchdog aka upnd mouth piece. The upnd live an illusion. These erectile dysfunction suffering constipated Billy goats even believe that hh has already won election. I was shocked to see a video of hh at his house in new kasama giving speech to a camera he setup himself with a flag of Zambia on table. The guy is a dreamer haha

  3. On Tuesday, the minister of local government Banda will your the markets and counter statement that the ” Wheelbarrow” registration fee” shall be paid to RTSA like any other commercial licenses.
    Please let UPND govern for at least 1 hour.

  4. Those wheelbarrow pushers only hire those wheelbarrows on daily basis from wheelbarrow barons, its wheelbarrow barons that should be targeted by ZRA . Do tell me the council doesnt know how this is played out, one individual can hire a wheelbarrow for a day and never show up again, so how do you register such individuals, ba mayor target the wheelbarrow barons.

  5. Let HH be a dreamer as dreams some times become true. Better
    To have bigger dreams then non
    At all.look at malawi?

  6. LCC suspended and I wonder what Miles Sampa and his team saying?

    There is confusion in PF led government and councils.

    PF must go!

  7. It would be too sad to see wheelbarrow pushers disappear off the roads and markets as they give a flavour/image of Zambian life! Only in Zambia can pushing a wheelbarrow be considered a delivery system!

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