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K60 Million worth gold produced at Kasenseli Mine

Economy K60 Million worth gold produced at Kasenseli Mine

ZCCM-IH Gold Company has in the past three months produced gold worth sixty million kwacha at Kasenseli Gold mine in the Mwinilunga District of North-Western Province.

ZCCM-IH Project Manager Charles Mjumphi told Journalists in an interview that through the ongoing exploration works, the firm has been producing about 15 kilograms of gold per month.

“Currently we are producing Gold at the rate of about 15 kilograms a month and so far we have produced Gold worth about Sixty million kwacha in the past three months,” he said.

He said the company has now started pilot mining to help the firm understand the geology and mineralization of the area.

Mr Mjumphi said the company has from the start of the project in March 2020 covered five hectares of the total area where they have drilled lengths of up to 5000 meters.

He said samples from the drill cores have since been taken to the laboratory for testing for gold presence.

Mr Mjumphi said the information from the laboratory will help the firm conduct a resource model to ascertain the type of equipment required as well as the mining method to be employed.

He disclosed that the company intends to expand their operations by increasing their processing capacity to fifty tonnes an hour translating to 400 metric tonnes of output.

Mr Mjumphi said the firm also plans to acquire additional mining equipment to enable it stock pile for the rainy season.

He also indicated that 50 out of the total 1,317 hectares of the mine area where the operations will concentrate on is being fenced in order to enhance security at the mine.


  1. Unfortunately it’s becoming clear that the PF is a Party that shields criminals. Apart from cadres that allocate land illegally, those that collect levies from markets and bus stations illegally to those that stole over 200 tons of raw gold at Kisenseli not even one has been prosecuted. Instead of sending ZP the PF sent Mumbi Phiri and other officials. Kungo hasn’t had his day in court. These are some of the things that are annoying Zambians. It’s therefore a mockery for Edgar to consider a Commission of Inquiry on privatization in the face of these glaring criminal activities by PF officials. Colleagues let’s do the right thing because there’s life after politics. These are the resources that can mitigate people’s suffering but are in the wrong hands

  2. How much of this money will trickle down into Mwinilunga to benefit even indirectly the local people whose land has been permanently disfigured and polluted by this mining?

  3. Mr President please come 2021 nuchinje abanenu. Go into the election with quality MPs and then you will guaranteed quality service delivery to the people of Zambia. Leave a good legacy because with the current crop MPs and advisors you are doomed

  4. Great stuff. We are a rich nation. It is good this is happening whilst a patriot party is in power and while people like hh are no where near our resources. Because had it been any other way, they would have sold them.

  5. @Ayatollah, the privatization thief has to face the law just like every criminal in the country. Also stop putting you personal opinion on other Zambians by saying things annoying Zambians.

  6. @kci, go to Kisenseli and see the anger in the people yourself or ask Richard Musukwa if he can come back in one piece should he get there without police escort

  7. kci October 6, 2020 At 2:28 pm

    “… @Ayatollah, the privatization thief has to face the law just like every criminal in the country…..”

    You mean like the criminal in statehouse who can’t explain how he earned $2.3million after 18 months in office ???

    BTW tell lungu we will never forget the 50 innocent victims who were killed because of PF gassing campaign against our people

  8. Mask up please !? We dont have proper chloroquine to give you because your friend bought fake drugs .

  9. Guys please, look at the “morphology” around Lungu’s mouth, you bet Jameson has swallowed millions of gallons of skokiana and cheap whisky. One can almost puke, his mouth looks so disgusting!

  10. Let’s hope the money stays in Zambia this time and goes on worthwhile things like feeding the people rather than the greed of men in suits.

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