Davies Mwila orders PF members not to issue any statement on Pay back Money for Former Ministers

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila

The Patriotic Front (PF) leadership has insisted that well-wishers within the party settled the Four-point Seven million Kwacha bill for the former ministers who stayed in office in 2016.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila said that anyone seeking verification should approach the office of the Accountant General.

Mr. Mwila has told ZNBC News in an interview that the issue of the party settling the bills is a closed chapter.

He also warned all party members and Ministers against issuing any statement over the matter, apart from his office.

Meanwhile, the PF Secretary General has clarified that Lawyer Kelvin Fube is not a member of the PF for him to claim that he will challenge President Edgar Lungu during the convention.

Mr. Mwila further urged Mr. Fube to form his own political party or join other opposition political parties if he wants to contest the presidency.


  1. Thank you ba SG. Only seek this information through official sources. Remember that each minister and citizen has right to privacy. As such, all ministers have the right to not disclose who paid for them whether it be them or a well wisher. Anyone seeking such information should make a formal request to the accountant general. Nothing difficult about that. Seek the facts from the right sources than spreading lies.

  2. More reason you should all go away, Ba mwankole imwe. You have total disregard for the Zambian people and think all are stupid, jail awaits you. Start wearing ambi because with your malasha color, jail will literally make you look like coal

  3. The money has been paid but the upnd gays are still not satisfied. Instead of concentrating on selling their manifesto whatever that is, they are busy concentrating on things that are in past. When they lose elections they will claim that we stole the vote. Very thick and dull

  4. Kelvin Bwalya Fube would actually beat HH, but no you want to stick with a failed project and illegal 3rd term bid.

  5. Iwe Mwila bene Mwale akukanilani kuti he paid for himself. Wene citeci said he doesn’t want people he doesn’t know to pay for him. So ine kwesheni ni iyi: ni bani ma well wisher apart from uyu wa vyamba Sinkamba?

  6. Davies Mwila is a big liar – Zambians have the right to verify if their stolen money was paid back in accordance with the court ruling. Mwila a few weeks ago issued a statement arrogantly, that all PF thieving ministers had paid back all the money. That statement was challenged by Mr Panji Kaunda and stated that was uncomfortable to have his pay back by unknown sources. A few days ago the Minister of Finance expressed ignorance of ever receiving a report that all the money was paid back by the thieving ministers as directed by the court. Mwila lied through his teeth without shame. To issue threatening statements will not help cleanse the PF thieving ministers – a court ruling has put a tag on them as CONVICTS. Just pay up and will verify records through the ministry of Finance – as a…

  7. Which well wishers can waste their hard earned money on someone who deliberately flawed the constitution. This is a kakistocracy circus regime full of irrational and inward oriented street adults masquerading as leaders while destroying and looting everything

  8. Evidence of a real kleptocracy! While Zayelo Lubinda and 42 others are in Court to ask for more time to pay the PF Mafia has already settled their nkongole. PF under Edgar will never cease to amaze us

  9. A bene mwila bwafya sana.The matter is in public interest and boom the order is issued.
    We need to know who has paid,and who paid for them.

  10. @the money was paid by well wishers, musula obe kholwe! You steal from us and ask one I d.iot to deposit back and call him, a well wisher. You think Zambia is your father’s farm where you can do as please? Come September this year mulekakwa ba mwankole.

  11. SG Mwila and PF have absolutely nothing to do with these payments. Each Debtor Minister should pay to National Treasury what is due as money illegally earned by way of Salaries and benefits during the 3 Months in 2016. The Ministry of Finance should provide to the Public proof of payment by each Debtor Minister. A Statement in Major Newspapers by the Ministry of Finance giving the Name of each Minister and the Amount paid would suffice.

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