Only K29, 448.36 is still owed by Former Ministers who over stayed in Office-Accountant General

Ministry of Finance Accountant General Kennedy Musonda
Ministry of Finance Accountant General Kennedy Musonda

The Ministry of Finance has said that a total of K4, 266, 664.10 has been refunded by owing Ministers that stayed in office after dissolution of parliament in 2016.

The refunds were paid to Cabinet Ministers, Provincial Ministers, and Deputy Ministers who served between May and August 2016.

In a statement issued to the media, Ministry of Finance Accountant General Kennedy Musonda said a sum of K4, 237, 215.74 out of K4, 266, 664.10 has been refunded according to their records.

Mr Musonda stated that the refunds made, represents a recovery rate of 99.3%.

He disclosed that the outstanding amount is now K29, 448.36, only.

“The Ministry of Finance, through my office, will again update the nation once the outstanding amount of K29, 448.36 is cleared in full. At that point, hopefully, this matter will be brought to closure from a treasury point of view,” he said.

Mr Musonda added that of the total repaid amount, a sum of K2, 570, 058.30 was made through bulk deposits while the remaining amount came from individuals.


  1. Whoever was president at the time they overstayed in office and drew these unlawful salaries also needs to be blamed.

  2. I find this statement that 99.3% of the total amount due has been paid. Not too long ago, we read that these people had applied to court to settle these amounts in instalments. Now we are being told 99.3% of debt has been settled! In PF everything is truly random and nothing is straight anymore. Should there be change of government in August, this matter must be audited. We need to know if this is money laundering.

  3. ZICA persuaded government to create the position of accountant-general on the argument that it would help stem financial irregularities. Has it?

  4. Its good that the amount is almost fully paid but we are questioning the source of the funds to clear the minsiters’ dues.

  5. These Ministers should repay what they owe to the Fiscus as individuals. An Audit is required showing which Ministers paid in full and who paid in part. The liability is on each Minister and not a Group of Ministers. For transparency sake Ministry of Finance should publish in Major Newspapers a Statement detailing the list of Ministers and their Payment details. This matter has nothing to do with PF but the PF Debtor Ministers as individuals.

  6. Bulk deposits, really all that cry we heard from Given Lubinda. Lies Lies Lies again. Some ministers and deputy ministers are no longer in those positions and have not continued to earn money to pay in bulk deposits. Fellow thieves will defend this as they have already stayed. We know truth is far to be extracted from people who keep on lying. Let the public independently verify these payments back to the Zambian people than issuing threats that no one should comment over Zambians money except cadre Davies Mwila

  7. Let the Auditor General submit a report on the President’s desk by close of business Monday.
    Bakateka these days does not entertain nonsense. ECL will also decide how to use the money. The needs at UNZA, Forestry, COVID, Youth empowerment, our women and ECZ shortfalls.

  8. Zambia is full of miracles, while Given Lubunda and 42 others have appealed to the Court to allow them more time to pay what they owe, bang! and the miracle money has mysterious hit the MoF Account and all nkongole has been cleared! The PF god isn’t that slow at answering prayers.

  9. A sum of k2 million was made as bulk deposit, definitely one must have paid for others using corrupt stolen money. We need a full detailed report and bank statements showing how money was being deposited with references. Ukuu kutumpa!

  10. This will shut the mouths of opposition leaders who have been crying at the top of their voices. Those ministers who illegally overstayed in office have paid back everything. Would the opposition now demand Hakainde Hichilema to payback what he swindled from Zambians during privatization?

  11. This is the classical example of how the Courts and their judgements should be respected. The Constitutional Court said, it was illegal to remain in office even after dissolution of Parliament and the ministers guilty of that should repay the salary. They obeyed the order and paid back. Now the onus is on the Opposition to obey each and every judgement by the Constitutional Court, including the one about President Lungu’s term in office.

  12. The hypocrisy of the opposition will now stand exposed. Leaders like Hakainde Hichilema, Chishimba Kmabwili and Dr Nevers Mumba have been highly vocal in criticising President Lungu and PF. This is the tight slap on their faces. Hope they will restrain from make any uncalled for criticism in future.

  13. The ministers collectively owed a sum of K4, 266, 664.10. Out of that K4, 237, 215.74 has been refunded. This is remarkable and the biggest proof that the ministers had no ill-intent. The corrupt and selfish Hakainde Hichilema should take a lesson from this.

  14. The ministers have returned the salary they drew illegally. They have set a precedent by respecting court order, despite it was against them. This starkly standout on the backdrop of Hakainde Hichilema who fuelled violence and even got two innocent persons killed when called for questioning by police at Lusaka in last week of December.

  15. This is the example the ministers have set for the entire political circle. Hope the politicians, both in ruling dispensation as well as in opposition will behave responsibly in future.

  16. Are you really a teacher? Your comment is full of hate and venom. It is in your mind. I wonder what would you be teaching your students, hatred?

  17. Not everyone is a lair like Hakainde Hichilema. There are people who stand by truth. It is not your fault, though. You have seen only lairs, corrupt and criminals in UPND. Get well soon!

  18. The outstanding amount is now K29, 448.36, only! They paid 99% of the dues. When would I read the news that Hakainde Hichilema too have paid back the money he made by illegally selling national assets during privatization!

  19. Finally! The matter will be closed now. It is time to concentrate on other matters of corruption, not to forget privatization! We must settle every score where powerful and influential have stolen public assets.

  20. Well done to the ministers who are leading by example and following the law. I can even clear that ka balance for them.

    Now that this matter is coming to an end, what will upnd use to campaign? Haha

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  22. Wow! It sounds too good to be true. I’m glad that our taxes that were wrongly awarded as salaries have been repaid. However, the main issue now is who repaid on behalf of the likes of Hon. Lubinda et al? We demand for transparency on this matter. We know who paid for Messrs Kapyongo and Musenge.
    Otherwise, we are right to assume that our money was repaid through laundered money. Lead by example. Try even convince us by showing the receipts or bank deposit slips. You are accountable to the nation not to yourselves.

  23. They same money they have stolen is the money they are paying through so called well wishers via inflated GRZ contracts.

  24. They have paid. That is no big deal, they have done us no favour.

    Actually we as Zambians are at a loss if we look at the buying power of that money when they collected it compared to today.

    The least the courts should have done was charge them interest from atleasr the time of judgement till the time the actual payment is done.

  25. When SG for PF was announcing that all the money had been paid back, I asked in what capacity he was doing so. This was always a govt issue. So Mwila was even wrong to state that all had been paid back

  26. @ Harod Muna, Davies Mwila is a big liar – Zambians have the right to verify if their stolen money was paid back in accordance with the court ruling. Mwila a few weeks ago issued a statement arrogantly, that all PF thieving ministers had paid back all the money. That statement was challenged by Mr Panji Kaunda and stated that was uncomfortable to have his pay back by unknown sources. A few days ago the Minister of Finance expressed ignorance of ever receiving a report that all the money was paid back by the thieving ministers as directed by the court. Mwila lied through his teeth without shame. To issue threatening statements will not help cleanse the PF thieving ministers – a court ruling has put a tag on them as CONVICTS.

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