Saturday, June 22, 2024

Reuben Lifuka re-elected Transparency Global Vice Chairperson


Transparency International Zambia Chapter President Rueben Lifuka has been re-election as Vice Chairperson of the Transparency International (TI) global Board of Directors.

TIZ Executive Director Maurice Nyambe congratulated Mr Lifuka on the successful renewal of his mandate adding that the board has no doubt that he will continue to fly the Zambia flag high in the global fight against corruption.

Mr Nyambe said Mr Lifuka has spearheaded far reaching governance reforms that have positioned the TI movement for greater impact at different levels of the fight against corruption across the globe.

He said that the renewal of Mr Lifuka’s mandate is a recognition of the efforts that TI-Z continues to make in the fight against corruption in Zambia.

Mr Nyambe said such recognition puts us as a country in the spotlight when it comes to issues of corruption and good governance.

The newly elected TI Board, which is chaired Argentine Dr Delia Ferreira Rubio and comprises members from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America and Africa, will provide strategic direction to the global anti-corruption movement for the next three years.

“We therefore wish to renew our call to the Zambian government and other stakeholders to accelerate efforts to fight corruption and promote good governance in Zambia, not just to protect our resources but also to ensure
our good standing in the international community.”

“TIZ remains committed to collaborating with different stakeholders in our quest to eradicate corruption from Zambia, and our presence in these global spaces gives us greater resolve to succeed,” he said.


  1. Although I do not agree with the basis of TI and its westernized patronization of African countries as all being corrupt, I would like to still congratulate this man for this amazing achievement and representing us on the global scene.

  2. Congrats Architect Reuben Lifuka…..Now concentrate on the corruption in Local Govt. and Councils… With your training as an Architect, help remove corruption in city planning, development control and environmental well being…Why cant Lusaka be like Windhoek or Kigali etc we want clean green and corruption free built environment.

  3. Right on, Reuben. Indefatigable campaigner for good government. Onward Reuben, they will soon be coming for u to sniff around. Of course they’ll find nothing.

  4. This fool is a tribalist. When Sata ran for president he abandoned his transparency thing & joined in campaigning for Sata. When Sata won this transparency thing was cast aside & he was given a sit to amend the constitution. Then Sata rejected his constitution & he went quite. He never ever opposed Sata or shouted corruption when Sata took road tenders & started sharing them with his tribesmen from State house. He was quite when Sata was issueing building tenders, road tenders without due process. Next he only woke up when Sata collapsed & died & their was a fight for power. You will guess which side he took. And his side lost. Since then he is very aware of corruption in this pf. Not the one before. Wait & see, his colours will show. This transparency thing is just a platform to politics.

  5. What is the term of office for TI. Democracy a nd ‘good’ governance must start with TI. We can not have the same faces for decades. This is nonsensical. That said, I know Reuben ‘very’ well. He is great architect and good catholic.

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