Actionaid Welcomes the Firing of Health Minister – He Must Now Face The Law

MINISTER of Health Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Former MINISTER of Health Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya

By Nalucha Nganga Ziba
Country Director, ActionAid Zambia

ActionAid Zambia welcomes the much-anticipated firing of Dr. Chitalu Chilufya as the Health Minister. We note that even before the HoneyBee scandal, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya had been at the center stage of various corrupt allegations in the Ministry of Health such as the theft of medication. ActionAid Zambia is of the considered view that Dr Chilufya must be held accountable for his actions in endangering the lives of Zambians and must face the law.

We demand that all those involved in this case be equally be relieved of their duties such as Zambia Medical Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) Management and Board together with the Medical Stores and the two Permanent Secretaries at the Ministry of Health. We also expect the Doctor’s Association of Zambia to take keen interest at the issue as it borders on medical ethics as they uphold professional ethical standards in the medical profession.

We note with concern and dismay the continued lack of remorse and disregard for human life by the medical institutions involved in this case as it has left the country in suspense in terms of supplied products as the Ministry of Health spokesperson indicated that the products where not distributed. However, ZAMRA issued a statement of recalling the supplied products.

More importantly, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and his co-accused must now face the law for not only stealing from the Zambian people but also risking their lives. It is our sincere hope that an adequate and vigorous investigation will be undertaken to map out all those that were involved in the scandal and be prosecuted accordingly. We want to emphasize that prosecution is a major tool in the fight against corruption as it ensures that corrupt offenders are severely punished to deter would-be offenders.

Furthermore, the firing of Dr. Chitalu Chilufya should not be left to perish like the cases of other prominent figures such as the social cash transfer who were relieved of their positions over corruption allegations but still undergoing perpetual prosecution while others have not even undergone any form of investigation and prosecution. The law has to be enforced to set as an example and break the cycle of impunity or freedom from punishment or loss.


  1. Allegations do not warrant dismissal. One is innocent till proven guilty by the courts of law. No matter how grieved one is, we must always follow the law on matters no matter how emotional. That is the only way nations develop. If he was previously found without fault by the courts there is no legal precedence to reopen past investigations. The threat of double jeopardy in this country is alarming.

    • Kaluba Chibesakunda , Your observation is applausable indeed, but only in a situation where thorough investigations were done, the reason why courts talk of, “beyond reasonable doubt” .
      Not sure how you see this, but our situation is a case of a country of anarchy. So when law is restored, suspects who the country feels were let to go home in suspicious manner little or no investigations must come back to face the law when the law is reinstated
      I hope we have such a thing in law.

    • Anarchy is when people go online and start making connections and labeling people criminal and the law is expected to act upon unsubstantiated claims

      Anarchy is when when the citizenry has no confidence in the legal instruments that govern the integrity and guarantee the freedoms of all persons regardless of public opinion and accord to all the freedom of expression and enterprise.

  2. This is now old news. Let us move on. The president has made an informed decision but that does not make the former minister guilty. We believe in the rule of law in our government unlike the upnd whose president decides who is guilty. NGOs are quick to open mouth about issues in zambia and yet are very quiet when it comes to their funders in america showing undemocratic tendencies. These are what we call coconuts

  3. American institutions hv risen to the occasion by arresting the rednecks. More are being rounded up and their day in court is coming.

  4. This is why the lazy one chickened away from a press conference because he would have been forced to give reasons.

  5. I am sure this is a case of arranged marriage, okay mvela I will fire you but we will find a way so that you will continue kufola because you need money to campaign this year, even for the ministers who illegally stayed in office, an illegal marriage was arranged and what they owed was paid by some “good Samaritan”. There will be gnashing of teeth, and it will be easy for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than him who landed at Shinde stadium

  6. So will Edgar Lungu ever give a press conference, the way Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, and Rupiah Banda did? Kapena alibe nyula ya mu kamwa

  7. Winds of change are blowing strongly.

    After August, most PF cadres and politicians will be jailed. Including that former lab cleaner that is a nuisance in Lusaka. And his clone too.

  8. Chilufya dies not see anything wrong with what he has done because his conduct falls within their culture of “Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala”. These damn Congolese Kasai’s Are all stinking thieves!

  9. D!ck [email protected] KZ we are not moving forward until we know how we ended in this mess created by a man who swore to protect life .This careless act points at the very top of government . Can you imagine how imagine how mny people are affect by the industrial level of theft of tax payers which you want to brush aside .Learn to take responsibily and learn from you unending stupid mistakes .

  10. D!ck [email protected] KZ we are not moving forward until we know how we ended in this mess created by a man who swore to protect life .This careless act points at the very top of government . Can you imagine how imagine how many people have been affect by this industrial level of theft of tax payers money which you want to brush aside .Learn to take responsibily from your unending stupid mistakes

  11. @Chibesakunda – the buck stops with you if you head a ministry that has been fraught with scandals year in and year out. You have to take the moral responsibility and step down or be asked to step down. Prosecution is another chapter. In any case, this is a man who faced charges and appeared in court while still serving. In normal jurisdictions one would step aside to allow for the proper compilation of evidence and court process. While he was in office, people were said to be scared of testifying. Even before this, there were whistle blowers from the pharmacetical association, stating how medicines were being diverted or sub-standard and expired ones were in circulation. The man has been in charge of not only a wasteful ministry, but has been linked to numerous unhonourable events. On…

  12. Icing a stale cake! Public pressure or let’s say Zambians are irritated over disregard for rule of law and especially there being selective application to weighting the law among Zambian “castes.” Investigation and prosecution of suspects no matter the case has been politicized and authorities charged to apply the law equitably are not loyal to the arm of government that they serve! What to do with Dr. Chilufya and other suspects of corruption (Auditor General and FIC) is “a ton of bricks” resting on President Lungu’s shoulders, then there are other issues he knows very well that have an effect on the general elections later in the year! He has to try and divert attention as amoeba-like he is being swallowed in just too many blunders! Zambians have lost dignity and being peaceful…

  13. Now get kampyongo n send someone to east London n get KZ who is hiding in a council flat . Weed out the grass n let the crops grow freely.

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