Zambians in Germany urged to celebrate Independence

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita
Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita has lauded Zambia Breweries for donating one pallet of Mosi lager beer which the embassy hopes to share with visitors to the Zambia stand at ITB, the biggest travel show that opens in the German capital in about 90 days

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, Anthony Mukwita has called on Zambians in Germany to observe this year’s 56th Independence anniversary within their homes or in smaller groups in line with the public health guidelines set by the German government in response to the continued rise in coronavirus cases.

Mr Mukwita said both the Zambian and German governments prioritized human life hence the decision to scale down on public gatherings and the number of people that can meet even for private functions.

“As an Embassy, we continue to collaborate with the German authorities in implementing their policy advice and, in the same spirit, we advise Zambians living and working in this country to do the same,” Mr Mukwita said.

He further said it was in the same spirit that this year’s National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation was not held in the same way that it has been held in the past, but instead individuals and families observed the day privately.

“It is always a wonderful experience to celebrate these important days by gathering and fellowshipping with others, family gatherings provide an opportunity for intimacy and reflection on what both the day of prayer and independence truly means,” he noted.

“In the private confines of your homes, pray with your family and explain to your children and family members what independence is all about, you will be surprised how pleasant such an engagement could turn out to be,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mukwita explained that in the last few days, Coronavirus cases in Germany have suddenly risen with 6,000 new cases reported in the past 72 hours raising concerns that the gains made against the pandemic since its outbreak could be reversed.

He named some of the hardest hit cities as Frankfurt, home to one of the largest airports in Germany and a major transit center for international travelers and Berlin, the capital city which houses foreign missions, the Zambian Embassy inclusive.

Mr Mukwita further said in Berlin, hotspots for the Coronavirus include the area in which the Zambian Embassy is located which has prompted increased vigilance on the part of Embassy management to safeguard lives.

This year’ 56th Independence anniversary is being celebrated under the theme, 24th October 2020, Zambia at 56: One Land, One Nation – Building Our Future Proud and Free.

This is contained in a statement availed to the media in Lusaka yesterday by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian Embassy Berlin, in Kellys Kaunda.


  1. What is indepence celebration these days amidst suffering?

    Indepence has its meaning and usefulness and is done ritualistically just please the ruling class.

    If you look at it in a different angle and I would be only ideal to be called Thanks giving day to the liberators and there is no indepence when we are still in bondage and undersiege with fellow blackman rule.

    PF must go!

  2. Only fuuuls will go help Mukwita take pictures. What independence, to celebrate that you have freedom by leaving Lusaka?
    Read about what is going on in Zambia, Kambwili’s daughter is still in jail.

  3. I’m surprised! Do people still celebrate this day? Even here at home they just go to lay wreaths at the Freedom Statue and go home to their troubles. Civil servants now match in chitenge for a few drinks. Cadres afterwards join their great leader at State House for a few steins of jemasoni, but you have to be connected to get there

  4. Please tell me what is there to celebrate?You rather should cry about the happenings in Zambia.Financialy broke..corruption..incompetence and on and on….

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