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87 out of 137 staff at Ministry of Works test Positive for COVID-19


FOLLOWING the voluntary mass testing for Covid-19 last week on Thursday, the Ministry of Works and Supply has recorded 87 positive cases after the revelation of the results.

The breakdown of the test results is as follows; Out of the 137 that were tested, 87 came out positive, 18 negative, 26 inconclusive, and 6 are pending.

This came to light when a report was released to the ministry by the Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI).
Minister of Works and Supply Honourable SYLVIA BAMBALA CHALIKOSA, MP who led the testing exercise expressed gratitude that members of staff heeded her call to take up the test.

She said it was good the members of staff took the exercise seriously because they care about their health and that of the people they serve.

The Minister confirmed that the testing exercise went on very well and now results are out indicating that some members of staff have been found positive though not showing any signs or symptoms of the symptoms of covid-19 infection.

Hon. CHALIKOSA last week disclosed that the testing and fumigation of the ministry headquarters was carried out because of the four cases and one death that were recorded.

The Ministry has since advised staff with positive results but asymptomatic to work from home while they observe their health status during self-quarantine in line with following the health guidelines as stated by His Excellency Dr. EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU, President of the Republic of Zambia.

Hon. CHALIKOSA confirmed that her own result was inconclusive as such she is due to do another test after 7 days or so.

The Minister has encouraged members of staff working from home to ensure their family members are take the test to avoid further spread of the virus, as this particular strain is more vicious and may have lethal consequences if not detected early and treated in good time.

She also counselled that much as living with Covid-19 is the “New Normal”, there is need to act responsibly as there is too much at stake if “we are careless in our day to day actions”

Hon. CHALIKOSA commended staff for their commitment towards rendering service to the general public in the midst of challenging times everyone is going through.


  1. hooh ya I forgot this one, Sylvia Chalikosa is a good one, she should have been given the multi-million dollar Ministry of Healthy.
    Jean Kapata is another who can perform at Ministry of Health.
    HH should keep Sylvia and Olipa in this September government.

  2. Did you watch Nkole’s funeral? Go to the well run, best ever FAZ and watch, so dignified funeral. Maybe best funeral I have seen, outside my family. That’s a pace setter for a modern funerals, I wish the program and music could be a bit faster. Anyway, Zambians are slow.
    Go well referee Nkole.
    FAZ doing extremely good. Don’t forget to watch Chipolopolo drilled by Issac Chansa and Micho today.

  3. Stay safe my brothers and sisters. Those side chicks will not disappear. Remain patient and avoid umungulu. If found wanting, we will whlp you because we are trying to save your life. Upnd members are notorious for breaking the law. Basopo

  4. The picture on the article above shows that zambians seem not to care abut the effect and how dangerous the disease is or can be.look at the picture and analyse it.

  5. Didn’t the lab assistant once say Covid was under control, now imagine how many people have contacted it from the 87 positives recorded. We pray the effects will be minimall. Stay safe bane n mask up.

  6. Infection rate is very alarming. But has anyone taken time to closely examine the test kits being used? It could be that they are faulty….you will have used oils testing positive for Covid19 like the Tanzania scenario.

  7. is that how samples where been taken? was it necessary to have those two ladies when the medical PPE guy was taking samples? why do we like lights, camera , action everytime?

  8. I smell a rat with test. Go for second testing at a different lab to ascertain whether you are truly positive. Rapid tests can give false positives due a number of factors

  9. The message of wearing of masks should no longer be wear masks but wear masks correctly, most noses in Zambia are outside masks.

  10. And the hard working new minister of heath must not fall into the game of giving stats daily when that can be done by directors in the ministry, because there is a lot of work to do at the Ministry for a minister than just sitting there and giving stats daily

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