People Allegedly Refusing to get Tested for Covid-19 in Northern Province

Covid-19 Testing
Covid-19 Testing

While government continues advising the general public to abide by its COVI-19 guidelines, such as wearing of face masks and voluntary testing , a number of people in Northern Province are reportedly refusing to get tested for the life threatening disease.

Confirming the development to ZANIS in an interview, Provincial Health Director Lawrence Phiri says it is disheartening to see the casual approach people are taking towards the deadly disease.

“ While the province continues to battle the pandemic,there is need for people to also take personal precaution measures to curb the disease, “ Dr. Phiri said.

He observed that if people take the disease seriously, the country will be able to win the fight against the pandemic.

And Dr. Phiri described the noncompliance by people to masking up and observing other health guidelines as a hindrance towards the Covid 19 fight.

He said health workers cannot fight the disease if concerted effort by the general public is not practiced.

Meanwhile, health inspectors from the Kasama Municipal Council and the Ministry of Health have intensified sensitizations campaigns against the disease.

Nsunge Chewe, a Health Inspector said the move is aimed at restoring sanity in the fight against COVID-19.

Mrs. Chewe also warned shop owners against defying COVID -19 health guidelines citing that it will bring to book any culprit found wanting.

Zambia has detected a new strain of COVID 19. By yesterday, the country recorded 14 deaths and 652 new case of COVID-19 out of 10, 866 tests in the last 24 hours, bringing the cumulative number of cases in the country to 22, 645


  1. It’s their right to decide wether or not to get tested. You can educate them on the purpose and appeal but you cannot force them. The same goes for vaccination.

  2. Take the test, this is the deadly disease, here in the uk, the number of deaths is rising daily in the region of 900 deaths per week and China refused entry to WHO officials who had gone to investigate the origins of Covid-19

  3. Tubemba ntota zopanda na reason, Noone has the right to infect another with any disease so get tested and treated

  4. PF incompetence – a Healthy inspector in Kasama is now issuing National Statistics of Covid-19 deaths, new cases and tests by PF government.

  5. Why did you stop giving them green or red face masks? But
    Stop beating them for refusing to take tests.
    Pay them 1 pin per test, they will come back daily. There is alot of money for covid-19, it’s just being stolen by the Chilufya friends.

  6. Scientists don’t have a common position on covid-19 and there have been many stories about how crooked the developers of vaccines have been over time. Those that have died so far were reported to have had other underlying conditions. Even Chitalu and Dora were asymptomatic. So can you blame people for being skeptical? The Bemba are another kind of people, they don’t follow blindly

  7. I dont blame them with one of their own corrupt Dr. Chilufya at the helm …am sure he uses cheap test kits that can even come out postive if you tested your dog. This moron Edgar should remove his minister and his PS together with the Director of Medical Stores to restore public confidence.

  8. For me I have just tested negative. Our people do not listen to these angry sad upnd diasporans. For them they can’t get tested there abroad because it is a privilege there due to the high number of cases. We are lucky here in Zambia that even the poorest are afforded an opportunity to be tested. Angry diasporans want the virus to badly affect us so that they feel better about being slaves there in diaspora where they have failed to manage the virus. Be vigilant

  9. “people in Northern Province are reportedly refusing to get tested for the life threatening disease.”

    It’s not threatening their life. In fact this has been a big, gaslighting hoax right from the start. And the main actors have done this before. ‘AIDS in Africa’ in the 1990s. H1N1 ‘Mexican’ swine flu of 2009/2010. Now Sars-Cov-2/COVID19 for 2019/2020. It is a scam. All of it. The claims made about the virus, the rt-PCR test itself, the vaccines based on mRNA that have never been used for human testing before or have years of testing to observe side effects.

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