Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Covid 19 Fight has been neglected


Mwansabombwe District Education Board Secretary Mary Kanyimbo has expressed concern that the majority of people in Mwansabombwe are not complying with Covid 19 preventive measures.

Speaking during the District Development Coordinating Committee Meeting held in the District Commissioner’s office, Dr Kanyimbo was surprised to note that people are no longer masking up, washing hands with soap and social distancing among others.

She said churches are now fully operational with huge numbers of congregants not complying with preventive measures.

Dr Kanyimbo said even some government workers who are supposed to lead by example are equally not adhering to the covid 19 preventive measures.

“Commissioner you can see for yourself even in this meeting of HOD’s, no one is masking up. Health tell us if the disease is over so that I can also stop masking up,” Dr Kanyimbo requested.

She said the pandemic is real and that so far there is no document that has been issued to stop following the preventive measures.

Dr Kanyimbo has since called on all stakeholders to work together with the health department in fighting the pandemic.


  1. Concerns with the lack of accountability over Covid donations has made the whole effort lose public attention. MOH should publish what it received and did with the donations.

    • Genie Wi due to lack of accountability, it’s clear that the pandemic is being used as a pedestal of immense wealth at the expense of economic challenges the country is said to be facing.

  2. The problem is that people are not seeing the consequences of neglecting the fight e.g. if people have reverted to mass gatherings, and they see more people being devastated by the virus, they will surely start behaving. Start showing them visuals of how it hammered Europe, America, Brazil, South Africa and North Africa, then they will be shaken up a bit

  3. True. To make matters worse, churches, for some unknown reason, always have those narrow windows, most of which do not even open. Awe mwe!

  4. You want poor people to adhere to Covid 19 preventive measures when that bum in State House is flying around the country waving his little fists to crowds with no masks …just look at that photo where he was talking to Chiefs without a mask and they too wore their masks incorrectly.


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