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Health Authorities in Mambwe District to start the Mass Drug Administration to treat Elephantiasis

Health Health Authorities in Mambwe District to start the ...

Health authorities in Mambwe District are set to start the Mass Drug Administration as measure to treat Lymphatic Filariasis disease also known Elephantiasis.

The District Health Director George Mshanga told ZANIS today that the exercise to administer drugs for treating elephantiasis will run from December 28, 2020 to January 10, 2021.

Dr Mshanga said the exercise is vital for Mambwe District as the area has been identified as one of the red zone districts with a high risk of elephantiasis disease.

“Mambwe is a valley area and very prone to a group of mosquitoes namely Culex and Aedes that are known to cause the named disease. That is the more reason why all eligible persons need to take the drugs if the disease is to be prevented. As you are aware, prevention is better than cure,” he said.

Dr Mshanga estimates that at least 92 percent of the total population in Mambwe will be reached during the mass administration of drugs for elephantiasis.

He further explained that the drugs to be administered namely Albenadzole and Diethylcarbamazine (DEC) will be administered to persons aged two years and above.

“The dosage of the two drugs taken in combination Albenadzole and Diethylcarbamazine will be as follows: persons aged two to four years, two tablets—one tablet of each drug, persons aged five to 14 years, 3 tablets—one tablet Albenadzole and two tablets DEC and persons aged 15 years and above—one tablet Albenadzole and three tablets DEC,” Dr Mshanga explained.

He further explained that the drugs will not be administered to pregnant women, children below the age of two, very sick individuals and persons known to be adversely affected after taking the drugs.

And Dr Mshanga appealed to all residents of Mambwe district to take the drugs in order to control Elephantiasis which is a public health problem.

The Mass Drug Administration for Lymphatic Filariasis is a national programme that is being carried in six other districts.


  1. Mosquitoes can cause so much damage, and in so many ways. The best way to prevent elephantiasis is to avoid mosquito bites. Some men infected with the parasite develop swelling in their scrotum. An estimated 25 million men worldwide are believed to have hydrocele as a result of lymphatic filariasis.

  2. @ THE SAINT …The drug ivermectin kills only the microfilariae, but not the adult worm; the adult worm is responsible for the pathology of lymphedema and hydrocele. Some studies have shown adult worm killing with treatment with doxycycline (200mg/day for 4–6 weeks).

  3. That is the best news to hear now people need such in that area , it is so sad that people can be in such a situation we thank God this exercise can yield some good results for the people in Mambwe district .

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