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Government disburses over K1, 3 million to 30 youth Cooperatives in Kapiri Mposhi District


Government has disbursed over K1, 3 million to 30 youth Cooperatives in Kapiri Mposhi District as empowerment for them to venture into various income-generating activities.

The funds are part of the K470 Million Multi-sectoral Youth Empowerment Fund under the Ministry of Youths, Sports and Child Development.

Youths, Sports and Child Development Minister, Emmanuel Mulenga says the fund is aimed at empowering youths with capital for projects and boosting their various business activities in the district.

Speaking when he handed over the funds and contracts to the 30 youth cooperatives in Kapiri Mposhi, Mr Mulenga stated that government has taken note of the challenges that range from lack of collateral and high-interest rates that youths encounter to access loans from financial institutions to start or re-capitalize their businesses.

“That’s why His Excellency, President Edgar Lungu has sourced for K470 million and given it to the Ministry of youths to empower youths to venture into various businesses that will generate income for them and enable them create employment for others,” Mr Mulenga said.

Mr. Mulenga said once properly utilized the fund is expected to improve the livelihoods of youths in the district urging beneficiary youth cooperatives to pay back for government to continue helping more youths in the country.

“It is impossible for the government to employ everyone but most youths can do businesses and that is why President Lungu and the PF government have moved in to provide empowerment to youths and a good business environment for youths who are capable of doing businesses,” Mr Mulenga said.

And Central Province Minister, Sidney Mushanga said government has accorded special attention to youths in Kapiri Mposhi district owing to their exposure to numerous illicit activities which put their lives at risk.

Mr Mushanga noted that Kapiri Mposhi has the highest economic and population growth in Central Province adding that most youths are exposed to risks such as HIV and AIDS associated with its location as a transit town.

The Provincial Minister noted that provision of empowerment for youths in the district to venture into income generating activities will transform their lives and prevent them from being victims of various social ills in the area.

“Youths are key productive age group and when well nurtured they can accelerate the wheels of the economy and development that is why government has no doubt that this empowerment will result in transformation of lives for the youths and the district as a whole,” Mr Mushanga said.

“This money is a loan it is not money for sharing, use this money to transform your lives and work hard to pay back,” Mr Mushanga said.

Meanwhile, District Commissioner, Smart Mwila commended government for its various empowerment programmes targeting youths in the area.

And a youth representative Victoria Phiri said government has demonstrated its commitment to improving the livelihoods of the youth in the country through the various youth empowerment programmes.

“We promise to be the light to others and support the government of President Lungu for us to continue benefiting from empowerment programmes that are promoting entrepreneurship among youths to improve our lives,” she assured.


  1. A upnd diasporan somewhere is punching the wall and gnashing their teeth in anger due to this positive development. He will soon go to the bathroom and have an angry masterbation session. He will comment soon below

  2. This is just wastage of scarce government resources. Government retirees are languishing hungry waiting for their dues for several years after sacrificing working for an ungrateful successive governments, but so called youths or conivants of the selfish politicians, who have not worked for that money are getting it freely! What unfair world! Anyway we put everything in the hands of God, as nobody is greater than the Almighty!

  3. What is this that PF Youths are now employed in washing the dead?? Even this minister of football won’t care go watch how PF are handling the dead.
    It used to be that PF youths Kalimanshi or Jerabos were killing, but now they are employed as undertakers??
    Find better jobs for them, any form of farming is good.

  4. Its that time of the season when youth and marketeers are empowered with hard cash….just look at the dull minister in the photo…they cant pay a mere £42 million for Eurobond loan which they defaulted but have K470 million to hand out.

  5. Next time we want to hear this much has been disbursed for retirees. Why are you not giving people who are more deserving.
    Again next we would like you to show us how beneficiaries of these monies have excelled in their various businesses. Those who have benefited through CEEC and other empowerschemes.

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