France to attract more investors to Zambia

Zambia’s Ambassador to France Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata
Zambia’s Ambassador to France Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata

French Ambassador to Zambia Sylvain Berger has pledged to assist Zambia in intensifying its marketing to attract more French investors to Zambia.

Mr. Berger observed that Zambia has considerable potential for investments in most of its economic sectors that need to be exploited.

He wondered why only 40 French companies have so far shown interest to be part of the Zambia –French Chamber of Commerce out of more than 50 thousand companies that are operating in France.

He said this is why there is need for the French embassies in Zambia and France to deepen their collaboration and ensure that more companies are attracted to invest in the Zambian economy.

“Even if this is my last day working in Zambia, I will work with Ambassador Sata to bring more companies to invest in Zambia, we have more than 50,000 companies in France but only 40 are part of the this chamber of commerce this is why we need to encourage them to come to Zambia it’s a good place,” he added.

Mr. Berger was speaking in Lusaka today, when he officiated at an event where the Zambia–French Chamber of Commerce was receiving COVID-19 materials for its members.

Meanwhile, the French ambassador explained that despite Zambia not being too much affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, its economy has been negatively impacted hence the need for stakeholders to work together in resuscitating the economy.

He further encouraged government and Zambians to continue adhering to the set health guidelines in order to combat the pandemic.

At the same function Zambia’s Ambassador to France Christine Kaseba-Sata has praised Ambassador Berger for the active role he played to attract French investors to Zambia through the Zambia –French Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Kaseba-Sata said the chamber has supplemented government’s efforts in many situations among them contending the further spread of coronavirus pandemic by distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

She noted that the Zambian embassy in France will continue engaging other stakeholders including those in the diaspora on the need to support Zambia in the fight against COVID-19.

“We are happy your Excellency we are happy with what you have being doing for Zambia, you were instrumental in creating the Zambia –French Chamber of Commerce which has helped in supplementing Zambia’s efforts in improving its economy,” she said.

Earlier, Zambia–French Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Alexander Degre announced that the chamber is about to launch a cloud fund which is aimed at expediting the campaign for more companies to join the chamber.


  1. The usual rhetoric. If bill 10 had a part stopping these politicians from uttering statements that lead to nothing maybe it would have passed. How many times have we heard of this investor story with the lives of our people still wallowing in serious poverty. See the propaganda from our mission in Germany, unbelievable. These ghost investors that we are told about never ever come in

  2. Mother you are working so hard. We thank you for the initiatives you are taking..don’t be disheartened by the comments from upnd diasporans. For them they will only appreciate if the same thing is done by a fellow tribesman or upnd member. They are myopic

  3. If only those investors will be joining already existing Zambian companies that will be fantastic.
    We don’t want the repeat of Angloa-American situation again who will abandon workers, suppliers and thos businesses
    which will depend on their existence in Zambia when their adopted HH loses elections, hagain.

  4. Mrs sata is a useless ambassador , waiste of money.

    France is a major economic power , what has she done apart from beg for covid aid ?

    This is a problem if appointing ambassodors as favours instead of on merit to benifit the country….

  5. Zambia is truly a land of infinite opportunities. And the visionary leadership knows it. This is the classical example of how a mass leader goes an extra mile for his people.

  6. Ambassador Sata had been instrumental in getting investments from France. She has shown remarkable statesmanship. Zambia is proud of Ambassador Sata. She has shown what a woman can achieve if given an opportunity.

  7. We can hope for prosperity now. This is the way government should work. Thank you Ambassador Sata. This is the result of dedication and commitment of a woman bureaucrat. This is the strength of Zambian women.

  8. Don’t you think we needed more women like her? We would have got them too, had the crooked politician not sabotaged Bill10.

  9. This is the great news amidst gloomy atmosphere due to the pandemic. Thank you President Lungu for being there to care for each one of us.

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