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Zambia Police in Kasama detain 3 UPND campaign officials

Feature Politics Zambia Police in Kasama detain 3 UPND campaign officials

Zambia Police in Kasama has arrested and detained three United Party for National Development (UPND) campaign officials after accusing them of malicious causing damage to property.

According to the UPND media team, the arrested officials, that include Deputy Secretary-General in charge of politics Patrick Mucheleka, Campaign Manager for the Lukashya parliamentary by-election, Elias Mubanga, and National IPS Samuel Ngwira, were picked by the police in the early hours of Monday.

The party refuted the allegations the arrested officials are accused of committing, adding that this is nothing but a ploy by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to cause the suspension of the Lukashya by-election after failing to marshal the required support from the people in the area.

“The suspicion is centered on the fact that the ECZ director Emly Sikazwe earlier hinted the idea of not only suspending the election in Lukashya but also disqualifying the candidates and parties causing violence, ” the statement read.

“It is a fact that the ruling party has continued violating all rules of practice in an election the situation believed to be fuelling tension in the area.”

“The ruling party is not only distributing cash and other material resources in an effort to entice the voters but also destroying UPND posters and chitenge flags displayed.

“Other than distribution of resources and cash, the ruling party has no message to offer to the people after failing to fulfil the campaign promises of 2016.

“The area to this date remain under developed and this has made the people in the area not to believe and trust the ruling party anymore.

“What is more hurting to the PF is a fact that Lukashya purported to be their bedroom, opened doors wide to UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his parliamentary candidate Davies Mulenga.


    • Those who are educated and understand politics know that CHANGE is coming. To CHANGE for the better is what preoccupies every well meaning Zambian right now – its and idea that you cannot kill.
      STEVE BIKO: It is better to die for an idea that will live than to live for an idea than will die. All PF is doing right now is just adding to the list of the charges to be preferred against them next year. But change yeve is GUARANTEED!!!!

  1. Bakapokola please bombeni naifwe. We need your help if we have remove these thieves from office. Tuli Bantu venue. PF must go

  2. KZ at work.

    We have seen the footage of PF violence

    No amount of political persecutions will improve the economy which is the crux of the matter……..

  3. Where is that YALI puppy who was saying ECL is a peace loving president?
    If ECL reads what his puppies writes, he could have made a phone call to release those reds. I don’t like red color, but I like UPND.

  4. I find it absurd that the upnd thugs are blaming us. The police have arrested your party members and yet you still have pf in your mouth. A normal mature party would be busy investigating what happened with the aim to commission disciplinary action if its members are found wanting. Look what we did to JAY jay. We were quick to suspend him and allow the law to take its course. The upnd can never do this because they are all violent criminals and so need to protect each other. To the silly boy above saying this is my work, fyi I don’t have time to waste on nobodys like these.

  5. After i saw a video of man been forced to remove a UPND tshirt and put on a PF tshirt, i will now start asking whoever is putting on a pf tshirt if they doing it from their own free will or they under cadre point.

  6. So they were supposed to be let free. Jay jay, PF cadre was handed over to the police by PF but people still condemned the move. Chilufya, Chitotela were handed over to ACC by PF, the courts exonerated them. What people are saying is that UPND members are above the law. Upnd used to claim that pf alway transport cader from Lusaka, there member died in kaoma mhsrip. When investigation was conducted it was discovered that he was a cader transported from Lusaka. Upnd was caught pants down. This time around they can’t accuse pf bcos there doing the same. These caders who have been arrested should know better that what they did was wrong. HH will go back to his mansion leaving them to face the music alone.

  7. Rigging does not only mean actual tempering of votes, it goes far as anything you do to disadvantage your opponent during the entire process. You don’t tie your opponents\’s hands and boast that you have beaten then

  8. PF is peaceful party… If these by-elections were in the Southern Province, we were going to see pangas…just to show which party is violent…

  9. Please don’t enter the nolle this time around. Allow them to face the law as others do. No one is bigger than the law. If Mucheleka led the group and fired the gun, clear case of aggravated robbery

  10. This is not surprising at all.Ifintu nafikosa! So PF is now rigging the Election Results and intimidating UPND Voters. Well “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It has never happened and never will”. So UPND Voters and Supporters should persevere.

  11. hahaha mwansa, I am sure if I did anything wrong as alleged, the courts would have convicted me. To date, I have not seen any such conviction. Just like any zambian, I have appeared before the courts of this land whenever allegations have been made. So I find it absurd that a turd like you can expect me to be locked up when we are talking about three criminals here. Why dont you wait for the courts to decide just like they have done when i have been before them? are upnd thugs more special than us? to hell my friend

  12. It is only under a dictatorial regime of PF where when opposition members try to stop criminal activities such as issuing NRCs to foreigners and under aged children, the police is forced to charge them with aggravated robbery. Why should a country be safeguarding criminals and punishing people who want to restore law and order? I hope decent Zambians will vote wisely in 2021 to restore decency, rule of law and security in Zambia.

  13. Under a dictatorial regime of PF, when opposition members try to stop criminal activities such as issuing NRCs to foreigners and under aged children, the police is forced to charge them with aggravated robbery. Why should a country be safeguarding criminals and punishing people who want to restore law and order? I hope decent Zambians will vote wisely in 2021 to restore decency, rule of law and security in Zambia.

  14. There is no official media allowed to report the truth – and a number of independent ones have been closed. A lot of people are therefore in the dark about the happenings on the ground. If you care to visit the UPND facebook page or the CIC press team, you will see first hand the campaign videos, including footage of PF thugs trying to intimidate the UPND supporters during their slots to campaign. The Police have often turned a blind eye (as usual) The last time there was an attack, the UPND had to remonstrate at the Kasama Police station before they could be offered protection. Please get the facts from the ground, one way or the other and do not buy into the PF regimes measures of trying to have these elections cancelled by trying to portray the UPND as the violent party. Enough is…

  15. Can anyone put on a pf t shirt in southern province and come back alive! Reasoning of some friends is very difficult like Arabs

  16. This is a tactic by PF to cripple UPND campaign and intimidate their supporters so that they don’t go vote. UPND remaining leaders should carry on with the Campaign and make sure the Ballot Papers are guarded at all times. PF is shocked to see people of Lukashya and Mwansasombwe switch their support from PF to UPND so fast. PF’s lifeline is now to rig the Election Results. PF will never allow UPND to win these By-Elections in the perceived PF Stronghold. It would send a wrong message and signal to the Electoral Outcome in August 2021 Elections. Whatever happens on Thursday is immaterial becoz the mirth that Bembaland is a no go area for HH and UPND has been destroyed. It was an eye Opener for People of Mwansabombwe and Lukashya to see HH aka Bally and hear him address them in Bemba…

  17. It is amazing how some people have to make up to four posts on one issue just to justify failure which is there for all to see, kwacha performance and poor sentiments in the economy.

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